This is an index to the "Windham News".  It includes all issues held by the Library from the start of publication in April 1969 through December 1974.  References are to the date in the date line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#).  The entries are listed in the following categories: Town (page 1), Organizations (page 2), and People (page 4).

                                It is important to note that the early issues of the Independent do not contain page numbers.  Hence, someone using an issue could very well get the pages out of order.  If the article sought does not appear on the page indicated in the index, scan the rest of the issue for it.

                                To save space, organizations with names beginning with Windham, exclude the word Windham.  Thus, Windham Women’s Club is listed as Women’s Club.  The following abbreviations are also used in these listings:


BBWA: Beaver Brook Watershed Association

BSA: Boy Scouts of America

Center: Center School

CPIA: Cobbetts Pond Improvement Association

CSS: Castle Secretarial School

FOL: Friends of the Library               

GBS: Golden Brook School

GSA: Girl Scouts of America

JGC: Junior Gardner Club

K of C: Knights of Columbus

LBS: Ladies’ Benevolent Society

Letter: Letter to the Editor

Library: Nesmith Library

LWV: League of Women Voters

M&M: Mr. and Mrs.

PA: Pinkerton Academy

PTO: Parent-Teacher Organization

WAA: Windham Arts Association

WFA: Windham Firemen’s Association

WFD: Windham Fire Department

WPA: Windham Police Association

WPC: Windham Presbyterian Church

WPD: Windham Police Department

WRC: Recreation Committee

WTH: Windham Trailblazers Horse Club




Ambulance secured by Town for $1: 9/1/72p1

Beaver Brook polluted: 7/2/71p1; 7/9/71p7

Blue Ribbon Committee formed: 4/14/72p1

Boat parade, Annual: 8/21/69p1

Co-op to rent Searles school: 1/23/71p1

Dog Track: 8/13/71p1; 8/20/71p1; 8/27/71p1; 9/3/71p5; 9/17/71p1; 9/24/71p1; 10/29/71p1; 11/26/71p1

Dog track: See “Abdoo, M&M Kamiel” under PEOPLE

Election results: 3/13/70p1; 3/19/70p4; 11/10/72p1; 3/9/73p1

Environmental Hotline established: 1/15/71p1

Garland Nature Park established: 10/29/71p11

GBS proposed, New addition to: 3/2/73p4; 1/25/74p1; 2/22/74pp1,8;l 5/24/74pp1,8

Gesell School Testing explained: 6/5/69p8

Granite School of Business officially opens: 3/19/70p1

Growth, Windham ranks third in population: 10/29/71p1

Helioport: 5/7/71p1: 5/21/71p7

History in work, Town: 5/19/72p1

Land Use/Zoning Ordinance: 9/22/72p5; 11/3/72p7

Loitering ordinance enacted: 2/5/70p1

Map of Town, Zoning: 3/13/71p9

Map, Town: 9/22/72p10

Nutfield anniversary, 250th: 5/1/69p7; 6/5/69p6; 6/5/69p7; 6/12/69p1; 7/3/69p1; 7/10/69p7

Pelham Bank & Trust opens: 11/24/72p10

Planned Community: 1/23/70p3

PUD: 4/17/70p1;  8/21/70p4; 8/7/70p4; 7/31/70p3; 7/23/70p3; 9/26/70; 10/9/70p1; 10/23/70p5; 11/13/70p1

Regional Planning: 3/19/71p3

School discussed, New: 10/30/69p3

School opened, Bids for new: 8/21/69p2

School, New elementary: 3/13/70p7

Searles Castle, History of: 5/29/69p1

Searles school was designed by Henry Vaughan: 11/8/74p7

Searles, How Town acquired ownership of: 10/18/74p1

Shadybrook Park residents fight speeders: 5/28/70p1

Shooting Range discussed: 4/9/71p1; 4/30/71p1

Ski Carnival winners: 3/19/71p4

State election results: 9/11/70p1

Stone Arch Estates complex proposed: 9/1/72p10; 9/8/72p1

Storm hits area hard: 1/2/70p2

Survey, Results of community: 6/1/73p8

Town budget: 2/26/70p4; 3/13/70p1

Town history being updated: 5/19/72p1

Town incumbents all re-elected: 3/13/70p1

Village Green beautified by WCC: 6/12/69p1

WFD Rescue Truck ready: 10/23/69p1

WFD takes EMT Course: 7/2/71p4; 11/19/71pp1.9

WFD: 4/24/69p1; 1/8/70p1; 2/12/70p4

WFD: holds annual cookout: 9/1/72p8

WFD’s Cookout, Annual: 8/28/69p1

Windham is complainingest town: 12/10/71p1

Yankee Trader Business Center opens: 11/24/72p3


Art Festival: 1/23/70p8; 1/29/70pp6,8; 2/5/70p1;  2/12/70p1; 5/14/70p5; 2/11/72p11; 5/18/73p5; 5/24/74p4

Assembly of God Church holds snow party: 2/25/72p4

Band Broken Loose wins contest: 9/18/69p1

BBWA planned: 1/17/72p3; 7/28/72p7; 11/24/72p1

Bishop Guertin graduates: 6/26/70p3

BSA wins second for parade float: 7/10/69p7

BSA: Pack 266 cleans up Ministerial cemetery: 511/73p9

Castle is now Castle Junior College (CJC): 3/16/73p11

Center anti-pollutionists hit the road: 4/30/71p1

Center Art Festival: 4/24/71p1

Center athletes honored: 6/22/73p7

Center Christmas party: 12/18/69p8

Center graduates: 6/26/69p1; 6/26/70p1; 6/25/71p3; 06/21/74p4

Center graduation awards: 6/29/73p10

Center Honor Roll: 12/6/74p5

Center Marching Unit places in Christmas parade: 12/20/74p1

Center staff for 69-70: 9/4/69p1; 3/26/70p1

CJC enters its eleventh year: 9/13/74p9

CJC: Castle Junior College was Secretarial School: 3/16/73p11

Conservation Committee: 1/23/70p5; 11/24/72p9

Co-op “graduates” 48 in the Class of 1973: 6/8/73p1

Co-op graduates: 5/29/69p3; 6/18/71p4

Co-op presents program at Searles School: 5/25/73p1

CPIA: 6/30/72p8

CSS graduation: 5/28/71p1: 6/2/72p8

CSS Honor Roll: 12/18/70p2; 3/6/71p3; 12/10/71p1

CSS Honor Society: 3/19/71p3

CSS student officers: 10/27/72p6

CSS students host Christmas party: 12/31/71p1

Derry Trail Riders Gymkhana winners: 6/19/69p7

Elks--Police News, 10/9/69p1

Field Day winners: 8/21/70pp1,5

GBS dedicated: 2/27/71p6

GBS holds dialogue with parents: 2/25/72p10

GBS is name of new school: 1/23/71p1

GBS library now a classroom: 1/21/72p4

GBS students dress up as Pilgrims: 12/6/74p1

GSA Troop 4 awards First Class badges: 11/16/73p1

Heart Fund successful: 3/13/70p6

High School Study Committee: 1/23/70p1

JGC plants flowers at Range & Morrison Roads: 6/7/74p5

Library Aide program underway: 4/9/71p1

Library announces reading awards: 10/18/74p3

Library awards reading certificates: 10/27/72p9

Library is 100 years old: 6/18/71p3

Library reading certificates awarded: 10/22/71p4

PA facts presented: 4/2/71p3

PA graduation awards: 6/26/70p8

PA graduates: 6/19/69p1; 6/26/70p3; 6/25/71p9; 6/22/73p8; 6/21/74p3

PA honor roll: 5/1/69p3: 4/24/71p2; 4/28/72p4

Piano students present recital: 6/25/71p1

Red Cross awards swimming certificates: 9/11/70p2

Rockingham Day Nursery photo: 11/12/71p2

Salem HS graduates: 6/26/70p3

Shared (Foster) Homes: 2/11/72p 2

Teachers Association: 2/19/70p5; 6/16/72p10; 11/10/72p9

Teachers’ workshop held: 12/18/69p4

Teenage Commission holds skating party: 2/3/72p1

Vollyball championship, Winos capture: 4/20/74p1

WFA  sponsors day of R&R for fire fighters: 8/24/73p4

Wind-ites: 11/6/69p2; 2/25/72p4

WRC: Halloween party: 10/30/69p6

WRC: Swimming certificates awarded: 9/1/72p7

WRC: Winter Carnival results: 3/13/70p4

WTH show winners announced: 8/10/73p8

WWC celebrates 60th anniversary: 11/12/71p8



Aaron, Regina, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Abdoo, M&M Kamiel, plan dog track: 1/28/72pp3,5; 2/11/72p1; 2/18/72p11

Adams, Arthur W., died 2/24/74: 3/1/74p1

Adams, David, is engaged to Lois Turner: 12/18/70p11

Adams, Dawn, is bowling champion: 5/8/69p1

Adams, Diane, engaged to Thomas Lynscott: 3/23/73p6

Adams, Diane--Police Log: 4/13/73p4

Adams, Edward A., USA, buried in Windham: 9/24/71p1

Adams, Edward, is engaged to Dawn Bowlby: 12/30/72p3

Adams, Howard (Bud), died 1/25/71: 10/29/71p4

Adams, Howard--letter: 6/11/71p8

Adams, Ida, died 3/12/70: 3/26/70p5

Adams, Jaye, to ride in Celebration parade: 6/26/69p2

Adams, Jessie (Inerson), died 10/11/71: 10/15/71p3

Adams, Jill, to ride in Celebration parade: 6/26/69p2

Adams, Mrs. Jessie--Police News: 5/28/70p1

Adams, Stephen P., died  “last week”: 10/9/69p6

Adomaitis, Barbara, is on Bentley Dean’s List: 7/6/73p6

Agri, Charlotte, is appointed Dog Officer: 5/17/74p1

Alfred, USA, transferred to Texas: 8/21/69p1

Alix family--letter: 9/6/74p1

Alix, Anne, weds Ian Campbell: 1/11/74p3

Alix, Ernie, sees garage destroyed by fire: 8/9/74p1

Alix, Lucette--letter: 8/21/69p1; 9/11/69p2; 9/18/69p6; 9/25/69p1; 10/2/69p7; 11/20/69p1; 3/26/70p4; 6/26/70p4; 10/2/70p2; 10/15/70p3; 10/23/70p1; 11/6/70p1; 11/13/70p5; 11/20/70p3; 11/28/70p10; 1/22/71p10; 2/19/71p6; 3/6/71p4; 3/13/71p12; 3/19/71p5; 3/26/71p3; 4/9/71p4; 4/30/71p5; 5/7/71p3: 5/14/71p1; 5/28/71p1; 6/4/71p1; 6/11/71pp1,8; 6/18/71p2; 7/2/71p3; 8/13/71p1; 9/17/71p7

Alix, Margaret, is Police Chief for a day: 11/8/74p1; 12/6/74p8

Alix, Old Mother--letter: 10/9/69p7; 3/13/70p2; 4/9/70p1; 2/11/72p2; 2/18/72p7; 3/3/72p4; 3/10/72p5; 3/17/72p6; 4/28/72p2; 5/26/72p1

Alix, Rosemarie, engaged to Charles Paquin: 1/15/70p4

Alix, Rosemarie, graduates St. Anne’s: 6/19/69p2

Allen, Barbara--Police Notes: 5/15/69p1

Allen, M&M Richard E., announce a son: 4/17/70p3

Allen, M&M Robert, announce a daughter: 12/23/71p2; 3/30/73p2

Allen, Marilyn--letter: 7/31/70p8; 3/26/71p2; 8/6/71p8

Allen, Robert--Police News: 9/1/72p4

Amabello, Carole--letter: 2/23/73p10; 3/2/73p3; 4/27/73p3

Amabello, Carole--Police News: 1/14/72p8; 3/10/72p7

Amabello, Craig, competes in Judo in Boston: 1/18/74p5

Amato, M&M Sal, buy Rocky Motel: 4/7/72p3

Anderson, Anton P., graduates Northeastern U.: 7/7/72p4

Anderson, Anton, graduates NE University: 7/20/73p6

Anderson, Irene--Police Log: 1/18/74p6

Andrew, Mary, wins sewing machine in raffle: 8/10/73p1

Andrews, B. D., poem printed: 5/18/73p10

Andrews, Bruce, has poetry printed: 1/29/71p2

Andrews, Justine (Stratton), died: 6/26/69p2

Andrews, Susan, engaged to Michael Clayton: 1/28/72p1

Andrews, Susan, graduates Horse Master course: 9/18/70p3

Andrews, Walter S.--letter: 2/25/72p9

Anthony, Allison, is a Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Anthony, Valerie, family--note of thanks: 6/30/72p8

Anthony, Valerie, is Selectman for a Day: 12/6/74p8

Anthony, Valerie, Selectman for a day: 11/8/74p1; 12/6/79p8

Armstrong, Alan, lands 75-pound white marlin: 3/29/74p1

Armstrong, Alexina (MacQuarrie), died 12/20/73: 12/29/73p1

Armstrong, David, is on UNH Dean’s List: 6/29/73p11

Armstrong, Dorothy--letter: 11/20/70p3

Armstrong, Gary, catches 440-pound shark: 3/22/74p1

Armstrong, George, is School Board Chairman: 3/19/70p4

Armstrong, George--letter: 10/30/69p3

Armstrong, George--Police News: 1/14/72p8

Armstrong, Joan E., to attend Boston/Music: 7/2/71p9

Armstrong, Joan, graduates as dance teacher: 9/17/71p6

Armstrong, Joan, honored by Pepsi-Cola: 8/7/70p1

Armstrong, Joan, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Armstrong, Joan, is Miss Teenager: 7/10/69p1

