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Current Updates to our reading services during COVID-19:

  • Hoopla: On August 1, Hoopla borrows will step down to 6 per month per library card. On September 1, Hoopla borrows will return to 4 per month. We will be slowly returning to our original borrow limits now that we are lending physical materials through curbside borrowing and GMILCS holds are available again. Visit our document with Seven Books from Seven Genres recommended by Nesmith Librarians and staff for each age group, all available all the time!
  • Cloudlibrary has an expanded collection of ebooks and audiobooks for all ages, as well as many new children's ebook and audiobook options: visit the app to browse the new offerings!
  • The New Hampshire Downloadable Books Consortium (our OverDrive collection, accessed through the Libby app) is making more content available.
    • Sourcebooks offers a collection of always-available children's book titles, accessible through our OverDrive/Libby platform. View the titles here, and log in with your library card to borrow and read!

Borrowing ebooks & other digital content is easy with your Nesmith Library card!

Your Nesmith Library card grants you access to a wide variety of digital collection materials through three primary services:

 Borrow ebooks, digital audiobooks, music, movies, TV episodes, and comics. With your valid Nesmith Library card, you will be able to download or stream books, audios, music, and movies to your smart phone or other device, or, to your computer.  On August 1, Hoopla borrows will step down to 6 per month per library card. On September 1, Hoopla borrows will return to 4 per month.  All content is immediately available, so there are no waiting lists!  Go to your app store or visit HooplaDigital.

Instructions: Download the Hoopla app from your device's app store, or visit on a web browser. Sign up using your email address, then search for "Nesmith Public Library" and enter your library card barcode number (without the spaces). In the app, use the tabs on the bottom of the page to browse Video, Music, and Books, or search for a specific title. You can favorite items to return to later, and view your checkouts on the Home tab. In the web browser, use the My Hoopla and Browse menus at the top left to navigate and borrow items.

Borrow ebooks and digital audiobooks. CloudLibrary makes it easy to discover the content you want to read. Whether on the web, a tablet, or your smartphone, you can browse digital shelves curated by librarians, or filter by genres of interest to you. CloudLibrary is a service provided by the GMILCS consortium (originally funded with a Samuel P. Hunt Foundation Grant). Download from your app store or visit CloudLibrary.

Instructions: Download the CloudLibrary app from your device's app store, or visit on a web browser. Select your Country (US), State (NH), and Nesmith Library. Read and accept the terms if prompted, then enter your library card barcode number (without the spaces) and the PIN/password you use to log into our catalog. Please call Nesmith Library (603-432-7154) if you do not know, or if you need to reset your PIN/password number. In the app, you can then view the app tour, or select Skip on the bottom. View Library Messages from the Home tab, as well as your library card barcode number (if you ever need your library card and don't have it with you, open this app and you will find your barcode at the top of the Home tab). Visit the Books tab for your checkouts, History, and to view your Holds. Use the Search tab to browse featured shelves and look for specific titles. The Account tab allows you to control settings. In the web browser, menu items appear at the top of the page.

Borrow ebooks, digital audiobooks, and digital magazines. OverDrive access is provided by the library's membership in New Hampshire Downloadable Books. OverDrive provides a great mobile experience with the Libby app: visit your app store to download Libby on your device and get started reading, or use OverDrive on a computer!

Instructions: Download the Libby app from your device's app store (we do not recommend use of the OverDrive app at this time: please set up a tech help appointment with Emerging Tech Librarian Chelsea if your device is a Kindle Fire, which does not have the Libby app available). Select "Windham-Nesmith Library" and enter your library card barcode (without the spaces). There are two tabs in the Libby app: Library and Shelf. Think of these as flipping back and forth between pages of a book: both tabs will stay on the page you left them on even if you move to the other tab and come back. The Library tab allows you to browse our collection and search for specific items. The Shelf tab helps you keep track of items you have borrowed, yout holds, and Tags, which you can use to create reading lists and track items you want to borrow later on. Tap the gray Libby icon in the upper right to access your settings from either tab.

You can also use a web browser to access OverDrive, but make sure you are viewing the NH Downloadable Books collection at (many library groups have OverDrive sites, but your library card will only work in the NH system). Use the Sign In button at top right, Select "Windham-Nesmith Library" and enter your library card barcode (without the spaces). You can now navigate the home page, Collections, and search bar to find items to borrow. Click on My Account in the upper right to view your Loans, Holds, Wish list, and History, as well as to access and change your settings.

 Don't have a Nesmith Library card yet? Windham residents can register for a temporary access digital card through the login page of our catalog, and use that code to access Cloudlibrary and OverDrive/Libby right away! (Temporary digital cards cannot access Hoopla.) Visit the library within thirty days to complete registration and get your full library card. Visit this page to learn more about Library Cards & Lending.

Other free sources of eBooks:

Biblioboard Open Access: Ebooks, comics, and historical documents with no restrictions on access. These items can be read/viewed right away in your browser and through the Biblioboard Library app (for Apple devices, Google devices, or Amazon devices). is external)A digital library offering materials that are no longer under copyright. These freely available ebooks can be read right away in your browser. Search the collection by clicking here(link is external).

Books to Borrow(link is external)A digital library undertaken by the OpenLibraries initiative of the Internet Archive, which offers digitized ebook versions of books which are still protected by copyright. These ebooks are available to anyone with an Internet Archive library card, which you can sign up for using an email address. To use the items in Books to Borrow which are still under copyright, sign up for an Internet Archive library card (all that is required is an email address) Books that are in the public domain, that is, they are no longer protected by copyright, may be available as eBooks and eAudios on sites such as Project Gutenberg(link is externa

Google Books(link is external) allows you to search the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned.  Items out of copyright may be read in their entirety; those still under copyright may be previewed.

Loyal Books(link is external)Free Public Domain eAudiobooks & eBook Downloads

Other free sources for eAudiobooks:

LibriVox(link is external): Free Public Domain eAudiobooks

Loyal Books(link is external)Free Public Domain eAudiobooks & eBook Downloads

Open Culture: 900 Free Audio Books(link is external)

For links to other free eAudiobook sites, click here(link is external)

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