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Nesmith Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes


Nesmith Library Mission Statement:

The mission of the Nesmith Library is to provide access to informational, educational, cultural, and recreational library materials and services in a variety of formats and technologies; to be responsive to the public library needs of the community; and to support the principle of intellectual freedom as a foundation of a free society.
Adopted November 13, 2001


Nesmith Library Policies

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Multipurpose Meeting Room Policy

The Multipurpose Room in the Nesmith Library was designed to serve a variety of functions. Primary among these is to facilitate the activities and programs of the Library and its volunteer arm, the Friends of the Library of Windham. The room will also be available for general public use, when available, subject to the following policies:

The Nesmith Library makes the Multipurpose Room available to Windham governmental departments and Windham non-profit organizations and Windham community groups and Windham clubs which are engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual and/or charitable activities. The Multipurpose Room is not available for private gatherings, money-raising activities, commercial purpose or the benefit of private individuals. Any program held in the room must be free of charge and open to the public.

Meetings must not be of a nature which would interrupt the normal functioning of the Library.

Only four (4) meetings may be scheduled during a calendar year for any group or organization.

With the exception of the Friends of the Library, no organization using the Multipurpose Room may use the name of the Library or its address as its official address. Written approval must be sought from the Library Director for the use of the Nesmith Library as a sponsor or co-sponsor of any program. Allowing a program to be held in the facility implies no endorsement by the Library for the activity or the organization sponsoring it.

The Multipurpose Room is available during library hours and after-hours use when it is not needed for library related purposes. The Multipurpose Room is not available Sundays. It is accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. Library programs shall always take precedence over other uses; however, all reasonable efforts will be made to avoid canceling any groups previously scheduled. Due to the demands on the Multipurpose Room, the library cannot accommodate regular weekly or monthly meetings of any group, other than those directly related to the Nesmith Library. The Multipurpose Room is available for occasional meetings by any group (as described in the second paragraph of this policy), and may be used for a series of educational programs if approved by the Library Director or his/her designee.

The Library agrees that the premises shall be supplied with customary heat, lights, and electricity. Any unusual electrical requirements require special permission of the Library. Further, the Library will make available, to the extend available, tables and chairs which it has.

A written request must be made for the use of the Multipurpose Room at least two (2) business days prior to the intended use. The Library Director or his/her designee may waive the two (2) days prior request. The sponsor of any program should immediately notify the Library of a cancellation. The sponsor, or an acceptable delegate, requesting use of the Multipurpose Room shall read and sign the Appropriate Use form acknowledging that the group will abide by all the rules for use of the Multipurpose Room. The sponsor or an acceptable delegate must be present before access to the room is allowed, and must be there during the entirety of the program.

The User shall be responsible for obtaining any local permits required to conduct its events.

Smoking and the use of alcohol or drugs are prohibited in the library and the Multipurpose Room.

Food and non-alcoholic drinks may be served in the Multipurpose Room. The kitchen facilities are available to all users of the Multipurpose Room. The group sponsoring the program is responsible for restoring the kitchen to its previous condition. The group is responsible for set-up and breakdown of furniture in the Multipurpose Room, as well as clean-up.

Financial responsibility for any damages to the Multipurpose Room, its furnishings and equipment as well as personal injury to any person in attendance will rest solely on the sponsor of the program.

Financial responsibility for any damages to the Multipurpose Room, its furnishings and equipment as well as personal injury to any person in attendance will rest solely on the sponsor of the program.

No property of the User shall be stored or kept on the premises without separate written permission of the Library. The Library assumes no obligation with respect to the property of the User left with or without permission.

For statistical purposes, the sponsor of the program shall provide the Library with the number of persons in attendance.



REVISED May 11, 1999

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Nesmith Library Public Internet Access and Appropriate Use Policy

The Nesmith Library offers direct, unfiltered access to the Internet, as part of its commitment to public access to information and provision of electronic resources to its patrons, and in keeping with its collection development policies and with the American Library Association's Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights. Patrons under 18 years of age need parental permission to access the Internet in the Library. Filtering software is not highly effective and blocks out much material of a legitimate reference nature, and therefore is not employed by the Library.