Armstrong, M&M Gary, announce baby: 3/10/72p4

Armstrong, M&M John, announce a son: 2/16/73p9

Armstrong, Ralph elected to PA Honor Society: 12/24/69p2

Armstrong, Ralph, is on UNH Dean’s List: 6/29/73p11

Armstrong, Ralph, to attend UNH: 7/2/71p9

Armstrong, Robert, weds Deanna Bickford: 1/25/74p1

Armstrong, Shirley--letter: 3/19/71p5

Arnold, Carol--Police report: 5/26/72p10

Atkins, Bruce, wins a trophy in hockey: 4/26/74p1

Atkins, Kris, checks a “patient’s” heart at Co-op: 9/20/74p1

Baddeley, Scott H.--Police News: 12/15/72p3

Baker, Eunice, weds Ed Vaughn: 7/21/72p6

Baker, Herman, retires from US Weather Service: 7/17/70p1

Baker, Robert--Police Log: 3/13/71p11

Baldega, Valerie, inducted into Nat’l Honor Society: 3/10/72p4

Baldyga, Catherine, died 10/15/71: 10/22/71p1

Baldyga, M&M Edward, announce baby: 4/2/70p4

Baldyga, M&M Edward--letter: 11/19/71p3

Baldyga, Valerie, attends Keene State College: 10/20/72p

Balise, M&M Stanley, announce a son: 1/7/72p8

Balise, Stranley P., graduates Northeastern U.: 7/7/72p4

Barker, Mabel M., died 5/20?/70: 5/21/70p7

Barlow, Grace--Police News: 5/28/70p1

Barlow, Raymond E.--letter: 7/17/69p7; 3/19/70p2; 3/19/71p2

Batal, Ellen--letter: 11/20/69p1

Bates, Richard C., aboard aircraft carrier: 5/28/71p1

Bauchman, Daniel, injured in home fire: 3/15/74p3

Beamis, M&M James, announce a son: 4/26/74p6

Beauchesne, Fred, resigns as dump custodian: 4/6/73p7

Beaulieu, Amy, covers book at Co-op: 12/13/74p1

Beaulieu, M&M Raymond, announce a daughter: 8/7/69p1

Beauregard, Andrew F., died: 10/23/71: 10/29/71p4

Beauregard, Andrew, family--letter: 11/12/71p1

Beauregard, Andrew--letter: 10/1/71p2

Beck, M&M Ralph, announce baby: 5/28/70p6

Beck, Tracy R., is tree trimming champion: 1/2/70p3

Bedard, Charles Jr., died 4/5/73: 4/13/73p1

Bedard, Mrs. Licienne, visits Canada: 9/8/72p9

Begg, Barbara, engaged to Stephen Matte: 2/18/72p11

Belanger, M&M Joseph, announce a son: 9/14/73p4

Belanger, Sherry--Police News: 8/11/72p2

Bemister, Barbara, announces baby: 10/30/69p2

Bemister, M&M Stephen, announce a son: 10/16/69p3

Benson, Earl W., died 4/15/72: 4/21/72p12

Bergeron,  H. Edmund, graduates UNH: 6/11/70p1

Bergeron, Carmen, attends nursing meeting: 6/18/70p2

Bergeron, Carmen, graduates New England College: 8/2/74p7

Bergeron, Carmen, serves up healthy Center meals: 12/6/74p1

Bergeron, Douglas, engaged to Patricia Gaynor: 4/30/71p2

Bergeron, Douglas, weds Patricia Gaynor: 8/6/71p1

Bergeron, Edmund Jr., weds Kathleen Carroll: 9/3/70p2

Bergeron, Edmund, engaged to Kathleen Carroll: 2/5/70p4

Bergeron, Jennifer, celebrates first birthday: 2/1/74p7

Bergeron, Laurel, accepted by NHTI: 6/2/72p2

Bergeron, Laurel, engaged to Carlton White Jr.: 12/21/73p1

Bergeron, Laurel, weds Carlton White Jr.: 8/2/74p1

Bergeron, M&M Edmund, announce a daughter: 12/21/73p3

Bergeron, M&M Edmund, return after year in NY: 5/12/72p11

Bergeron, Marsha M., graduates Pinkerton: 6/11/70p1

Bergeron, Marsha, graduates Notre Dame College: 6/2/72p4

Bergeron, Pamela, engaged to Mark Herrin: 1/19/73p7

Bergeron, Pamela, is awarded scholarship: 5/21/71p1

Bergeron, Pamela, weds Christopher Herrin: 4/13/73p1

Bergeron, Pamela, wins Homemaker award: 2/19/71p3

Betz, Rejeanne (Laliberte), died 8/6/72: 8/11/72p1

Betz, Rejeanne--letter: 5/14/70p1

Bielinski, Richard--Police Log: 2/5/71p3

Binette, M&M Roger W., announce baby: 12/22/72p7

Blakslee, Dana, ready for Elks free throw contest: 1/26/73p3

Blanchard, Laurel, weds James Carson: 5/15/69p3

Blattenberger, M&M Ronald, announce a son: 6/18/71p5

Blodgett, M&M Everett, announce a son: 1/6/73p6; 6/28/74p1

Boardman, M&M Wayne, announce a daughter: 7/21/72p6

Boda, Brenda--Police News: 11/20/69p1

Boda, Rose, assumes IHN chairman duties : 9/10/71p1

Boda, Rose, honored by Girl Scouts: 3/17/72p11; 3/24/72p1

Bodam, Brenda, engaged to James Emerson III: 1/29/71p3

Bohne, Jeffrey, saved in canoe overturn: 5/1/69p1

Bond, M&M Joseph, announce a daughter: 12/31/70p1

Bonde, M&M Kenneth, announce a son: 10/11/74p6

Booth, Alice (Marshall), died 9/29/74: 10/4/74p7

Boudreau, Loriann, plays a Co-op guessing game: 11/8/74p5

Boulger, Dora (Bottomley), died 6/29/71: 7/2/71p7

Bourassa, Donald--Police report: 5/26/72p10

Bourassa, Kevin, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/22/74p3

Bourque, Alfred J., died: 7/17/69p7

Bourque, Cora A., died 6/?/72: 6/16/72p2

Bourque, Cora, hospitalized: 1/21/72p5

Boutin, M&M Alfred, announce a daughter: 11/28/69p7

Bowers, Jon, enjoys painting at the Co-op: 9/13/74p1

Bowlby, Dawn, is engaged to Edward Adams: 12/30/72p3

Bowser, laurel, named to PSC President’s List: 4/5/74p1

Boyer, Richard--Court Cases: 5/4/73p10

Bradley, Arthur--Police Log: 4/27/73p6

Bradley, M&M Kevin, announce baby: 3/13/70p1

Brady, Dean, wins Mini-Enduro motorcycle race: 10/9/73p3

Brady, M. Virginia--letter: 11/1/74p2

Brady, Pamela, attends Chamberlayne J.C.: 7/16/71p1

Brady, Pamela, graduated Chamberlayne JC: 6/23/72p1

Brady, Pamela, weds Robert Carberry: 9/29/72p1`

Brady, Paula C., to attend PSC: 7/16/71p1

Brady, Paula, is class President at PSC: 6/23/72p1

Brady, Paula, named to Student Who’s Who: 1/11/74p1

Brazel, Arthur--Police Log: 11/29/74p4

Brazel, Bert--Police Log: 10/4/74p8

Bresnahan, Eva, died: 7/31/69p1

Broady, Loren--Police Log: 12/21/73p7

Bronstein, M&M Peter, announce a son: 8/23/74p8

Brown, Ellen N., died 5/?/74: 6/7/74p3

Brown, James, weds Margorie Charrock: 7/10/70p1

Brown, M&M Alan, announce a son: 11/19/71p3

Brown, M&M James M., announce baby: 1/21/72p1

Brown, M&M James, announce a daughter: 1/29/71p1

Brown, M&M William, announce a son: 5/1/69p3

Brown, Richard--Police Report: 8/7/69p7

Brown, William, hired as permanent fireman: 4/24/69p1

Brown, William, receives FD certification: 9/18/69p1

Brunette, Camille--letter: 3/3/72p12

Buckheit, M&M Bruce, announce baby: 1/8/70p2

Buco, Paul, accepted at Providence College: 6/4/71p5

Buco, Steven, inducted into Honor Society: 5/12/72p6

Burkett, M&M Wayne, announce a daughter: 6/15/73p10

Burkett, Wayne--letter: 3/29/74p3

Burnam, M&M Harry Jr., announce a daughter: 10/23/70p2

Burney, Barry, reported missing: 9/18/69p1

Burnham, Gary, lashes a table at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p6

Burnham, Randy, is winner in Pinewood Derby: 4/14/72p1

Burns, Jim, teaches with physics display: 1/29/70p1

Burns, Steven, enjoys Co-op activities: 3/22/74p4

Burque, Cora--letter: 6/23/72p7

Butler, Kenny. places in WRC Field Day: 9/10/71p2

Butterfield, Arthur J., died 12/17/71: 12/23/71p1

Butterfield, Gary, joins Windham Fire Department: 3/30/73p1

Butterfield, Timothy, weds Sharon Pieroni: 6/26/69p7

Byrnes, Mrs. James, welcomes WWC director: 10/22/71p2

Callery, Chris, shows off a 5-pound bass: 8/30/74p1

Campbell, Heidi, is Selectman for a day: 11/8/74p1; 12/6/79p8

Campbell, Jay is a Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Campbell, Willis C., celebrates 90th birthday: 7/20/73p7

Campbell, Willis C., died 12/29/73: 1/5/74p1

Campbell, Willis, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/27/73p1

Campbell, Willis, gets Pres. Nixon birthday card: 7/27/73p1

Canepa, M&M John Jr., announce a daughter: 5/10/74p1

Cappuccio, Peter, died 10/23/74: 11/1/74p2

Carpenter, Vern--letter: 10/9/69p1; 9/26/70p1

Carpenter, Winifred--letter: 3/19/71p5; 4/2/71p6; 4/28/72p2

Carri, Paul, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/8/74p3

Carroll, Kathleen, engaged to Edmund Bergeron: 2/5/70p4

Carter, M&M William, announce baby: 3/3/72p12

Carter, Marjorie, feted at farewell party: 6/12/69p6

Carter, William--Police Log: 4/20/74p2

Cartier, Elphege J., died 12/6/71: 12/10/71p5

Case, Barbara, assists magician with trick: 10/25/74p2

Case, Barbara, learns the art of knot tying: 10/11/74p2

Casella, M&M Peter Jr., announce a daughter: 7/31/70p5

Casem Barbara waits to pet a live iguana: 11/9/73p1

Cayabyab, William--Police Log: 4/20/74p2

Cayer, M&M William, announce a son: 8/24/73p9

Cerri, Paul, enjoys Co-op activities: 3/22/74p4

Cerri, Paul, paints Indian pottery at Co-op: 10/25/73p2

Chamberlain, Edward H.--Police Log: 12/29/73p5

Chamberlain, M&M Edward, announce baby: 12/18/69p4

Champagne, Arthur P.--letter: 2/25/72p9

Chapman, Bob, is a Town Official for a day: 11/8/74p1

Chapman, Glen--Police Log: 8/16/74p1

Chapman, Robert, finds error in history book: 4/20/73p6

Chervincky, M&M Robert, announce a son: 7/26/74p2

Childs, Raymond--Police News: 4/28/72p4

Chulack, P. G., plays a Co-op guessing game: 11/8/74p5

Cignoni, M&M Richard, announce a son: 10/19/73p8

Cincotti, Henry, died 3/8/73: 3/16/73p9

Clairmont, M&M Norman, announce a son: 2/15/74p2

Clancy, Cindy, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Clancy, Paula, graduates Our Lady of Lords Academy: 6/18/70p1

Clark, Beverly, hired as school music teacher: 10/16/69p1

Clark, Del, is INH Assistant Chairman: 9/10/71p1

Clark, M&M Edwards, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/6/71p4

Clarke, Margaret, weds Richard Norman: 9/10/71p5

Clay, M&M Robert, celebrate four generations: 8/9/74p3

Clayton, Michael, engaged to Susan Andrews: 1/28/72p1

Cobb, Leslie, elected to Salem Honor Society: 12/24/69p2

Cobbets, Sandra--Police News: 5/28/70p1

Cochran, Carolyn M., died 3/28/74: 4/5/74p1

Cochran, Olin, attends 50-year college reunion: 6/5/69p7

Cohn, Peter, family moves into Windham home: 6/30/72p4

Coish, Jonathan, to play hockey in Georgia: 2/15/74p3

Coish, Jonathan, wins a trophy in hockey: 4/26/74p1

Collins, Michael--Police News: 1/28/72p5; 3/3/72p13

Colon, M&M Jose, announce a daughter: 7/20/73p7

Connors, Thomas--Police Log: 5/11/73p11

Conway, George--Police News: 7/28/72p7

Cook, M&M Nelson, announce a son: 7/6/73p7

Cook, M&M Roland, announce a son: 6/8/73p8

Cook, Roland G.--letter: 3/1/74p8

Coon, M&M Peter, announce a son: 11/13/70p6

Cooper, M&M Charles M., celebrate 50th: 8/7/70p1

Copp, Robert, is awarded by Center School: 3/26/70p1

Corbett, Mr.--Police Log: 3/29/74p3

Corbin, Barbara, weds John Scanlon: 6/19/69p7

Corbin, M&M Gerald, announce a daughter: 1/11/74p4

Corcoran, M&M Kevin, announce a daughter: 12/13/74p7

Corcoran, M&M Kevin, announce baby: 12/13/74p7

Corey, M&M Robert, announce a daughter: 8/30/74p6

Corey, Marie--letter: 10/2/69p3

Costa, Edwin, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Costa, John T., died 2/7/74: 2/15/74p4

