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Public Internet Access and Appropriate Use


The Nesmith Library Board of Trustees and its staff do not control the Internet.  It is a global entity.  Available information can be inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date.  Some materials may be controversial or undesirable, depending upon the user’s beliefs.  The Library is not responsible for Internet content, nor can the Library censor access or protect the user from offensive information.  The user may not always be able to reach desired destination sites for a variety of reasons.  The user is responsible for using the Internet for appropriate educational and recreational purposes.  Sources on the Internet do not always provide accurate, complete or current information.  As with any material provided by the Library, the user must take responsibility in questioning the validity of the information found.  The Library is not responsible for any damage, real or perceived, to user’s documents or personal equipment.



The Nesmith Library offers direct, unfiltered access to the Internet, as part of its commitment to public access to information and provision of electronic resources to its users, and in keeping with its collection development policies and with the American Library Association’s “Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.” Filtering software is not highly effective and blocks out much material of a legitimate reference nature, and therefore is not employed by the Library.



  1. To access the Internet, the user must sign in at the circulation desk
  2. Parents are responsible for supervision of their children’s activities in the Library, including Internet use.  Users under 18 years of age need parental permission to access the Internet in the Library.   A parent must be present when children under age 11 use the Internet,   Parents are responsible for helping their children in the selection of appropriate sites and materials. 
  3. Internet computers are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  Library scheduled use of the equipment will take precedence over individual use.  Internet access computers may be booked for one hour with additional time permissible if no other user is waiting to use an Internet access computer.
  4. Access to the Internet is available one-half (1/2) hour from the Library’s daily start time up to one-half (1/2) hour before closing time.
  5. The Library does not provide E-mail accounts
  6. The user assumes fiscal and legal responsibility for all activity that occurs during his/her Internet session.  Any material ordered must be charged to the user’s credit card.  The Library is not responsible for any payments of materials ordered by the user.
  7. The user must use only legal versions of copyrighted software and copyrighted downloaded information.  Use of the Library’s Internet service as a base for operating a commercial enterprise or for illegal activity is not allowed.
  8. The user must not engage in any activity which can cause harm to the equipment or data stored in it, or other computers connected to it, such as loading viruses or programs not authorized by the library, deleting files, etc.
  9. Users should use care in downloading information.  The Library uses software which deletes user files stored on the computer’s hard drive.  Users may use personal storage devices and download information to them.  The Library cannot insure protection from viruses on the computer nor is the Library responsible for user’s loss of data, or damage caused by any virus picked up from the Library’s computers.
  10. Searching for information on the public computers is primarily the responsibility of the user.
  11. Although Library staff members are able to offer searching suggestions and answer some questions, they cannot provide in-depth training on Internet and personal computer use.
  12. We strive to protect the First Amendment rights of our users, and their individual rights of privacy.  However, as Internet workstations are located in public areas, images on the screen and paper printouts of those images may be visible to a wide audience.  Internet users should respect the rights and sensitivities of others, which is consistent with the Library’s general rules of conduct.




The user is required to obey all applicable federal, state and local laws governing copyright, licensing and content restrictions. Responsible, ethical and legal use of this resource is expected.  Appropriate use includes respect for the rights and property of others.  Inappropriate use may result in suspension of user access privileges.


Examples of inappropriate use include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Any purpose that violates applicable federal, state or local laws such as pornography, obscenity or material harmful to minors.
  • Interfering with or disrupting other computer users, services or equipment.
  • Attempting to gain or gaining unauthorized entry to other computing, information or communications devices or resources.
  • Malicious, threatening, harassing or obscene behavior, including public display of obscene materials on computer screen or in hard copy.


The Library reserves the right to restrict or terminate the user’s Internet privileges for abuse of the conditions listed in this policy.  Final decision regarding appropriate use rests with the Library Director and the Board of Trustees.


 Revised:  March 1998, October, 1999, May 2002, May 2006

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