Summer 2007

Theme for Summer 2007 :

Get LOST @ the Library – Can You “Survive” the Summer?

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In honor of the popular book Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares, a special pair of pants has been traveling around NH, gathering memories as they go.  In the book, the pants travel wherever the four best friends travel. These special pants came to the Nesmith Library on June 5th. Teen gathered to eat (!), and have fun -- as you can see:


Artistic decision-making!


Creative teens get to work.


The finished product!


A special cake !



Luau Kick-Off Party

Great Decorations

Some of the goodies

More treats

-- and more!

The crowd enjoys every bite!

One of the generous sponsors - - - Who will win the Limo Ride??

Karaoke Fun!


This beautiful cake rounded out the treats!

T-Shirt Craft



Fabulous Flip-Flops!

The unique results!



Delicious Desserts!

The ingredients are ready and waiting!

Kathleen Schader demonstrates how to make yummy treats!

Soon everyone is joining in.

More ideas!

From chilled melon sorbet to chocolate trifle, every treat was delicious!


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