Costa, Mary (Martinelli), died 5/29/72: 6/2/72p1

Costa, Theresa, is on CJC Dean’s List: 12/7/73p4; 3/29/74p1

Costa, Theresa, receives Guild scholarship: 5/24/74p1

Cote, Eleanor--Police News: 3/3/72p13

Cote, Lowell--Lightening causes fire: 6/11/70p1

Cote, M&M Joseph, celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/8/72p9

Cotta, Jackie, honored by WWA: 10/4/74p9

Cotta, Jacqueline (Stegall), died 9/17/74: 9/20/74p1

Coulumbe, Annette, wins Castle scholarship: 5/14/70p2

Couture, Doris--Police Notes: 5/15/69p1

Couture, Gerald P., graduates Lowell Tech: 6/7/74p6

Couture, Gerald P., graduates Xavier School: 6/18/70p1

Couture, Gerald, is on Lowell Tech Dean’s List: 7/6/73p6

Couture, Joseph Jr.--Police Log: 1/18/74p6

Couture, Robert, inducted into Honor Society: 5/12/72p6

Couture, Robert, is on Lowell Tech Dean’s List: 7/6/73p6

Couture, Ronald G., accepted at Lowell Tech: 5/28/71p7

Couture, Ronald, is on Lowell Tech Dean’s List: 7/6/73p6

Crane, Beth, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Crane, Gregory, engaged to Nancy Ayer: 10/12/73p1

Creelman, M&M Robert W., announce a son: 4/17/70p3

Croteau, M&M Gerard, announce baby: 12/15/72p2

Crouse, John--Police News: 6/4/70p1

Crouse, M&M John, speak to LBS: 2/18/72p7

Crowley, M&M Wayne, announce baby: 9/15/72p2

Crusius, William, returns from Vietnam: 9/11/69p1

Culleton, Joseph--letter: 2/19/70p4; 7/17/70p4; 11/13/70p5; 3/16/73p6

Culleton, M&M Joseph--letter: 9/1/72p7

Cumings, Michael, places in Cub Pinewood Derby: 5/4/73p10

Cunningham, Darlene engaged to Joseph Dearborn: 2/25/72p8

Cunningham, William--Police News: 6/11/70p1

Curran, Gary, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Curran, Patty, helps with physics display: 1/29/70p1

Curren, Gary P., graduates Naval training: 7/9/71p4

D’Agostino, M&M Errico, announce a daughter: 5/11/73p2

Dambrosio, Anne--Police News: 11/24/72p2

Daniels, Annie, wins Sweepstakes’ $50: 11/5/71p6

Darnowski, Phillis--letter: 10/2/69p7

Davis, Jennifer, elected to Salem Honor Society: 12/24/69p2

Davis, Jennifer, engaged to Robert Higgins: 2/9/73p4

Davis, Nancy, is Miss Cobbetts Pond 1969: 8/14/69p2

Deane, John L., died 5/17/73: 5/25/73p4

Dearborn, Jane--Police Report: 8/21/69p1

Dearborn, Jodi Jr., enlists in US Navy: 1/29/71p3

Dearborn, Joseph Jr., on leave from Navy: 9/3/71p7

Dearborn, Joseph P. Jr., is Machinist Mate: 7/9/71p4

Dearborn, Joseph P.--letter: 1/17/72p2

Dearborn, Joseph, appointed to Planning Board: 1/29/70p4

Dearborn, Joseph, engaged to Darlene Cunningham:  2/25/72p8

Dearborn, Joseph, hospitalized: 11/13/69p7

Dearborn, Joseph, is recuperating at home: 4/21/72p5

Dearborn, M&M Peter, announce a daughter: 12/6/74p4

Dearborn, M&M Peter, announce baby: 12/6/74p4

Dearborn, Michael, inducted into Honor Society: 3/9/73p7

Dearborn, Michael, injured skiing: 2/11/72p11

Dearborn, Michael, to attend UNH: 6/15/73p1

Dearborn, Peter N., graduates Salem HS: 6/25/71p3

Dearborn, Peter, engaged to Arline Halde: 11/16/73p7

Dearborn, Peter, weds Arline Laferriere: 3/22/74p6

DeCarolis, Joseph, is awarded by Center School: 3/26/70p1

DeCarolis, Joseph, resigns GBS/Center: 6/18/71p1; 6/25/71p6

DeCarolis, Joseph--letter: 3/26/70p1; 6/26/70p1

Decas, Charles N. proposes dog track: 1/28/72p1; 2/18/72p1; 2/25/72p1

Decas, Charles N.--letter: 3/3/72p1

DeFeo, Marc, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Delaney, M&M Norman, announce a son: 12/18/70p2

Delany, Alan, joins Green Realtors: 8/25/72p4

Delisle, M&M Maurice, announce a daughter: 6/1/73p8

Demone, Daureen, weds Robert Corey: 8/24/73p5

Demone, Doreen, engaged to Robert Corey: 7/6/73p1

Demone, Doreen, GSA’s in Wyoming: 8/13/71p3

Demone, Doreen, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Denihan, Erin, enjoys Co-op activities: 3/15/74p8

Denihan, Erin, is a Co-op waitress: 10/25/73p2

Deomon, Daureen, will attend Keene State College: 6/30/72p1

Despres, Christine, is Spelling Champion: 4/24/69p1; 5/1/69p1

Devaney, M&M Robert, announce a son: 6/18/71p5

Devaney, Shane J., died 7/?/73: 7/14/73p1

Devany, Robert, is speedway champ: 5/8/69p1

Devany, Robert--Police Log: 10/12/73p3

Devine, George W., died 10/?/72: 10/20/72p8

DeVits, M&M Richard--letter: 12/11/70p3

Devlin, Arthur A., weds Estelle Murphy: 7/28/72p1

Devlin, Edward, is Craftsman of the Month: 11/3/72p19

Devlin, Edward, teaches pottery: 5/14/71p5

Devlin, M&M Arthur, announce a daughter: 4/27/73p7

Devlin, Mary, weds Lawrence Pringle: 7/3/70p5

Devlin, Pearl, graduates UNH: 9/3/70p2

Devlin, Pearl, is officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

Devlin, Pearl, learns weaving and jewelry: 5/14/71p5

DeYoung, James E., died 3/7/73: 3/16/73p11

DeYoung, Robert J.--letter: 3/19/70p7, 4/2/70p1; 7/19/74p5; 8/2/74p4

Dick, Dponald, on Wentworth President’s List: 3/26/70p2

DiLazzaro, Robert, returns from Soviet Union: 5/24/74p3

Dill, M&M Ronald, announce a son: 10/25/74p5

Dilley, M&M Charles, annlunce baby: 4/7/72p3

Dinsmore, Edith (Johnson), died 8/21/71: 8/27/71p5

Dinsmore, Gardner--Police Log: 8/27/71p7; 10/4/74p8

Dinsmore, George G., died 5/31/70: 6/4/70p1

Dinsmore, George Jr.--letter: 11/6/69p3; 3/3/72p6

Dinsmore, M&M George Jr., vacation in FL: 5/5/72p1

DiZazzo, M&M Anthony (Ellen Harris) announce baby: 10/13/72p5

Dizazzo, Tony & Ellen--letter: 7/2/71p9

Doherty, Joyce--letter: 5/14/71p4

Doherty, Lorraine, touts Co-op advantage: 6/8/73p1

Doherty, M&M Neale, announce a son: 11/19/71p3; 10/25/74p5

Doherty, M&M Robert--letter: 1/8/71p4

Doherty, Robert, and family are homeless: 12/18/70p1

Doiron, Margaret, died 11/30/74: 12/6/74p4

Donnelly, Joan--letter: 10/22/71p4; 1/19/73p1; 8/24/73p8;  10/9/73p7; 12/21/73p8

Donohue, Christie, handcuffed as Co-op desperado: 11/8/74p5

Donovan, John, family move to Massachusetts: 6/11/70p2

Dooley, Janet, is Registered Nurse: 10/20/72p3

Dooley, Richard--letter: 11/6/70p1

Doucette family births Sassy, a colt: 6/30/72p1

Doucette, Barbara--Police News: 12/8/72p4

Doucette, Dorothy, places in Trailriding: 9/26/70p3

Doucette, E, Richard--letter: 2/18/72p10

Doucette, Mrs. Richard, scores in Horse Show: 6/30/72p4

Doucette, Robin, is a Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Downing, Darrell, engaged to Barbara Barber: 1/28/72p4

Downing, Darrell, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8  

Downing, Darrell, USAF, returns to Windham: 5/10/74p4

Downing, M&M Francis, vacation in Canada: 10/20/72p3

Downing, Russell, engaged to Jennifer Johnson: 1/26/73p3

Drake, Brad, lashes a table at BSA campore: 10/11/74p6

Drake, Robert L., elected head of Engineering Soc.: 9/21/73p2

Drake, Teresa Ann, will be Army nurse: 7/9/71p4

Drake, Teresa, graduates from nursing school: 5/12/72p6’

Drake, Teresa, weds Jack Gillespie: 8/17/73p1

Dryer, Mrs. James--Police News: 2/11/72p6

Dubois, Donald--District Court: 10/22/71p1

Dubois, Donald--Police Log: 11/12/71p3

Ducette, Rick--letter: 3/3/72p6

Dufresne, M&M Roger, announce a daughter: 9/13/74p1

Dugas, M&M Robert C., announce baby: 2/11/72p6

Duggan, William, appointed Dog Officer: 4/2/70p1

Duggan, William, resigns as dog officer: 4/20/74p1

Dunbar, M&M Robert, announce a son: 11/30/73p1

Dunn, M&M David, announce a son: 1/11/74p4

Dupere, Eric, enjoys painting at the Co-op: 9/13/74p1

Dupont, Jacqueline, engaged to Robert Dugas: 1/23/70p1

Durazzano, M&M Louis, announce a daughter: 1/19/73p7

Durazzano,, Jennifer, celebrates first birthday: 12/29/73p1

Dyer, M&M John, announce a daughter: 11/2/73p2

Eastman, Mary, weds Robert Borowski: 7/12/74p1

Ebert, Judy--letter: 3/17/72p11

Eddy, Earl A., died: 2/3/72p4

Ehernberger, M&M Frank, announce a daughter: 10/25/74p5

Eisaman, Clarence, graduates NE University: 6/18/70p1

Eisaman, Kim, places in Field Day: 7/10/69p1

Eisaman, Kim, wins bowling trophy: 2/25/72p5

Eisaman, Kris, recuperating at home: 6/11/70p2

Emerson, Brenda and husband in Germany2/11/72p3

Emerson, Bruce M.--Police News: 12/11/69p2; 11/3/72p1

Emerson, Bruce--Police Log: 9/24/71p11

Emerson, John--Court Case: 6/26/69p7; 7/17/69p110/22/71p1

Emerson, M&M Alfred Jr., announce a son: 2/19/71p4

Emerson, Sterling--Police News: 12/1/72p1

Enus, M&M Harold J., announce a daughter: 3/26/70p2

Evely, Harold, returns from Vietnam: 9/11/69p1

Evely, M&M Harold, announce a daughter: 7/17/70p3

Eversole, M&M Donald, announce a son: 3/2/73p8

Fadden, Evelyn (Foster) died 1/20/72: 1/28/72p5

Faust, M&M Robert Jr., announce a daughter: 3/1/74p1

Fedas, Deborah, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Fedas, Deborah--District Court: 10/22/71p1

