Nesmith Library Quilters

Quilt Raffle 2010!

2009 - 2010 Season

The Nesmith Quilters were revived in October, 2009, under the leadership of Susan Lenzi :

An informational / organizational meeting was held on Monday, October 19, 2009. From novices to skilled quilters, everyone was welcome!

Led by Susan Lenzi, an enthusiastic group discussed their plans:



November 2, 2009 : The Nesmith Library Quilters are well underway. They have chosen a pattern, colors, and fabrics. 

There are all levels of skills, so please join us anytime!





It's the last day of November, 2009, and so many decisions

have been made.  The design, however, is secret!

Now (March, 2010) the design can be revealed because the quilt is finiished!

It's difficult to see, but this quilter has a mouthful of pins!

Sue Lenzi keeps track of their progress.

Some of the talented Nesmith Library Quilters.

A work in progress!


Presenting....."Hopscotch Nine Patch"

The 2010 Beautiful Queen-size (84" X 93") Quilt!



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updated 12/17/10