Enjoy these photographs of your library.


A wonderful photo of the Nesmith Library taken by Jacques Borcoche,

using a camera in a radio-controlled helicopter!

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The Nesmith Library

Compare the photo above, taken in 2007, to the photo below from May, 2009.  Flowers, trees, and shrubs are growing!

Flowers grace the entrance to the Library, May, 2009

The Butterfly Garden - August 2009

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December, 2010 ~ Ceiling and Lighting Replacement

August, 2009 ~ A  Moth Leconte's Haploa Moth on front door

Painting the Library - click here

Summer, 2009 ~ Painting the Library

April 2007 - More snow!


Summer, 2009 : Thanks to the Town Maintenance Department for their library repair work!


Updated 12/19/12