Fellows, Bruce W., earns BS at UNH: 6/19/69p2

Fellows, Glen H., commended by USN: 1/5/74p5

Fellows, Glen H., is back on USS Dewey: 7/2/71p3

Fellows, Glen H., on duty in USS Dewey: 10/13/72p6

Fellows, Glen, sails for Asia on frigate: 7/21/72p6

Fellows, Thayer, weds Judith May: 7/31/69p1

Field, Patricia, talks of being stewardess: 11/26/71p1

Fielding, C. Cecil, died 3/11/71: 3/19/71p2

Fisher, M&M Paul, announce a daughter: 9/13/74p1

Fitzgerald, William B,--Police Log: 7/23/71p1

Fitzpatrick, Dawn, learns how to pick an apple: 9/27/74p1

Fitzpatrick, M&M Thomas, announce a son: 6/21/74p2

Fitzsimmons, Joanne, graduates UNH: 6/26/70p7

Flanders, M&M Gary, announce baby: 9/15/72p2

Fletcher, Michael A.--letter: 1/15/70p4; 8/6/71p3

Flibotte, M&M Richard Jr., announce a son: 4/20/74p5

Flynn, James, is school principal: 8/13/71p1

Flynn, Rowland--Police Log: 1/5/74p5

Foden, M&M Paul, announce a son: 4/26/74p6

Foden, Paul C.--Police Log: 9/20/74p4

Foden, Paul, engaged to  Terri Melaragni: 5/12/72p4

Fogelman, Doris--letter: 6/18/71p2

Fogelman, M&M Lawrence, announce baby: 3/3/72p12

Fogelman, Maret, creates a dish in Co-op kitchen: 10/4/74p1

Fogerty, Lynn, wins a Boom Town bicycle: 3/26/70p2

Fogerty, M&M Kenneth, announce baby: 12/1/72p5

Fogerty, Robin, celebrates first birthday: 11/23/73p9

Foley, Sr. M. Imelda, registers new CJC students: 9/20/74p        

Ford, M&M Ronald, announce a daughter: 7/19/74p6

Ford, M&M Ronald, announce a son: 1/12/73p1

Forkey, Raymond C., graduates NE University: 7/20/73p6

Forkey, Raymond, appointed to Adjustment Board: 1/15/70p1

Forkey, Steven A.--Police News: 11/3/72p1

Forte, Marvin--Police Log: 9/24/71p11

Foss, Deborah, weds Peter Emery : 11/22/74p1

Foster, M&M Paul, announce baby: 4/28/72p7

Francis, Antoinette--Police Log: 12/6/74p3

Francis, William--Police Log: 11/3/72p1; 9/28/73p7

Fraza, George, residence damaged by fire: 4/20/74p1

Fraza, George--Police News: 8/28/70p2

Frazier, Edward--Police News: 3/31/72p10

Frederick, Arnold--Police Log: 2/5/71p3

Fredette, Biull--letter: 7/20/73p7

Frigon, M&M Ronald, announce a son: 10/12/73p1

Frigon, Ronald is new #266 Scoutmaster: 12/3/71p11

Furlong, Natalie, graduates CJC: 5/25/73p2

Furlong, Thomas D.--letter: 10/9/70p2

Furneaux, Samuel E., died 4/4/71: 4/9/71p1

Gadoury, M&M William, announce a son: 11/15/74p1

Gallagher, William L., commands battalion: 5/28/71p1

Galvin, Kathee, weds Glenn Nesbit: 11/8/74p6

Galvin, Kathy, places in Beauty contest: 7/10/69p1

Galvin, Kenneth M., in National Honor Society: 5/28/71p3

Galvin, Kenneth, earns PA awards: 6/26/69p2; 12/24/69p2

Galvin, Kenneth, to be in All-State Band: 3/26/71p1

Gard, Deborah, is Trailblazer winner: 8/28/69p1; 8/21/70p10

Gard, Linda, is 4-H horse show runner-up: 8/27/71p3

Gard, Linda, is Trailblazer winner: 8/28/69p1; 8/21/70p10

Gardella, Victor H., died 7/25/72: 8/4/72p1

Gardner, Karen, weds Dana Robie: 8/7/69p1

Gardner, Walter--Police Notes: 1/29/71p6

Garland, Florence, died 10/4/74: 10/4/74p7

Garland, Florence, is Granger of the Year: 11/6/70p6

Garland, Florence--letter: 1/7/72p3; 6/18/71p4; 7/5/74p4

Garland, Florence--Lightening causes fire: 6/11/70p1

Garland, Florence--poem: 11/20/70p9; 10/18/74p5

Garland, Florence--Police News: 4/28/72p4

Garland, Mildred (Hanson), died 8/12/74v5

Garrity, M&M Lenox, announce a son: 8/30/74p6

Garrity, Mrs. Lenox--letter: 6/7/74p3

Gatchell, M&M William, announce a son: 5/11/73p2

Gattinella, M&M Concetto (Jack), announce baby: 11/24/72p9

GBS proposed, New addition to: 3/2/73p4

Gebo, M&M Russell, adopt a son: 9/29/72p1

Geiger, Deborah, graduates Nashua HS: 6/26/70p3

Gendron, James, weds Susan Rodgers: 10/29/70p15

George, Jackson, feted as retiring Center teacher: 5/18/73p9

George, Jackson, wins Favorite Teacher award: 6/15/73p3

George, M&M Daniel, announce a daughter: 1/6/73p6

George, Robert W.--Police Log: 8/2/74p7

German, Ken, announces WAA art show: 8/24/73p7

German, Ken, is officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

Gilcreast, M&M Mark, announce baby: 2/12/70p3

Gilcrest, Mark--Court Case: 6/26/69p7

Gilcrest, Mark--Police News: 11/20/69p1

Gill, Douglas--Police Log: 12/21/73p7

Gill, Irma--Police News: 2/11/72p6

Gill, Merton--Police Log: 12/29/73p5

Gilmore, Jonathan--letter: 9/14/73p2

Girouard, Edith, given going-away party: 8/28/69p2

Giroux, M&M Richard, announce a daughter: 4/27/73p7

Glance, Karen, graduates Nashua HS: 6/26/69p2

Godino, Lynne A.--letter: 2/12/71p1

Godino, Lynne, is speaker for mothers march against speeding:5/28/709p1

Godino, Lynne--letter: 4/2/70p2

Godino, M&M Peter, adopt a son: 3/19/71p5

Goodwin, M&M David, announce a daughter: 3/2/73p8

Goodwin, M&M Edward, announce a son: 5/18/73p6

Gordon, Carl B.--Police Log: 8/20/71p5

Gordon, Kathleen, engaged to Louis Jones: 6/11/71p1

Gordon, Kathleen, weds Louis Jones: 7/16/71p1

Gordon, Kenneth E., died 12/27/71: 12/31/71p5

Gordon, M&M Robert A., announce baby: 12/11/69p1

Gordon, Marion, attended school 50th reunion: 6/16/72p1

Gordon, Mrs. Effie, celebrates 90th birthday: 8/10/73p1

Gosbee, Karen, hosts birthday party: 8/28/69p2

Gould, Glenn, places in Field Day: 7/10/69p1

Grande, Marjorie--Police Log: 1/5/74p5

Grasso, Robert, named to NHC Dean’s list: 9/1/72p7

Greeley, Earle V., died: 7/17/69p7

Greene, Leo, named school Assistant Principal: 6/23/72p1

Greene, M&M Leo, announce a son: 4/13/73p6

Greenfield, M&M Brian, announce a daughter: 8/30/74p6

Greenwood, Laura J.--Grand Jury report: 1/17/72p1

Greenwood, Laura J.--Police Log: 10/9/70p8

Greenwood, Laura, weds Andrew Houle: 9/22/72p9

Greenwood, Laura--Police News: 1/29/70p1

Greenwood, Peter, is Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Greenwood, Phillip--Police News: 7/28/72p7

Greenwood, Russell Jr.--Grand Jury report: 1/17/72p1

Greenwood, Russell Jr.--Police Log: 10/9/70p8; 7/16/71p8

Greenwood, Russell Sr.--Police Log: 10/9/70p8

Greenwood, Walter--Police Log: 7/16/71p8

Griffin, Elizabeth (Brown), died 9/?/73: 9/14/73p4

Griffin, M&M Carleton, announce a son: 6/11/71p8

Griffin, M&M Carlton Jr.--letter: 3/22/74p2

Griffin, M&M Frank, announce baby: 4/2/70p4

Griffin, Matthew, 2-year-old, rescued from woods: 8/25/72p1

Griffin, Patricia, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Griffin, Peter, graduates Bryant/Stratton: 7/10/70p3

Griffin, Peter, is on Bryant/Stratton Dean’s list: 6/5/69p7

Griffin, Peter, touring Europe: 5/21/70p4

Guerin, Gilles P., died 4/1/74: 4/5/74p7

Guertin, Barry, handcuffed as Co-op desperado: 11/8/74p5

Guertin, M&M Barry, announce baby: 4/14/72p2

Guild, Mrs. Lawrence, feted by WWC: 5/14/70p6

Gulden, Diane C.--letter: 3/13/70p8; : 12/11/70p2

Gulden, Leanne, and partner, voted Best-Looking: 2/1/74p3

Gulden, Melanie, accepts Christmas parade trophy: 12/20/74p1

Gulden, Melanie, is Center cheerleader captain: 12/20/74p1

Gulden, William C.--letter: 10/9/70p4; 6/11/71p9

Guldon, William--letter: 3/10/72p7

Gullo, M&M James Jr., announce a son: 8/31/73p2

Gunning, Larry Jr.--Police News: 7/10/70p7

Haag, M&M Jack, announce a daughter: 7/20/73p5

Haegle, Elaine--letter: 8/6/71p6; 7/26/74p9

Haegle, Elaine--Police Log: 10/11/74p5

Haegle, Eldon, family--letter: 4/26/74p7

Haegle, Eldon, residence damaged by fire: 4/26/74p1

Hale, Jason, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/8/74p3

Halliday, Greg, enjoys Co-op rice krispie squares: 11/22/74p9

Halliday, Jill, shows Great-Grandma her art work: 12/7/73p1

Halligan, Cheryl, is bowling champion: 5/8/69p1

Hammer, Al and Mary, fish for tuna: 8/18/72p6

Hammer, Howard--Police News: 2/11/72p6

Hanlon, Colin, holds regular-sized horseshoe: 1/25/74p3

Hanlon, Sean, joins in at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p2

Hardy, A. L. Sr.--letter: 12/1/72p1: 1/12/73p4; 3/2/73p7; 3/23/73p11; 4/6/73p8; 4/27/73p10; 6/1/73p3; 6/15/73p1; 6/29/73p11; 7/14/73p9; 7/27/73p7; 8/24/73p9; 9/28/73p1; 11/2/73p5; 2/1/74p7

Hardy, Arthur and Emma--letter: 9/10/71p1

Hardy, M&M Michael, announce a daughter: 8/3/73p1

Harless, Betty Ann, promotes Library fashion show: 3/6/71p4

Harless, Betty Ann, to model shoes at Mall: 3/19/71p5

Harless, Lara, holds Clydesdale horseshoe: 1/25/74p3

Harless, Linda Jo, is a Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Harmon, M&M Victor, announce a daughter: 7/9/71p1

Harper, Marion--Hospital Notes: 1/14/72p9

Harper, Marion--Letter: 1/8/70p6; 11/3/72p3

Harris, M&M Richard--letter: 3/17/72p10

Harris, Mary Ellen, is GBS secretary: 9/17/71p5

Harris, Richard, recuperating at home: 12/18/69p4

Harvey, William H., promoted at BU: 2/5/71p6

Harvey, William, is recuperating at home: 4/21/72p5

Hashim, Charles S., died 11/15/71: 11/19/71p3

Hashim, Charles--Police Notes: 1/29/71p6

Hassy, M&M Robert, announce a son: 11/1/74p5

Hatfield, Lauri, develops physics display: 1/29/70

Hawkins, Miriam, has art show in Lawrence: 5/29/69p3

Hayford, Sandra, engaged to Russell Sawyer: 9/1/72p1

Hayford, Sandra, weds Russell Sawyer: 8/17/73p7

Hayford, Virgil, is one active Windhamite: 2/23/73p7

Hayford, Virgil--Police News: 5/28/70p1

Hazelton, Robert--Police Log: 4/20/74p2

Hazlett, Gertrude died 11/10/69: 11/20/69p

Healy, Donald W., enlists in US Navy: 11/24/72p1

Healy, Lynne, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/22/74p3

Hebert, Ed--letter: 11/3/72p4

Hebert, Edward, on Governor’s Task Force: 7/31/69p2

Helinsky, M&M Richard, announce a daughter: 11/16/73p8

Hendix, David, officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

Hendrix, David, announces WAA art show: 8/24/73p7

Henrix, David E., exhibits his oil paintings: 10/13/72p4

Herbert, Edward N., to become Brig. General: 6/11/71p3

Herbert, Edward N.--letter: 10/2/70p1

Herbert, M&M Edward, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/30/73p8

Herbert, M&M Edward, visit parents in WV: 3/10/72p4

Herbert, Ruth, celebrates 21st birthday: 2/19/70p4

Herbert, Ruth, cited for 4-H work: 12/13/74p7

Herbert, Ruth, graduates pre-vet at UNH: 6/11/71p1

Herbert, Stephen, hikes White Mountains: 8/28/69p2

Herbert, Stephen, honored at Hastings College: 5/24/74p7

Herbert, Stephen, visits CA newspapers and TV: 1/25/74p1

Herbert, Steven, leaves for Nebraska college: 9/8/72p4

Herbert, Steven, sings in Hastings College choir: 12/15/72p2

Herman, Adeline B.--letter: 1/6/73p3

Herman, M&M Ronald--letter: 2/18/72p4

Hewitt, Douglas, completes first year at Norwich U.: 5/25/73p7

Hewitt, Douglas, to attend Norwich U.: 6/16/72p1

Hewson, Edward--letter: 7/26/74p4

Hill, Kevin, is new Ass’t Scoutmaster: 3/13/71p4

Hirsch, Janice, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Hoare, Jim and Shirley, fish for tuna: 8/18/72p6

Hobbs, Susan, weds Robert Perreault: 6/14/74p3

Hogan, Andy, wins a trophy in hockey: 4/26/74p1

Hogg, M&M Robert, announce a son: 2/8/74p4

Holbrook, Kenneth, family move to Michigan: 6/11/70p2

Holcomb, Patricia, and son, visit Doucettes: 6/30/72p4

Holm, Kenneth--letter: 9/3/71p7

Holm, Linda, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Houle, Gail, weds Thomas Kszepka: 3/29/74p2

