Nesmith Library

Windham, New Hampshire


The Board of Trustees of the Nesmith Library supports the use of volunteers in the library as an adjunct to the need for fully staffing the library.  Volunteers will provide support to the staff and will help provide an outlet for Windham residents wishing to help the community.  Volunteers are not meant as replacements for appropriately trained and paid staff, nor as compensation for inadequate staffing patterns, nor for failure to fill vacant posts, nor for cutbacks in library funding.  The range of responsibilities for volunteers is limited in scope and assigned hours.


  • Volunteers are covered by the town of Windham’s insurance policies for all activities performed on behalf of the Library.  In accordance with insurance policies, volunteers must provide references and authorize reference checks so that the Library may properly screen those wishing to volunteer at the library.  Volunteers 18 and over will also have a background check.
  • An application must be completed for all volunteer positions.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will interview potential volunteers and evaluate their capabilities for available positions, their level of commitment and their ability to work well with the staff and the public.
  • All volunteers will work under the supervision of the paid staff and the Volunteer Coordinator under the authority of the Library Director.  The volunteer Coordinator will serve as liaison between the volunteers and staff.
  • Volunteer shelvers are expected to fulfill a commitment according to the hours mutually agreed upon for their services.  Upon request a service letter will be written after a minimum of 25 hours. 
  • All volunteers are expected to work in a cooperative and professional manner with staff members and the public, and must follow all library procedures. Failure to satisfactorily perform assigned tasks, demonstration of a lack of commitment, and/or inability to work in concert with the staff and the public are cause for termination.  Volunteers shall have the right to end the relationship with the Library at any time, though appropriate notice is desired.  Volunteers will participate in a training session, prior to assuming any responsibilities. 
  • Volunteer shelvers must be at least 16 years old.  Most tasks require physical labor and applicants should take this into consideration when applying as a volunteer.
  • Students 13 and older may volunteer in the Children’s Room during the summer months.  A list of tasks will be available for these volunteers.
  • The Library Director and the Volunteer Coordinator will periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the volunteer program to ensure that the Library is receiving full benefit from it.


 Adopted on the 18th day of March, 2008 by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees.

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