Summer 2006 

Theme for for Summer of 2006:  Hooked On Teens! (HOT!)

There were two ways to participate in the Hooked On Teens! program.  One was to submit a short review for every book read during the  summer and the other was to come to teen programs offered at the library.  You could do one or the other or both.  By attending programs or reviewing books, teens earned a chance to win great prizes, including gift certificates to the movies and other fun goodies.

Participation Results for the Summer of 2006

Some of the fun events were:

 Bookclub for Teens

 Chocolate Ice Cream Taste-Off and Hooked On Teens! Sign-up

 Hemp and Button Belt Craft 

 Game Night

 Altered Books

 CD Swap

 Action/Adventure Afternoon Movie

Skin Care and Make-up Class

Yoga for Teens!

 Hooked On Teens! End of Summer Pizza Party and Prize Give-away!

The Chocolate Ice Cream Taste-Off

Teens eating ice cream

ice cream flavors

Oh that ice cream was sooooooo good!!


The yummy choices:

Taste-Off Results :

Dove Unconditional Chocolate was the favorite by far!

Shaw’s Chocolate came in second

Turkey Hill Chocolate came in third



Altered Books Workshop :


Skin Care and Make-up Class for Teens

A glowing group of young ladies enjoyed the class conducted by Mary Kay Representatives.




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