Houle, Gail--Police Log: 5/18/73p910

Houle, Kathy--letter: 7/9/71p5

Howard, Francis J., graduates Northeastern U.: 7/7/72p4

Howe, Carol Ann, given farewell party: 6/19/69p7

Hoyt family visits Windham: 8/14/70p4

Hubbard, Kathy, is gymnastics captain at Salem: 6/14/74p10

Hubbard, William, alter dwelling on Rock Pond Rd: 6/19/69p2

Hubbard, William--Police Log: 5/17/74p4

Hughes, Carol--Police News: 4/9/70p1

Hughes, Carroll--Police Log: 7/23/70p1

Hughes, Mrs. Roland--letter: 7/5/74p5

Hughes, Roland L., died 6/21/74: 6/28/74p2

Hughes, Winfred--Police News: 4/9/70p1

Hunter, George E., died 1/15/71: 1/29/71p6

Hurrel, Mrs., died 7/25/71p1

Hurrell, Eileen, is hospitalized: 1/15/70p4

Hurrell, Eileen--poem: 6/5/69p8

Hurrell, Mrs. William, is hospitalized: 3/13/70p1

Hurrell, William, graduates Lowell Tech: 6/18/71p1

Hurrell, William--letter: 4/2/71p2

Hutchinson, M&M John III, announce a son: 6/8/73p8

Iott, Charles--Police News: 6/23/72p9

Jaques, Barbara--Police Log: 9/7/73p5

Jarosky, Chester, is Elks Citizen of the Year: 4/13/73p8

Jarosky, Chester--Police News: 1/28/72p5

Jarosky, Joseph--Police News: 2/19/70p6

Jarosky, Susan, engaged to Roger Gala: 12/8/72p9

Jarosky, Susan, to attend Bryant-McIntosh College: 4/7/72p3

Jaynes, M&M Charles Jr., announce a daughter: 7/20/73p5

Jean, Shirley--Police Log: 9/21/73p8

Jelley, Gail, graduates Immaculata HS: 6/26/70p3

Jelly, Raymond, is awarded by Center School: 3/26/70p1

Johnson, Arlo--Police Log: 7/16/71p8

Johnson, Eric, awaits Santa by the Christmas Tree: 12/20/74p7

Johnson, Eric, awaits Santa’s arrival at Co-op: 12/20/74p7

Johnson, Frank R.--letter: 11/6/69p3

Johnson, Jeff, raises Dystrophy $$$: 7/10/70p1; 07/31/70p1

Johnson, M&M Wilfred E., announce a daughter: 7/17/69p1

Johnson, Marilyn, on UNH Dean’s List: 7/6/73p6

Johnson, Mrs. John H.--letter: 1/15/71p8

Johnson, Nancy--letter: 10/29/70p2

Jones, M&M Jay, announce a daughter: 7/17/70p3

Jones, M&M Mark, announce a son: 6/15/73p6

Jones, Mark P., earns DDS degree: 6/19/69p2

Jones, Mark P., opens dentist office: 7/16/71p1

Joosens, Alice, named magazine consultant: 10/25/74p

Joyce, Ruth--Police Log: 11/9/73p4

Kane, Charlene, presents Guild scholarship: 5/24/74p1

Kane, Charlene, to present cosmetic workshop: 3/30/73p7

Kane, Charlene, to teach at CSS: 8/21/70p2

Kane, Charlene--letter: 12/8/72p8

Kane, John F. died 11/29/70: 12/4/70pp1,4

Kane, Marion, died 11/29/70: 12/4/70pp1,4

Kane, Thomas H., appointed to CSS staff: 9/24/71p11

Kashilines, Albert--Court News: 12/7/73p5

Kashulines, Juanita, wins cooking contest: 4/24/71p7

Kashulines, Juanita--letter: 3/9/73p3

Keefe, Francis, attends Voc-Tech for EMTs: 5/21/70p1; 08/7/70p2

Keefe, Francis, receives certification: 6/26/69p1; 9/18/69p1

Keefe, Frank, played with fire trucks when a child: 2/9/73p2

Keefe, Jeremiah--Police News: 12/8/72p4

Keegan, Charlotte (Berry), died 8/21/71: 8/27/71p5

Kelleher, M&M Paul, announce a daughter: 4/2/71p7

Kelleher, M&M Paul, wins lighting contest: 12/31/71p1

Kelleher, Paul E.,, graduates Northeastern U.: 7/12/74p1

Keller, M&M Matthew, hold family reunion: 5/4/73p8

Keller, Marie--letter: 8/2/74p5

Keller, Marie--poem: 5/25/73p4

Keller, Matthew, on USCG European trip: 7/2/71p3

Keller, Matthew, re-enlists in Coast Guard: 5/1/69p3

Keller, Sam and Bobbie, move to Windham: 1/12/73p7

Kelley, M&M Harold, announce baby: 3/10/72p4

Kelly, (last name unknown), has six kttens: 4/28/72p4

Kelly, Billy, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/8/74p3

Kenney, Ann, promoted Library fashion Show: 3/6/71p4

Kenney, Ann, to model shoes at Mall: 3/19/71p5

Kenney, M&M William B., announce baby: 4/2/70p4; 1/14/72p9

Kent, M&M Robert, announce a daughter: 3/15/74p3

Keweske, M&M John, announce baby: 12/11/69p1

Keywell, Barbara, officer in new Association: 8/17/73p2

Kidd, Faith, celebrates first birthday: 11/30/73p3

Kidd, M&M William, announce baby: 12/8/72p8

Kidd, May and Bill--letter: 7/5/74p5

Kidd, Mrs. William, welcomes English parents: 8/11/72p4

Kiernan, Walter L., died 10/10/71: 10/15/71p6

Kimball, George W., graduates Northeastern U.: 7/12/74p1

King, George--Police Log: 10/8/71p11; 1/21/72p5

Kishfry, M&M Elias, announce baby: 8/11/72p4

Kitts, Tawnya, selected as NH “Miss Petite”: 10/25/73p1

Kivikoski, Paul, is awarded by Center School: 3/26/70p1

Knight, Chris, injured in bicycle accident: 8/16/74p3

Knight, Robert, is winner in Pinewood Derby: 4/14/72p1

Knott, Edward, honored at Tea: 10/29/70p13

Kobinky, Maureen, engaged to James Stephens: 6/29/73p11

Kopriva, M&M George--letter: 3/10/72p7

Kraska, Kenneth S., graduates as podiatrist: 7/21/72p1

Kraska, Stanley, died 11/29/72: 12/1/72p3

Kreider, Barbara, earns Marjorie Carter Award: 6/21/74p2

Kreider, Timmy, wins a trophy in hockey: 4/26/74p1

Kreider, Timothy, to play hockey in Georgia: 2/15/74p3

Kreuger, M&M James, announce a daughter: 7/20/73p5

Krueger, Mark, visits Windham Fire Department: 4/26/74p5

Kryzynski, M&M James, announce a daughter: 3/30/73p2

Kszepka, Edward J.--letter: 6/22/73p8

Kwiatkowski, Kari, creates a dish in Co-op kitchen: 10/4/74p1

Laatsch, Barbara--letter: 5/10/74p2

Labbe, Diane, is Town Government essay winner: 12/6/74p8

Lachance, Jeanne B., engaged to John O’Brien: 2/11/72p11

Lachance, Leopold--Police News: 2/5/70p7

Lacharite, Gretchen, makes leaf men at the Co-op: 10/11/74p3

Lacharite, Gretchen, visits Windham Fire Depart. : 4/26/74p5

Laferte, Robert--letter: 6/23/72p9

Laferte, Robert--Police News: 6/23/72p9

Lafferty, Brian, recuperating at home: 6/11/70p2

Lafferty, David, covers a book at Co-op: 12/13/74p1

Lafferty, David, makes book covers: 12/13/74p1

Lafferty, Edmund L.--letter: 6/21/74p3

Lafferty, M&M Edmond, announce a son: 6/26/69p7

LaGrange, Robert--Police News: 3/10/72p7

LaJoie, Jimmy, learns how to pick an apple: 9/27/74p1

Lajoie, M&M William, announce a daughter: 7/21/72p6

Lamothe, M&M James, announce baby: 4/28/72p7

Lamson, Helen (Mason), died 1/17/73: 1/26/73p1

Lamson, Patricia, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Landry, Charles, is hospitalized: 8/25/72p1

Landry, Elizabeth, honored with baby shower: 9/25/69p6

Landry, M&M Donald, announce a daughter: 10/16/69p3

Landry, Roger, placed in Manchester JC bike race: 2/18/72p7

Lane, David--District Court: 2/9/73p1

Lane, David--Police Log: 3/2/73p4

Lanza, Ronald M., graduates Northeastern U.: 7/7/72p4

LaPlume, Jolene, observes a heart check at Co-op: 9/20/74p1

LaPorte, Albert, is Sweepstakes winner: 8/25/72p6

LaRosa, William Jr.--Police Log: 8/30/74p6

Lavalette, Jerry, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Lavalette, Joyce--Police Log: 2/5/71p3

Lavender, Rev. Richard, to preach at WPC: 7/14/73p1

Lawlor, M&M Augustine--letter: 3/1/74p5

Lawrence, Linda--Police News: 2/3/72p4

LeBrun, Diane, pets a live iguana: 11/9/73p1

LeBrun, Richard J., died 2/20/72: 3/3/72p2

LeColst, Harry, appointed to Planning Board: 1/15/70p1

LeColst, M&M Harry, host a French miss: 8/9/74p7

Lee, Lois--Police News: 1/14/72p8

Lee, M&M James, announce a daughter: 2/22/74p8

Leeman, Lillian, is hospitalized: 11/3/72p4

LeLievre, Denise, is a Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Lelievre, Donald--Police Log: 11/1/74p3

LeLievre, Gerald A., enlists in USMC: 7/6/73p7

LeLievre, Paul, engaged to Cynthia Moore: 2/27/71p4

LeLievre, Paul, engaged to Susan Cormier: 4/23/70p3

LeLievre, Paul, weds Cynthia Moore: 10/22/71p1

LeLivre, M&M Roger, announce a daughter: 6/22/73p5

Lemanski, Bill, competes in Judo in Boston: 1/18/74p5

Lemanski, Laura, competes in Judo in Boston: 1/18/74p5

Lemanski, Linda, competes in Judo in Boston: 1/18/74p5

Linnemann, M&M Frederick, announce a daughter: 2/9/73p4

Linton, M&M, visit Scotland: 10/9/70p2

Litchfield, Nancy, leaves for Missouri college: 9/8/72p9

Littlefield, Leonard--letter: 2/26/70p1;  5/28/71p1; 3/17/72p6; 5/10/74p1

Littlefield, Leonard--Police News: 8/28/70p2

Liversidge, James, is class officer: 10/16/69p6

Lodge, Chris, awaits cookies at Co-op: 10/25/73p2

Lonergan, John, shows off a 5-pound bass: 8/30/74p1

Long, Mary, is officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

Loranger, Robert A., graduates Northeastern U.: 7/7/72p4

Loranger, Robert A., to graduate Wentworth Tech: 6/12/69p6

Lorenzo, Richard M.--letter: 2/3/72p2

Lorthop, Nancy, graduates UM/Portland: 6/7/74p4

Lothrop, Beverly, honored by Red Cross: 5/25/73p7

Lothrop, M&M Richard--letter: 2/18/72p4

Lothrop, Mrs. John, named to Red Cross Board: 5/25/73p7

Lothrop, Nancy, honored by Red Cross: 5/25/73p7

Lothrop, Norman, is Selectman for a Day: 12/6/74p8

Lothrop, Norman, Selectman for a day: 11/8/74p1; 12/6/79p8

Lothrop, Richard J., promoted at Liberty Mutual: 11/24/72p1

Lovell, Harry F., died 10/9/71: 10/15/71p6

Lovell, Kenneth C., elected to General Court: 11/6/70p11

Lovell, Kenneth--letter: 3/19/70pp1,4

Lovy, Michael Jr., ready for Elks free throw contest: 1/26/73p3

Low, Frederick, hospitalized: 1/8/70p2

Low, Police Chief Willis, attends drugs seminar: 5/28/70p1

Low, Richard F.--letter: 8/21/70p3

Low, Robert--Police News: 12/15/72p3

Low, Sandra--District Court: 10/22/71p1

Low, Willis, loses cottage to fire: 7/28/72p1

Low, Willis, oversees Chief Margaret Alix: 12/6/74p8

Lowery, Maureen, engaged to Charles Pennimen: 12/21/73p3

Lunsford, M&M Wayne, announce a son: 11/30/73p1

Lunsford, Wayne--Police Log: 12/29/73p5

Lynch, James J., died 5/31/73: 6/8/73p9

Lynch, Louise--Police News: 4/7/72p2

MacEachern, Earl--Police News: 10/20/72p9

MacEachern, Eunice--letter: 5/28/70p6

Mackay, Susan, is 4H horse show winner: 8/27/71p3

Mackenzie, A. W., leaves for Washington job: 2/19/70p4

Mackey, Stanley, receives FD certification: 9/18/69p1

Macy, M&M Richard, adopt a daughter: 8/27/71p4

Macy, M&M Richard, announce a son: 3/15/74p3

Madden, Tammy, concentrates on building project: 12/6/74p7

Madden, Tammy, enjoys Co-op activities: 12/6/74p7

Madden, Tammy, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Mahler, Priscilla, died 12/18/69: 12/24/69p4

