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[VIRTUAL] Own Voices Tell Black History

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Consider a commitment to listen, learn, and grow this Black History Month by engaging with insightful thinkers providing fresh, thoughtful perspectives on Black identity. Follow the links on these Own Voices Tell Black History event pages for one featured TED presentation each Friday, as well as four additional recommendations for further viewing. 

Nesmith Library seeks to promote thoughtfully curated, collected, and disseminated resources in order to educate and facilitate change in our community and the world at large. You can also visit our collection of anti-racist reading lists compiled in the summer of 2020. For Black History Month 2021, we are recommending these TED Talks from a vibrant array of artists, educators, authors, and activists. Each video on comes with transcripts in multiple languages to make it easy to follow along, and sometimes additional curated reading lists are included by the authors of the talks.

Both these event pages for Black History Month 2021 and the Anti-Racist Reading Lists page are an attempt we and others are making to recommend authors and thinkers who provide Own Voices perspectives, meaning that they are talking about lived experiences and cultural identity which they share with the protagonists and topics of their work. For more insight into the concept of Own Voices, we recommend this Publisher's Weekly interview with the author who coined the term originally, Corinne Duyvis.

Please share these links with family and friends, to help our community understand and give voice to the issues of marginalized communities, and to hopefully move forward with new perspective and purpose.

February 5 - February 12 - February 26

This week's theme is Further Reading. Start with this insightful talk from Brittney Cooper (watch & share:


Additional recommended presentations on the theme of Further Reading:


Further Reading: Anti-Racist Reading Lists

Friday, February 19, 2021 - 9:00am
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