Credit Card Policy

Nesmith Library


To establish the Policy and Procedures for the use of Credit Cards by Nesmith Library personnel.

2. SCOPE .

The Nesmith Library Board of Trustees shall make all decisions regarding credit card issuance and controls.


    A. The Board of Trustees shall authorize a Nesmith Library employee for credit card use and the credit limit for that employee's card.  The Trustees shall determine any additional restrictions, if necessary.

        The Board of Trustees, or the Chairman, or the Treasurer, or the Assistant Treasurer can cancel or suspend an employee's card.

    B. The credit card is only to be used by the Nesmith Library employee named on the card.  Other individuals, including other Nesmith Library personnel, are not authorized to use another employee's card.  The employee is responsible for the security of the credit card and for the confidentiality of the credit card number, expiration date, etc.

    C. The credit card is to be used for Nesmith Library purchases only.  Cash advances through Bank Tellers or Automated Teller Machines are prohibited.  Travelers' Checks and money order purchases are also prohibited.

        The credit card is not to be used for personal purchases or expenses of any kind.  Use of the credit card for personal purchases or expenses with the intention of reimbursing Nesmith Library is prohibited.

    D. Misuse of a Nesmith Library credit card by an employee may result in loss of credit card use and/or disciplinary action against the employee, up to and including termination of employment.


    A. Each time a credit card is used, an approved invoice or purchase order, and the customer copy of the charge slip are to be submitted to the Library Administrative and Financial Assistant for payment processing.  The credit card holder must submit this documentation in a timely manner, before the billing statement from the bank arrives at the Nesmith Library with this credit card transaction.

    B.  It is the responsibility of the credit card holder to notify the Bank immediately if the credit card is lost, stolen, or fraudulently used.  The Library Directory and the Chairman, or the Treasurer, or the Assistant Treasurer should also be notified.