Mailloux, Andrew--letter9/29/72p13

Mailloux, Maggie and Andy--letter: 3/2/73p10

Mailloux, Margaret, honored by Hancock Life: 7/3/69p3

Mailloux, Margaret, recuperating after surgery: 2/25/72p1

Mailloux, Margaret, sees her cactus bloom: 7/16/71p1

Mailloux, Margaret--letter: 9/3/71p1; 5/19/72p1; 6/16/72p5

Malbon, John C., died 1/23/74: 1/25/74p3

Malfatti, Jlene, is bowling champion: 5/8/69p1

Malfatti, Juli, is a Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Maliedi, M&M John, announce a son: 1/7/72p8

Mallett, Kristen, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/8/74p3

Malpiedi, John--Police Log: 11/1/74p3

Mangan, M&M John Jr., announce a daughter: 5/18/73p6

Mann, Thomas--Police Log: 7/6/73p9

Manning, Florence J.--letter: 6/18/71p6

Manning, Frederick, graduates Bishop Guertin: 6/19/69p2

Manning, Margaret, awards CJC acholarship: 5/24/74p1

Manning, Margaret, graduates CSS: 6/2/72p8

Manning, Margaret, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Manning, Margaret, is awarded scholarship: 5/21/71p1

Manning, Margaret, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Manning, Margaret, tours Europe with Castle group: 2/3/72p1

Manning, Mary, receives CJC Alumnae scholarship: 5/24/74p1

Manning, Mary, registers for CJC: 9/20/74p1

Manning, Myra, explains visual physics display: 1/29/70p1

Manoly, Nicholas, died 1/2/71: 1/8/71p3

March, David, assists magician with trick: 10/25/74p2

March, M&M Richard C., announce baby: 4/2/70p4

March, Susan, is Outstanding Friend of the Year: 6/8/73p8

Mariana, Sr., is lost in woods off Morison Road: 10/9/73p1

Marois, M&M Paul, announce a daughter: 7/3/70p2

Marquebreuck, Fred, resigns as school janitor: 2/19/70p1

Marquebreuck, Fred--letter: 8/30/74p1

Martin, Barbara, honored at baby shower: 6/19/69p2

Martin, Melanie (Minnie), died 10/6/72: 10/13/72p6

Martinkus, John, died 12/9/73: 12/14/73p7

Marx, Dan, speaks to students on photography: 1/17/72p3

Massa, M&M Joseph, announce a daughter: 8/30/74p6

Massi, M&M Robert, announce a son: 11/9/73p6

Massicotte, M&M Paul, announce a daughter: 3/26/71p1

Massicotte, M&M Paul, announce baby: 6/23/72p9

Matte, Donat, child missing: 4/10/69p1

Matte, Frances--Police Log: 2/12/71p7

Matte, Stephen, engaged to Barbara Begg: 2/18/72p11

Matthews, M&M Edgar, move to Londonderry: 8/4/72p1

Matthieu, Steven--Police Log: 3/23/73p8

Mayers, Betty, is officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

McCallum, Asa, died  3/12/70: 3/19/70p6

McCarthy, M&M Richard, announce a son: 4/12/74p3

McCartin, Barbara completes WAC training: 3/26/71p6

McCartin, Barbara--District Court: 10/22/71p1

McCartin, Robert A.--letter: 11/6/70p1

McConville, Gloria to model shoes at Mall: 3/19/71p5

McConville, Gloria, promotes Library fashion show: 3/6/71p4

McConville, W.--letter: 4/26/74p7

McConville, William--letter: 3/9/73p5

McCoubry, Mike, awaits cookies at Co-op: 10/25/73p2

McCoubry, Mike, enjoys Co-op activities: 3/15/74p8

McCoubry, Scott, joins in at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p2

McCoubry, Scott--letter: 7/26/74p1

McDaniel, Leslie--letter: 8/23/74p6

McDaniel, M&M Leslie, announce a son: 7/17/69p1

McEachern, Earl, is recuperating at home: 3/24/72p9

McGadden, M&M Christopher, announce a daughter: 3/1/74p1

McGadden, M&M Christopher, announce baby: 1/21/72p1

McGuick, Justin B., died 1/?/74: 2/8/74p2

McGuirk, Edna V. (Bowden), died 1/30/72: 2/3/72p4

McGuirk, Justin V.--Police Log: 8/20/71p5

McIntyre, JoAnn, is named to PSC Dean’s List: 4/5/74p4

McIntyre, John Jr.--Court Case: 7/17/69p1; 9/11/69p1

McIntyre, John Jr.--Police Report: 8/21/69p1

McIntyre, Patricia--letter: 6/4/71p8

McKay, Elizabeth--letter: 3/26/71p2

McKeon, James E., speaks to Army graduates: 7/10/70p4

McKinnon, Barbara, piano students give concert: 6/22/73p2

McKinnon, Barbara, students present recital: 7/7/72p8

McKinnon, Barbara, wins $500 at Bon Marche: 5/5/72p1

McMahon, Jeanette, takes Welcome Wagon course: 5/7/71p4

McMahon, Martin, graduates Boston Law School: 6/7/74p8

McMahon, Martin--Police Log: 9/10/71p9

McManus, Laurie, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

McManus, Laurie, wears Co-op Birthday Crown: 11/22/74p9

Meadows, Marcella--letter: 4/21/72p11

Meadows, Mrs. Marcelle M.--letter: 10/2/69p7

Metelski, Kelly, enjoys Co-op activities: 3/22/74p4

Metelski, M&M George, announce a daughter: 11/16/73p8

Meuse, Stephen E, died 8/30/73: 9/7/73p4

Middlemiss, Earl, weds Pamela Flood: 6/7/74p8

Milan, M&M Edward, announce a son: 6/1/73p8

Milan, Phyllis, wins Sweepstakes’ $50: 11/5/71p6

Milan. Edward Jr., celebrates first birthday: 5/24/74p5

Milligan, M&M Robert, announce a son: 5/1/69p3

Milligan, Robert, honored at NYC department store: 5/24/74p3

Millius, Barbara, wins Castle scholarship: 5/14/70p2

Mills, Geraldine--Police Log: 9/17/71p9

Milton, Mark, to play hockey in Georgia: 2/15/74p3

Milton, Mark, wins a trophy in hockey: 4/26/74p1

Mitchell, Kathleen, engaged to Barry Woolner: 4/28/72p1

Mitchell, Madelaine--letter: 4/2/71p4

Mitchell, Nancy, elected to Salem Honor Society: 12/24/69p2

Mitchell, Nancy, engaged to Gerard Beaudoin: 2/2/73p1

Mitchell, Pearl, graduates Tennessee State: 9/3/70p2

Moeckel, Bruce, engaged to Susan Barry: 7/14/73p4

Moeckel, Bruce, now Windham police officer: 3/30/73p1

Mogauro, Sabato--Police News: 3/31/72p10

Mohs, M&M Larry, announce a son: 8/3/73p1

Molloy, Sister Barbara Ann, is hospitalized: 6/11/70p2

Mona, M&M Joseph, announce a son: 12/14/73p1

Mona, Marcus, celebrates first birthday: 12/6/74p7

Mona, Meredith, celebrates third birthday: 12/6/74p7

Moody, M&M Gary, announce a son: 8/17/73p1

Moore, Cynthia, engaged to Paul Lelievre: 2/27/71p4

Moore, Dot, is officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

Moore, M&M Richard, announce a son: 4/6/73p8

Moore, Nancy, on PSC President’s List: 6/16/72p1

Mooshian, Oscar--letter: 1/12/73p1

Mooshian, Oscar--Police News: 10/9/69p1

Mooshian, Oscar--Police Report: 8/7/69p7

Morash, M&M Thomas, announce a son: 10/11/74p6

Morel, Debbie, paints a Hanukkah Dreydl: 12/13/74p1

Morgan, Lisa, is a Town Official for a day: 11/8/74p1

Morgan, M&M James, announce a son: 3/16/73p8

Morgan, Ruth, weds David Sanborne: 10/25/73p1

Morin, Donald--Police News: 3/31/72p10

Morton, M&M Eric, announce a son: 7/12/74p2

Mosely, Robert B.--Police Log: 1/22/71p4

Mosley, M&M Robert, announce a daughter: 4/27/73p7

Moulton, M&M David, announce a daughter: 3/26/71p1

Moyer, A. E.--letter: 7/23/71p1

Moynihan, Elaine--letter: 5/21/71p1

Mulvey, M&M Charles, celebrate 40th: 9/18/70p5

Mulvey, M&M Charles--letter: 3/17/72p4

Munson, M&M L. Alton, announce a daughter: 3/1/74p1

Murdock, Sherman--letter: 2/27/71p1

Murphy, Barbara, engaged to Charles Boyle Jr.: 6/14/74p3

Murphy, Barbara, graduates St. Charles HS: 6/11/70p1

Murphy, Elaine, graduates Trinity HS: 6/23/72p1

Murphy, Estelle M., weds Arthur Devlin: 7/28/72p1

Murphy, Estelle--District Court: 10/22/71p1

Murphy, Frank--Police News: 3/10/72p7

Murphy, Lillian--Police Log: 11/19/71p11

Murphy, Maureen, graduates School of Nursing: 6/23/72p1

Murphy, Maureen, graduates St. Charles: 6/19/69p2

Murphy, Romeyn D.--Police News: 6/16/72p6

Murray, Bertha--letter: 8/21/70p11

Murray, David, retires from Fire Dept.: 6/11/70p5

Murray, David--letter: 6/18/70p2

Murray, M&M Edward, announce a daughter: 8/24/73p9

Murray, M&M John R., announce a son: 8/7/69p1

Murray, M&M John, announce a daughter: 4/12/74p3

Nagle, M&M William, announce baby: 1/15/70p4

Nagle, William--Police News: 2/3/72p4

Nassar, James, engaged to Mary Ellen Harris: 6/11/71p1

Nassar, James, is ordinance officer: 6/25/71p1

Nassar, M&M James, announce a daughter: 5/25/73p6

Nassar, M&M James, announce a son: 11/22/74p3

Nassar, Samuel, engaged to Beverly Barnes: 10/4/74p4

Nickolls, Cecile R., died 11/24/69: 11/28/69p2

Nickolls, Florence, donates organ to County Home: 9/21/73p1

Nickolls, Florence--letter: 12/11/70p1

Nolet, M&M William, announce baby: 2/18/72p10

Normand, Teddy, plays a Co-op guessing game: 11/8/74p5

North, M&M Gerald, move into new home: 4/9/70p1

Norton, John Jr., is new Town Hall custodian: 4/13/73p3

Noyes, Dawna, shows her horse show winner: 8/23/74p9

Noyles, Fred, closes Fred’s Auto Service: 2/18/72p11

Noyles, Frederic, retires from Air Force: 8/14/70p1

Noyles, M&M Frederic, announce a son: 4/17/70p3

Noyles, Suzie, honored at baby shower: 4/9/70p1

Nye, Walter--Police Log: 3/16/73p3

O’Keefe, Lawrence--Police News: 10/2/69p1

O’Loughlin, M&M Richard, announce a son: 1/19/73p7

O’Loughlin, Richard, celebrates first birthday: 1/11/74p3

O’Reilly, William--letter: 3/24/72p5

O’Sullivam, Barbara--letter: 11/5/71p2

O’Sullivan, Dennis, inducted into Honor Society: 5/12/72p6

O’Sullivan, Dennis, to attend UNH: 6/15/73p1

O’Sullivans, Mortimer, vacation in California: 9/8/72p9

Ochsner, Chris, has heartbeat checked at Co-op: 9/20/74p1

Odams, Lindsey, shows her horse show winner: 8/23/74p9

Oliver, Keith, loves the Easter Bunny (a little early): 11/8/74p5

Olson, Kristin, visits Windham Fire Department: 4/26/74p5

Ongemach, Scott, views sister’s shapes drawing: 12/7/73p1

Ongemach, Suzanne, shows her shapes drawing: 12/7/73p1

Orroth, M&M Stephen, announce a son: 8/3/73p1

Orroth, Michael, makes leaf men at the Co-op: 10/11/74p3

Orroth, Stephen, joins in at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p2

Otes, Charles--letter: 7/23/70p4

Otis, Barbara--Police Log: 7/23/71p1

Otis, Charles O. family--letter: 11/5/71p1

Otis, Charles O.--letter: 10/29/70p7

Otis, Deborah, elected church group president: 9/22/72p7

Otis, Harvard--Police News: 2/18/72p11

Otis, Nelson--letter: 4/10/69p4

Ouellette, M&M Donald, announce a daughter: 11/8/74p9

Ouellette, M&M Russell D., announce baby: 10/13/72p5

Ouellette, Raymond J., graduates Lowell Tech: 7/6/73p7

Owens, Ann, is class officer: 10/16/69p6

Owens, Karen, graduates Alvine HS: 7/2/71p7

Pantazis, Michael, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Pappachristos, Hercules--Police Log: 2/5/71p3; 4/30/71p8

