Nesmith Library Quilters

2010 - 2011 Season

~~The Nesmith Library Quilters raised an amazing $ 1,634 for the Nesmith Library !!~~

The Quilters surprised the Nesmith Library Staff with an absolutely beautiful quilt hanging made especially in their honor !!


The second season of quilting is has resulted in another stunning quilt!  It is currently on display at the Nesmith Library. Plans are already underway for next year's quilt design. Please join us!

Buy Raffle Tickets at the Library!

The quilters discus and choose a pattern for this season's quilt.

Choosing the fabric

Packaging block fabric for members to sew at home.

Cutting fabric, measuring blocks, and ironing

Reworking some blocks for proper sizing

Counting completed blocks


This Queen- sized quilt will be raffled at the Annual Strawberry Festival, on June 4. 2011 ! 

Buy your raffle tickets at the Library.  Proceeds will benefit the Nesmith Library.

Presenting....."Midnight Garden"

The stunning results !

~  Photos courtesy of Lilian Carter  ~


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updated 06/25/11