Summer Reading Program

Creature Teachers Present "Diggin' Critters"


Pierre the Skunk charmed everyone!!

We learned that his colors warn other animals, and that if an animal is sprayed, the scent lasts for 3 months!

Vinnie the Groundhog was adorable -- especially since he's not in your garden!

Vinnie munched on the handler's beard!


Attentive children answered almost every question correctly!

Counting the tarantula's legs.

The tarantula showed off his 8 legs!

Have you ever seen a toad this BIG??

A 75-pound tortoise named Flash

A 6-banded baby armadillo

named "Dug"


And a beautiful Red Fox


Children learned about the sleeping patterns, eating habits, and DIGGING abilities of these interesting and beautiful creatures.


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updated 07/09/13