Parker, Benjamin B., died 7/9?/69: 7/17/69p7

Parker, Frank W.--Court Case: 9/11/69p1

Parsons, James--Police News: 10/20/72p9

Parsons, Marjorie--Police Log: 3/22/74p9

Parsons, Ralph (not James)--Police Log in 10/20/72 issue

Pas, M&M Victor, move into new home: 4/9/70p1

Pasquill, Katherine, graduates CJC: 5/25/73p2

Pasquill, Kathy, admitted to Honor Society (photo): 5/5/72p10

Patanande, Theodore--District Court: 2/9/73p1

Payne, M&M Richard, announce a son: 8/20/71p1

Payson, Eddie, and partner, voted Best-Looking: 2/1/74p3

Payson, Robert and Lucy--letter: 11/2/73p4

Peabody, M&M Alvin, enjoy houseboat vacation: 8/13/71p5

Peabody, Mrs. Alvin, welcomes WWC director: 10/22/71p2

Pearlman, Janice--letter: 9/25/69p2

Peel, Graig, family moves out of town: 1/12/73p1

Peel, M&M Craig, vacation in VA: 5/5/72p1

Peel, Rev. Craig, to leave Windham: 12/1/72p1

Pelletier, Charleen, paints a Drydle at Co-op: 12/13/74p1

Pelletier, Charleen, paints a Hanukkah Dreydl: 12/13/74p1

Pelletier, M&M Robert, announce a daughter: 6/19/69p7

Pember, Wilbur E., to run for State Rep: 8/7/70p6

Pepper, Keith, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/8/74p3

Pepper, M&M David, announce a son: 7/2/71p3

Perkins, Jim, is Center music director: 12/20/74p1

Perkins, Jom, accepts Christmas parade trophy: 12/20/74p1

Perlman, Morton, is Memorial Parade Marshall: 6/4/71p1

Perreault, Joey, joins in at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p2

Perreault, M&M Joseph, announce baby: 6/11/70p5

Perry, Christy, celebrates first birthday: 11/9/73p7

Perry, Fannie--letter: 5/7/71p3

Peterson, Walter, speaks at commencement: 6/26/70pp1,3,4

Petewrs, Jean--Police Log: 5/4/73p8

Petko, Catherine B.--letter: 1/19/73p1; 1/11/74p1

Petko, David W., graduates Northeastern U.: 7/7/72p4

Petko, M&M David, announce a son: 10/25/74p5

Petko, M&M David, announce baby: 2/11/72p6

Pettis, Ernest Jr., is valedictorian at Pinkerton: 6/30/72p1

Phillips, George, attends 10-year HS reunion: 6/5/69p7

Phillips, George, weds Larissa Popoff: 5/4/73p3

Phillips, Sylvia, joins Quintal’s Realty: 2/2/73p5

Picanso, Jean--Police Log: 2/5/71p3

Picanso, Phillip C.--letter: 8/23/74p6

Picanso, Phillip, drawn as Superior Court juror: 12/18/69p2

Piccirilli, James, attends Canadian hockey school: 8/25/72p1

Picjens, Nat--letter: 7/2/71p9

Pieroni, Sharon, honored at bridal shower: 5/8/69p1

Pincince, Florence, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Pincince, M&M Anthony, announce a daughter: 10/16/69p3

Pincince, M&M Anthony, announce baby: 4/28/72p7

Pincince, M&M Leo--letter: 7/28/72p7

Pincince, Ronald, died 1/12/72: 1/21/72p1; 1/28/72p9

Pippin, Esther, shows her horse show winner: 8/23/74p9

Pivovar, Christine (Jackson), died 6/9/70: 6/18/70p2

Pivovar, Frank, cited by Elks Club: 6/16/72p1

Pivovar, Shirley, attends Emblem Club convention: 10/20/72p3

Plows, Amy, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/8/74p3

Polak, Michael, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/22/74p3

Pombrio, Mr., causes beach confusion: 8/14/69pp1,8

Porteous, David, is Town Government essay winner: 12/6/74p8

Porter, Karl, honored for death in Vietnam: 5/18/73p9

Powers, Susan, takes teaching job in Korea: 8/30/74p1

Pringle, Mary, graduates Tennessee State: 9/3/70p2

Prizio, Michael, engaged to Rosalind Gauthier: 8/10/73p1

Pucci, Elizabeth, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Pucci, Phyllis J.--letter10/9/69p7

Puchtler, Jay--Police Log: 4/5/74p3

Puchtler, Linda, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Putchler, M&M Kenneth, announce a daughter: 1/11/74p4

Qualey, Catherine, weds Paul Donovan: 7/10/69p2

Qualey, Mary engaged to Thomas Schofield: 1/22/71p11

Ramsden, M&M Wallace, announce a daughter: 3/30/73p2

Rand, James A., DMV, opens Windham office: 2/15/74p1

Raymond, Donald, receives Western Electric award: 2/23/73p9

Raymond, Jamie, plays a Co-op guessing game: 11/8/74p5

Renand, Sandra, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Renaud, Fay, enlists in WAFS: 5/14/70p2

Robbins, Ted--Police News: 3/31/72p10

Roberts, Bonnie--“Why I Like Being a Girl Scout” 03/17/72p2

Robertson, Chuck--Police News: 5/21/70p2

Robillard, Rene, joins Rosemary Green, Realtor: 8/18/72p8

Robinson, Christine--Police Log: 9/20/74p4

Rogers, M&M Dennis, announce a son: 7/31/69p1; 1/6/73p6

Rogers, M&M Merton, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/21/71p1

Rogers, Michael--Police Log: 4/30/71p8

Rokel, Janice, wins sewing competition: 5/21/71p5

Rokel, M&M George, announce a daughter: 2/12/71p4

Root, Deborah, weds Donald Mancini: 7/27/73p1

Root, Leo--Police Log: 9/28/73p7

Root, M&M Dennis, announce a daughter: 9/18/69p2; 7/5/74p5

Root, M&M Dennis, announce a son: 10/1/71p2

Root, M&M Paul, announce a daughter: 10/25/73p1

Root, Marleen, weds Robert Deshares: 12/14/73p1

Root, Marlene--Police Log: 10/29/71p9

Root, Paul, returns from Army duty: 11/26/71p8

Ropes, John--letter: 11/17/72p8

Rouleau, M&M Roger, announce baby: 4/2/70p4

Rouleau, Renee, wins SHARE emblem contest: 4/20/74p4

Rowe, William--Police News: 3/3/72p13

Rubner, Alan--District Court: 12/28/74p7

Rubner, Alan--Police Notes: 4/23/70p6; 2/5/71p3; 7/28/72p7; 2/15/74p4

Rumpf, M&M Darrell, announce a daughter: 8/24/73p9

Russell, Debbie, is a Town Official for a day: 11/8/74p1

Russell, William Jr.--Police Log: 8/6/71p7

Russell/Armstrong/Harvey--letter: 3/2/73p11

Russo, Philip J., died: 2/25/72p9

Ryan, Everett--Police News: 4/7/72p2

Rzasa Family--letter: 2/27/71p1

Rzasa, Francis, earns rading trophy: 11/28/69p7

Rzasa, Linda, is a Thanksgiving Pilgrim: 11/28/70p9

Rzasa, M&M Frank, homeless after fire: 2/12/71p6

Saab, Thomas--Police News: 7/27/73p2

Saloma, James, from Ithaca NY, visits parents: 3/31/72p4

Saloma, M&M Reino, visit son in Michigan: 11/3/72p4

Saloma, Reino--letter: 7/7/72p7

Sandberg, Frank B., heads Heart Fund drive: 4/17/70p9

Schieding, Dick--letter: 8/9/74p6

Schlumper, M&M Lawrence, announce a son: 7/17/69p1

Schumaker, Ann, engaged to William Spicer: 4/13/73p1

Scott, Mrs. William--letter: 1/15/71p5

Scott, Robert--Police Log: 8/2/74p7

Scott, William G., died 1/2/71: 1/8/71p4

Scott, William, engaged to Marion Watts: 3/17/72p7

Severance, M&M Raymond, announce a son: 6/14/74p1

Sevigny, M&M James, announce a son: 9/7/73p2

Shaw, Vivian, leaves for Missouri college: 9/8/72p9

Shaw. M&M Lindley, announce a son: 7/31/70p5

Shea, Andrea, attenda brother’s birthday party: 12/6/74p7

Shea, Andrea, celebrates three birthdays: 12/6/74p7

Shea, Harold, attends merchandising seminar: 4/5/74p4

Shea, M&M Harold, announce a son: 12/14/73p1

Shea, Matthew, celebrates first birthday: 12/6/74p7

Sheldon, Freida, is 50-year member of Grange: 12/15/72p9

Sheldon, Freida--letter: 5/21/70p5

Sherman, Wendi, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/22/74p3

Shermer, Bill--letter: 8/23/74p3

Shulkin, Peter--Police Log: 2/15/74p4

Siebert, Linda, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Silvestri, Vincent, died  0/1/70: 8/14/70p7

Simmons, Richard H., is new police officer: 1/15/71p1

Sims, William--Police News: 11/3/72p1

Skinner, Pat, is officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

Skinner, Robert A., chosen as petit juror: 3/19/70p2

Slack, M&M George, announce a daughter: 5/17/74p2

Slater, M&M Harry, announce a son: 2/15/74p2

Small, William--Police Notes: 5/15/69p1

Smithurst, Allen, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Smithurst, Wayne--Police Log: 2/23/73p4

Snider, David, is vice-chairman of School Board: 3/19/70p4

Snow, Albro E., died “last Wednesday”: 1/15/70p4

Snow, Mrs. Stanley, exhibits dolls at library: 10/13/72p6

Sobolewski, M&M Gerald, announce a daughter: 7/20/73p5

Soule, Lewis F.--letter: 10/6/72p1; 10/20/72p11

Sousa, David P., assigned to Vietnam: 7/10/70p4

Sousa, David P., promoted to Sgt.: 2/5/71p6

Sousa, Dennis, USAF, completes basic training: 3/23/73p5

Sousa, George E. Jr.--Police Log: 3/6/71p1

Sousa, George--District Court: 10/22/71p1

Sousa, George--Police News: 2/9/73p1

Sousa, M&M George, announce a son: 2/8/74p4

Speakman, Diane--letter: 8/3/73p1

Speakman, M&M John, dance at Christmas Ball: 2/1/74p3

St. George, Mary Jo, is awarded by Center School: 3/26/70p1

St. George, Mary Jo, wins twirler trophy: 4/28/72p1

St. Onge, Paul, graduates Haverhill HS: 6/26/70p3

St. Pierre, Lucille, is hospitalized: 1/15/70p4

St. Pierre, Sgt. Lionel, attends drug seminar: 5/28/70p1

Stanley, James--Police Log--9/14/73p2; 9/28/73p7

Stanley, Jeffrey--Police Log: 8/30/74p6

Stark, M&M Donald, announce a daughter: 7/19/74p6

Staton, Jamie, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/22/74p3

Stebbins, M&M Peter--letter: 5/19/72p2

Stebbins, Peter--letter: 4/20/74p6;  5/3/74p7; 12/13/74p5

Steele, John, joins in at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p2

Steele, Phyllis--Police News: 9/1/72p4

Steele, Richard F.--letter: 5/11/73p7

Steele, Theresa, is Center majorette coach: 12/20/74p1

Stele, Theresa, accepts Christmas parade trophy: 12/20/74p1

Stevens, Barbara, weds Daniel Ellingwood: 8/14/69p6

Stevens, M&M Mark, announce a daughter: 9/7/73p2

Stevens, Wayne--Police News: 2/5/70p7

Stickney, Wallace E.--letter: 10/29/70p15

Sturtevant, Howard H., died 12/24/70: 12/31/70p1

Sturtevant, Howard, is new Police dispatcher: 11/6/69p1

Swasey, Ruth, speaks at Castle: 1/17/72p2

Sydlowski, Barbie, enjoys Co-op activities: 3/15/74p8

Sydlowski, Frank, graduates NE University: 7/20/73p6

Sydlowski, Lori, accepts Christmas parade trophy: 12/20/74p1

Sydlowski, Lori, is Center band section leader: 12/20/74p1

Sykes, William W., died 12/?/74: 12/28/74p7

Tamulevich, Larry--Salem Court: 1/7/72p1

Tarbell, Charles L., died 5/14/74: 5/17/74p2

Tarbell, Charles--Hospital Notes: 1/14/72p9

Tarbell, Elva--letter: 4/7/72p3

Tarbell, M&M Maurice, celebrate 50th: 10/9/69p4; 10/16/69p1

Tarbell, M&M Maurice, feted at Elks Club meeting: 4/28/72p1

Tarbell, Maurice E., died 5/12/72: 5/19/72p1

Tarbell, Maurice hospitalized: 1/28/72p4

Tarbell, Maurice, is chairman, Board of Selectmen: 3/19/70p4

Tate, Edward--Police News: 12/1/72p1

Tate, Nancy, honored at pool party: 7/16/71p4

Taylor, Donald, issued a Selectmen’s injunction: 12/14/73p1

Taylor, Julia, died 3/10/72: 3/17/72p10

Taylor, Karin, wins bowling trophy: 2/25/72p5

Tennis, Dale--Trust fund started: 4/7/72p1

Terrio, Judith, GSA’s at Lake Superior: 8/13/71p3

Terrio, Judy, places in Beauty contest: 7/10/69p1

Thaman, Sharon, is IHN Ass’t Chairman: 9/10/71p1

Thibodeau, Jim, wins Frisbee contest: 7/27/73p9

Thibodeau, Patty, is WRC Field Day runner-up: 9/10/71p2

Thistle, David--Police News: 12/1/72p1; 10/4/74p8

Thistle, Donna, engaged to Gerard Demers: 1/29/71p8

Thistle, Donna, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Thistle, M&M Harold, announce a daughter: 10/23/70p2

