"Pig Out on Reading"

with Farmer Minor & Daisy the Pig!

Farmer Miner talks about the World's Largest Pig with the help of Summer Intern, Miss Melissa

Lily and Dixie Cup came to the library, too.

Daisy the Pig was as small as this stuffed pig when Farmer Miner first saw her. Of course, he said, just like humans come in all different colors, Daisy was black.

Such a photogenic pig!

Farmer Miner delighted everyone by showing photos of Daisy sleeping with him and his wife Mrs. Miner, and with his other pets, 2 dogs and a cat.

Daisy knew it was time for a snack to maintain her 120-pound svelte figure.

Farmer Miner had the children take a pledge to read a lot, come to the library often, and watch less television!

Farmer Miner read a book to Daisy, Lily, Dixie Cup, and lots of children.

Here is a sample of Daisy's library cards which come from 48 states!

Daisy patiently allowed all the children - and their parents - to pet, hug, and kiss him if they wished!




It was fun to have such a famous pig visit and to hear the wonderful stories from Farmer Miner!

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updated 08/10/12