Disclaimer: The Nesmith Library Board of Trustees and its staff do not control the Internet. It is a global entity. Available information can be inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date. Some materials may be controversial or undesirable, depending upon the user's beliefs. The Library is not responsible for Internet content, nor can the Library censor access or protect the user from offensive information. The user may not always be able to reach desired destination sites for a variety of reasons. The user is responsible for using the Internet for appropriate educational and recreational purposes. Parents are responsible for supervision of their children's activities in the Library, including Internet use. Parents are encouraged to help their children in the selection of appropriate sites and materials. The user is required to obey all applicable federal, state and local laws governing copyright, licensing and content restrictions. The Library reserves the right to restrict or terminate the user's Internet privileges for abuse of the conditions listed in this policy. Final decision regarding appropriate use rests with the Library Director and the Board of Trustees.

1. To access the Internet, the user must sign in at the circulation desk and present a valid Library card or picture identification.

2. Access to the Internet may be reserved in advance. Unreserved time may be used on a walk-in basis. Library scheduled use of the equipment will take precedence over individual use. Short-term Internet access computer(s) will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis in 15-minute increments.

3. In keeping with its mission, the Library provides Internet access for educational, cultural, informational, and recreational purposes. The Library does not provide E-mail accounts.

4. The user assumes fiscal and legal responsibility for all activity that occurs during his/her Internet session. Any material ordered must be charged to the user's credit card. The Library is not responsible for any payments of materials ordered by the user.

5. The user must use only legal versions of copyrighted software and copyrighted downloaded information. Use of the Library's Internet service as a base for operating a commercial enterprise or for illegal activity is not allowed.

6. The user must not engage in any activity which can cause harm to the equipment or data stored in it, or other computers connected to it, such as loading viruses, deleting files, etc.

7. The user is not permitted to download information onto computer hard drives without permission of Library staff. The Library staff will regularly delete files stored on the hard drive. Information can be downloaded on a clean, formatted 3.5 inch floppy disk. Disks are available at the circulation desk for a nominal fee. The Library cannot insure protection from viruses on the computer nor is the Library responsible for loss of data, or damage caused by any virus picked up on the Library's computers.

8. Searching for information on the public computers is primarily the responsibility of the user, however, when time permits, the reference staff will make every effort to instruct users on basic access to and searching of the Internet for a specific request.

9. Access to the Internet is available one-half (1/2) hour from the Library's daily start time up to one-half (1/2) hour before closing time.

10. We strive to protect the First Amendment rights of our patrons, and their individual rights of privacy. However, as Internet workstations are located in public areas, images on the screen and paper printouts of those images may be visible to a wide audience. Internet users should respect the rights and sensitivities of others, which is consistent with the Library's general rules of conduct.

11. Failure to use the Internet stations appropriately and responsibly may result in the revocation of Internet use privileges.

Revised: March, 1998; October, 1999; May 2002
Adopted on this 14th day of May, 2002 by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees.

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Policy on Unattended Children

The Library is intended to be a place where children are welcomed. They are encouraged to read, to explore various electronic formats, to attend programs and to make full use of the library resources.

For the safety of minor children, and the enjoyment of all patrons using the library, the library has developed and follows a specific policy regarding unattended children. If you have questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to ask staff to explain.

1. All children, under the age of ten, shall at all times be attended and adequately supervised by an adult.

2. Children, age ten to fourteen, may be left unattended no more than one hour. The person responsible for the child must leave a telephone number with the child, where they may be contacted or the name and telephone number of another responsible person who can transport the child home if necessary.

3. Parents are responsible for the behavior of all minor children at all times, even if they are not in the library with the child. Library staff do not serve in loco parentis. If a child's behavior is not appropriate for the library, and he/she does not respond to appropriate guidance by library staff, the parent will be contacted to remove the child from the library. If the parent cannot be reached, and the child's behavior is deemed dangerous or unduly disruptive, the police will be called.

4. A parent or other designated adult must stay in the library during preschool story times. A parent or other designated adult must bring the child into the story hour room to sign in the child at the start of story hour and to sign the child out at the end of the hour. No child will be able to leave the story hour room without the parent or designated adult.

5. If a child is left at the library without a way home at closing time, library staff will call the child's home. The police will then be called to bring the child to the station to await pick up.

6. Parents are reminded that under the appropriate circumstances, the following State Laws may apply:

RSA 169-B:41-43 Intentional Contribution to Delinquency (of a minor);

RSA 169-B:45 Parental Responsibility for Vandalism by minors;

RSA 169-C:3 (1) and 3(XIX) Neglect of Children through Abandonment.