Thistle, Wayne--Police Notes: 4/23/70p6

Thistle, William--Salem Court: 9/24/71p11

Thompson, Bernard Jr., to attend Boston U.: 6/15/73p1

Thompson, Bernard Jr.--Police Log: 6/1/73p7

Thompson, Raymond--Police News: 6/18/70p5

Thorndike, Robert W.--Hospital Notes: 1/14/72p9

Thwaites, , Charles T., died 6/11/70: 6/18/70p2

Thwaites, Roni, is on CJC Dean’s List: 12/7/73p4; 3/29/74p1

Thwaites, Roni, registers for CJC: 9/20/74p1

Tibbetts, Jamie, joins in at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p2

Tinkham, Danny, attends YMCA camp on the Lake: 9/20/74p1

Tinkham, Danny, joins in at BSA camporee: 10/11/74p2

Tinkham, David, attends YMCA camp on the Lake: 9/20/74p1

Tinkham, David, enlists in Army Reserves: 5/18/73p4

Tinkham, Virgie, is hospitalized: 12/22/72p7

Tintle, Anita (Murray), died 12/26/71: 12/31/71p1

Tintle, Anita--Police News: 10/9/69p1

Toeper, Martin Sr., died 1/?/73: 1/19/73p2

Tokanel, David, is WRC Field Day winner: 9/10/71p2

Tokanel, David, places in Field Day: 7/10/69p1

Tokanel, Donna, wins gymnast award in Nashua: 6/7/74p1\

Tokanel, John Jr.--Police Log: 11/9/73p4

Tokanel, Mrs. John Jr.--Police News: 4/28/72p4

Tokanel, Peter, receives Western Electric award: 2/23/73p9

Tole, M&M John Jr., announce a son: 7/2/71p3

Towle, M&M Wendell, announce a son: 4/9/71p8

Towne, Lisa, enjoys Co-op rice krispie squares: 11/22/74p9

Tracy, Joan, receives State flag for brother’s death: 5/18/73p9

Tracy, Joan, recuperating at home: 1/8/70p2

Tracy, Robert & Joan--letter: 7/31/70p8

Tracy, Robert S.--letter: 11/20/69p9

Tracy, Robert, selected as petit juror: 3/3/72p12

Trainor, Louis Jr.--letter: 3/31/72p4; 1/12/73p3; 7/14/73p3; 7/27/73p9; 7/27/73p9;  9/14/73p3

Travis, M&M William, announce a son: 1/11/74p4

Traynor, Dennis, weds Diane Hayes: 7/23/70p2

Traynor, Ellen M., weds Maurice Delisle: 7/14/72p1

Traynor, Louise, wins art awards: 5/22/69p1

Traynor, Mary, weds Paul Timson: 8/23/74p4

Tremblay, Mark, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Tucci, Glen--Police Log: 5/14/71p5; 6/11/71p2

Tuck, Joan C.--letter: 4/9/71p2

Tuck, Joan, appointed to Recreation Comm.: 11/6/69p1

Tuck, Joan, wins WNC Thanksgiving Basket: 11/26/71p10

Tuck, M&M Charles A. Jr., announce baby: 11/17/72p 1

Tuck, M&M Charles, announce a daughter: 9/25/69p2

Tucker, Arnold R. III, enlists in USAF: 7/16/71p1

Tucker, Jonathan, complete ROTC basic training: 8/31/73p5

Tucker, Jonathan, hikes White Mountains: 8/28/69p2

Tucker, Jonathan, wins ROTC scholarship: 12/3/71p1

Tucker, M&M Arnold, announce a son: 8/9/74p3

Tyrell, Minna, recuperating: 2/11/72p4

Uhlman, M&M Robert, announce a son: 8/7/69p1

Ulaky, Christine, graduates Presentation of Mary: 6/11/70p1

Ulisse, M&M Giulio, announce a son: 5/11/73p2

Valorose, Dave & Loretta--letter: 11/26/71p8

Valorose, David, family reunion held: 8/7/69p1

Van Doorne, Theodore, weds Shirlene McDonald: 8/6/71p7

Varnum, M&M Robert, announce a son: 8/16/74p1

Varnum, Robert--Police Log: 10/9/70p8

Vaughan, Allan--Police Log: 7/16/71p8

Vaughan, M&M Allan--letter: 8/9/74p3

Vaughan, Timothy, places in Cub Pinewood Derby: 5/4/73p10

Vaughn, Timothy A., died 7/12/74: 7/19/74pp3,5

Vivieros, Henry P., died 6/26/71: 7/2/71p1

Vivieros, Lillian, is murder suspect: 7/2/71p1

Wagner, Jannene, teaches the art of knot tying: 10/11/74p2

Wagner, Sharyl, learns the art of knot tying: 10/11/74p2

Wahner, Chipper, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Walden, George F., died 3/?/73: 3/23/73p6

Walden, George--Police News: 5/21/70p2

Waldron, Ernies, is class officer: 10/16/69p6

Waldron, Lester, is pastor in Missouri: 6/30/72p4

Waldron, Lester, to attend Evangel College: 9/10/71p8

Waldron, Lester--Police Log: 11/1/74p3

Walker, M&M Colin Jr., announce baby: 7/7/72p4

Walker, M&M Russell E., announce a son: 1/29/71p1

Walkey, John E., died 1/?/72: 1/7/72p8

Walkey, M&M Richard, announce a son: 12/29/73p1

Walkey, Richard, engaged to Sharon Smith: 12/23/71p1

Walkey, Richard--Police Log: 5/10/74p19

Wallace, Mary--letter: 12/14/73p6

Wallace, Ronald, works on OSHA project at NHC: 6/29/73p11

Wallace, Willard, joins Fire Department: 4/2/71p1

Wallace, Willard, weds Catherine Cloutier: 7/24/69p1

Walsh, Tom, returns to Army duty: 4/24/71p7

Walter, Claudia--letter: 9/14/73p9

Walter, M&M Dieter, adopt a daughter: 7/21/72p6

Wasilewski, Anna--Police Log: 9/27/74p4

Waterhouse, Ethel--Police Log: 2/15/74p4

Waterhouse, Thomas , promoted State Trooper: 7/31/69p3

Waterhouse, Thomas III, elected head of NHPA: 6/1/73p1

Waterhouse, Tom III, nails 47½-pound bass: 6/28/74p1

Waterhouse, Vincent B.--Police News: 10/9/69p1; 10/23/69p6

Watson, Dean, is Fire Chief for a day: 11/8/74p1: 12/6/74p8

Watson, M&M Doug--letter: 5/5/72p1

Watts, Marion, engaged to William Scott: 3/17/72p7

Weaver, Mary, completes Appraisal Course 101: 2/15/74p2

Weaver, Mary, is licensed realty broker: 6/22/73p6

Webber, Forrest, recuperating at home: 1/8/70p2

Webber, Herbert, attends Culinary Institute: 9/10/71p1

Webber, Herbert, graduates Culinary Institute: 6/1/73p6

Webber, Herbert, leaves for NY Culinary Institute: 9/8/72p9

Webber, June, earns Grange 25-year award: 6/15/73p8

Webber, M&M Forrest visit son in New York: 10/20/72p3

Webber, M&M Merton, celebrates 35th: 7/3/69p3

Webber, Maria cited by Library Friends: 5/26/72p1

Webber, Maria L.--letter: 11/17/72p2

Webber, Maria, wins sewing competition: 5/21/71p5

Webber, Merton, speaks to NC: 2/18/72p7

Webster, Dana (USA) is “Grubbiest Man”: 12/23/71p2

Webster, George K., died 3/?/73: 3/23/73p6

Webster, Lura, died 7/9/71: 7/16/71p7

Webster, Marsha, graduates Salem High: 6/19/69p2

Webster, Sallie (Kline), died 10/9/70: 10/15/70p3

Wecker, Charles--Police Log: 5/17/74p4

Weight, George--Police News: 5/21/70p2

Wells, Nancy--letter: 3/16/73p8

Wentworth, M&M Albert, earn racing trophies: 11/28/69p7

Werman, Carolyn A., elected to Sigma Xi office: 10/22/71p4

Werner, Janet, is Dog Officer for a day: 11/8/74p1: 12/6/74p8

Werner, Ronnie, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/22/74p3

Westbrook, Angela, enjoys Co-op activities: 2/8/74p3

Westbrook, James--Police Log: 11/8/74p2

Westbrook, Kenneth--Police News: 1/14/72p8

Westbrook, Tenley, plays Oliver Twist: 7/27/73p9

Westbrook, Tenley, to appear in a play: 7/20/73p9

Westcott, M&M Richard, announce a son: 2/5/71p4

Weston, John, is officer in newly-organized Assoc.: 8/17/73p2

Weston, Jon, announces WAA art show: 8/24/73p7

Wheeler, Chilla, confined with broken ankle: 12/18/69p4

Wheeler, Chilla--letter: 5/10/74p18

Wheeler, Fred--Police News: 3/3/72p13

Wheeler, Robert--Police News: 6/16/72p6

Whipple, M&M Ronald, announce a daughter: 11/19/71p3;  6/1/73p8

White, Karen, weds Thomas Kaull: 9/4/69p3

White, Laurel, is now a registered nurse: 9/6/74p1

White, Robert B., earns BA degree: 5/29/69p3

White, Robert, weds Doris Sonntag: 9/4/69p3

Whitney, Russell, is antique auto award winner: 6/23/72p9

Wholey, Brenda, places in Field Day: 7/10/69p1

Wickman, M&M Roger, announce a daughter: 12/29/73p1

Wickman, M&M Roger, announce baby: 4/28/72p7

Wilbur, Joyce C., heads Heart Fund drive: 4/17/70p9

Wilbur, M&M Roscoe, announce a son: 11/30/73p1

Wildes, Mrs. Raymond Jr.--letter: 8/28/70p5

Wilen, Bruce, is recuperating at home: 12/8/72p8

Wilen, M&M Bruce, announce baby: 5/28/70p6

Wilkenson, M&M John Jr., announce a son: 10/25/74p5

Wilkie, Jill E., graduates U/Wisconsin: 6/19/69p2

Wilkinson, Dawn, creates a dish in Co-op kitchen: 10/4/74p1

Williams, Gale T.--letter: 7/9/71p1

Williams, Gale, is Miss Windham: 7/9/71p1

Williams, Terry, in Teen Beauty Contest: 7/10/69p1

Williams, Theresa, to be Library page: 3/26/71p1

Wilson, Cornelius, takes Naval Air course: 7/10/70p4

Wilson, Francis, attends Bryant-McIntosh: 9/24/71p2

Wilson, Francis, honored by Bryant McIntosh College: 1/17/72p1

Wilson, Francis, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Wilson, M&M Allen, announce a son: 7/23/70p6

Wilson, M&M Allen, announce baby: 8/25/72p1

Wilson, Margaret, is June graduate (picture): 6/11/70p8

Wilson, Nancy, is class officer: 10/16/69p6

Wilson, Patrolman Thomas, attends drug seminar: 5/28/70p1

Wilton, David, Co-op grad, looks forward to GBS: 6/22/73p1

Wilton, Richard Jr.--Police Log: 7/5/74p3

Wilton, Richard--Police Log: 5/28/70p1; 7/2/71p7; 8/20/71p5; 1/11/74p2

Wilton, Rick, wins jelly bean contest: 11/5/71p1

Wilton, Robby, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Wing, M&M Joseph F., announce a son: 9/11/69p3

Winmill, Linda L., graduates UNH: 6/26/70p7

Withroder, Dale, handcuffs Co-op desperados: 11/8/74p5

Wood, Grace C.--letter: 9/27/74p7

Wood, Greg, to be Rec. Program director: 5/7/70p3

Wood, Karen, on All-Girl Hockey Team of Nashua: 4/5/74p1

Wood, Milton, receives NWWA certification: 10/15/70p1

Workman, Richard, is Windham’s first dentist: 1/11/74p1

Wyman, Rep. Louis, is Center graduation speaker: 6/29/73p1

Yeaton, Philip, honored by PTO: 6/25/71p6

Yelland, Debbie, wins radio at Christmas Ball: 2/1/74p3

Yennaco, Debbie, visits Merrimack oxen farm: 10/25/74p3

Yennaco, Francis N., celebrates 75th birthday: 1/17/72p2

Yennaco, Francis, opposes dog track: 11/5/71p1

Yennaco, M&M Douglas, announce a son: 1/6/73p6

Yesse, Judith--letter: 3/26/71p6

Young, M&M Eugene, announce baby: 11/10/72p3

Young, M&M Steven, vacation in Virginia: 9/8/72p9

Yuhas, , William--Police News: 1/14/72p8

Zahniser, Allison D., died 8/25/69: 9/4/69p7

Zannini, Kathy--letter: 4/23/70p4

Zannini, M&M Henry, announce a son: 8/14/70p2; 4/13/73p6; 6/21/74p2

Zins, Eugene P., graduates Lowell Tech Inst.: 6/11/70p1

Zins, Mark, is winner in Pinewood Derby: 4/14/72p1

Zins, Mrs. Iola, visits Canada: 9/8/72p9

Zinz, Kevin, places in Cub Pinewood Derby: 5/4/73p10