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New Hampshire Astronomical Society Skywatch - RESCHEDULED!

Due to forecasted cloud cover, we will be holding this event on our rain date, Thursday, August 8th at 7:30pm!

Join us as the New Hampshire Astronomical Society brings the secrets of the night sky to us! We will begin inside with a short program on the stars and then we'll move outside to observe the night sky. You may want to bring bug spray and a folding chair.

General Rules for public skywatches

  • Watch your step: Be especially careful of wires on the ground.
  • Please be on time, so your headlights do not interfere with the darkness needed to observe the night sky.
  • Park Carefully: Try to park so that your headlights and back-up lights won’t interfere with the observers.
  • No Smoking: Smoke damages telescope optics.
  • Red Flashlights: No white lights. A red light will not ruin your night vision as much as white light will. You can cover the lens of a regular light with red plastic or tail-light repair tape. A dim light will seem bright once your eyes become dark-adapted.
  • No Flash Photography: The bright flash of a camera can wreck everyone's night vision.
  • Stay Warm: Few people realize just how chilly it gets late at night, even in summer, particularly when you are standing still under a clear sky. Bring about twice as much warm clothing as you think you'll need. In summer, a light and heavy jacket, warm shirt, jeans. Winter calls for insulated boots, thermal underwear, corduroy jeans, parka, flannel shirt, gloves, and, very important, a warm knit cap!

For more information on the NH Astronomical Society's Skywatch, check out their website at

Rain date is Thursday, August 8th.

This program is for all ages and registration is not required.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - 7:30pm
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