7. As used in this policy, the term "parent" may include legal guardians, or other persons having custody or control of a minor.

Adopted by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees 1/12/99

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Nesmith Library Borrowing Privileges



All residents of the Town of Windham are encouraged to use the Nesmith Library.


Any person wishing to borrow materials from the Nesmith Library must register to borrow and will be assigned a library card. Persons who register to borrow must supply the Library staff with the information requested on the application for registration. Children may register for a library card when they reach five years of age.


Persons who register to borrow and accept the library card issued to them have agreed to abide by the rules, regulations, and all applicable policies approved by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees and administered by the Library staff.


It is the policy of the Nesmith Library not to reveal the borrowing records, reserve or fine records to any person other than the owner of the library card to which they are assigned. The library recognizes that library user records are protected and confidential by New Hampshire law. (RSA 201-D:11)



*                    Resident Borrowing Privileges


A. Eligibility. Residents are defined as persons who own property and pay taxes on property in Windham, NH. Those residents whose primary residence is outside of Windham will be required to supply the library with a permanent mailing address. Persons who do not own property will be considered residents if they have a valid Windham residence and will maintain their residence for a period longer than two months.


Residents may obtain a library card without charge with proof of Windham residency.



B.  Duration. Cards are re-validated every three years.


C.  Loan Periods and Limitations. Non-reference books, magazines, computer software, and audio/visual materials circulate for a period of two weeks and are renewable twice provided no one has requested the material. Loan periods of other materials may vary. Borrowing limits on numbers of items may apply on some materials. Interlibrary loan allows users to request materials outside our collection. Since interlibrary loan involves other libraries with their own policies and procedures, privileges are available to users in good standing. If interlibrary loan rules are not followed user privileges may be suspended at the discretion of the library director. Charges may apply for this service. Interlibrary loan periods vary.



D.   Fines and Payment of Services. Overdue fines are set at $.05 per item per day with the exception of museum passes and interlibrary loans, which are $1.00 per item per day.


The maximum fine per user will not exceed $10.00. Individuals who either have overdue library materials or owe more than $5.00 in fine money may be denied borrowing privileges.


Cost for replacing a library card for the first time is $1.00. Any subsequent replacements will be $5.00.


The Library reserves the right to charge for services such as photocopying and printing from the computers, or for lost or damaged materials. A fee schedule for replacement costs is available upon request.



*                    Non-resident Borrowing Privileges


The Nesmith Library exists to serve the residents of the town of Windham, NH as a locally tax supported public library. The Board of Trustees and the staff acknowledge that non-residents may wish to avail themselves of the services offered by the Nesmith Library. The following prescribe the conditions for non-resident use of the Nesmith Library materials and services.


A.  Eligibility. Non-residents are defined as those persons who do not own property in Windham, do not have a valid Windham mailing address, and/or rent property in Windham for a duration of less than two months a year.


B.  Duration. Cards are re-validated annually.


C.  Loan Periods and Limitations. See Section I, C.


D.   Fines and Payment of Services.

A non-resident borrower's card fee is $75.00 and expires after one year. Annual renewal cost is $75.00.


See Section I, D.



*                    Non-resident Town Employees Courtesy Cards


Non-resident Town Employees may apply for free courtesy cards. Applicants will be asked to show proof of employment by the Town of Windham. This card entitles non-resident town employees to all the privileges and services of a regular borrower's card. Non-resident Town Employees cards are re-validated annually.



Non-resident Town Employees are defined as anyone who is employed by the Town of Windham, including the Nesmith Library, the Windham Administrative and Government Offices, Cable 51 Station, the Transfer Station, the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Planning and Development Department, and the Public Schools and not residing in Windham.



*                    Corporate Card Policy


Anyone owning a business in the Town of Windham, NH is eligible for a free corporate library card. Business owners are defined as persons who own a business and pay taxes to the Town of Windham, NH. This card entitles the business owner to all the privileges and services of a regular borrower's card.


The business owner may, in writing, designate representatives to be responsible for using the card to obtain needed materials. The owner will be held fully responsible for any problems associated with the corporate card's borrowing privileges. This card is not otherwise transferable.



V.  Changes.


All fees and borrowing times and limits are subject to review and/or change by the Library Board of Trustees, as they deem necessary.



Adopted this 14th day of August, 2001 by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees.

Revised April 9, 2002

Revised June 9, 2009





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