Nesmith Library

Windham, New Hampshire

Unattended Children


For the safety of minor children, and the enjoyment of all patrons using the library, the library has
developed and follows a specific policy regarding unattended children.

The Library is intended to be a place where children are welcomed. They are encouraged to
read, to explore various electronic formats, to attend programs and to make full use of the library

For the safety of minor children, and the enjoyment of all individuals using the library, a specific
policy regarding unattended children has been developed.
As used in this policy, the term “parent” may include legal guardians, or other persons having
custody or control of a minor.

All children, under the age of ten, shall at all times be attended and adequately supervised by an

Children, age ten to thirteen, may be left unattended no more than one hour. If the child is
attending a library program the child may remain in the library unattended for no more than
one hour following the end of the program.  The person responsible for the child must leave a
telephone number with the child, where they may be contacted or the name and telephone
number of another responsible person who can transport the child home if necessary.

Parents are responsible for the behavior of all minor children at all times, even if they are
not in the library with the child.  The Library staff does not serve in loco parentis.  If a child’s
behavior is not appropriate for the library, and they do not respond to appropriate guidance
by library staff, the parent will be contacted to remove the child from the library.  If the parent
cannot be reached, and the child’s behavior is deemed dangerous or unduly disruptive, the
Windham Police Department will be called.

A parent or other designated adult must stay in the library during preschool story times. A parent
or other designated adult must bring the child into the story hour room to sign in the child at the start
of story hour and to sign the child out at the end of the hour.  No child will be able to leave the
story hour room without the parent or designated adult.

If a child is left at the library without a way home at closing time, library staff will call the child’s
home. The police will then be called to bring the child to the station to await pick up.

Parents are reminded that under the appropriate circumstances, the following State Laws may apply:
RSA 169-B:41-43  Intentional Contribution to Delinquency (of a minor);
RSA 169-B:45  Parental Responsibility for Vandalism by minors;
RSA 169-C:3 (I)  and 3(XIX) Neglect of Children through Abandonment.

Adopted by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees 3/18/03
Reviewed and approved:  October 20, 2015 by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees.

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