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Phased Reopening

Nesmith Library is moving carefully through a Phased Reopening process, to keep our staff, patrons, and wider community safe. Visit our COVID-19 Updates page to see the timeline of our changes to services, as well as town, state, and national sources of health and policy information. Visit our Curbside Borrowing page for instructions to borrow library items, pick up craft program materials (see the Event Calendar for dates/times), and use print/copy services through curbside borrowing.

In order to best protect everyone's health, and to ensure our ability to continue to provide library services, Nesmith Library will continue to require everyone to wear a mask when entering the library building. Masks are currently required by local mandate in all Town of Windham buildings. The Nesmith Library Board of Trustees govern library policies and regulations, including the steps and details within our phased reopening plan, which is re-evaluated on an ongoing basis as we move forward. If you are unable to wear a mask inside the library, we are happy to provide curbside service (see below).

Thank you for adapting with us!

This graphic is intended to give a general idea of the phases we will use, depending on community safety recommendations for our area and the best determination of the Town of Windham, library director, and the Library Board of Trustees. Please refer to specifics below  for the most up to date details.

Current Services:

  • Open Browsing Hours
    • Patrons can enter the library building for brief visits of thirty (30) minutes or less, to browse and checkout items, make copies, and ask questions!
    • Masks are required at all times. Hand sanitizer is available by the door and in the library.
    • The Children's Room remains closed, and there are no seating or study areas available.
  • Curbside Borrowing Continues!
    • Curbside Borrowing Instructions
    • Place your own holds in our catalog, or request a Mystery Grab Bag of materials chosen for you by Nesmith Library staff!
    • Please be patient with library staff as we accomodate as many holds as we can. Remember to wait for notification that the items you placed on hold are ready before you visit the library to pick them up. You will receive an email by default unless you have asked us to notify you with a phone call.
    • If you do not have a cell phone, you can call us when you leave your house and we will put your items out for pickup. Otherwise, please call us when you arrive in the parking lot. This helps to limit the amount of pickup bags outside at any one time, and limit the possibility of someone taking home the wrong items.
    • Print and copy services are available through curbside. Please call the library (603-432-7154) and arrange for print/copy jobs to be processed and delivered out to the curbside table for you. We will temporarily not be charging for jobs smaller than 10 pages. Please call about payment for larger jobs. 
  • Computer Appointments are available.
    • Please call the library to book a one hour time slot. Please arrive at the front door at the scheduled time.
    • Masks will be required at all times while in the building. Hand sanitizer will be available at the front door.
    • Staff assistance may be unavailable due to social distancing requirements. Please ask any questions when making your appointment so that we can provide the best level of safe service for everyone.
    • Wifi is available anytime, and it does extend to our parking lot. The password is posted on our front door.
  • The exterior book drop is open 24/7 for returning items.
    • You can place DVDs, audiobooks, etc in the book drop. For items that won't fit, please call us to arrange their return.
    • Please do not leave returned items at the curbside pickup table.
    • We are not accepting donations for the FLOW sale at this time.
  • Nesmith Library Staff are here to help! Call (603) 432-7154 or email to reach us.


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