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Nesmith Library Board of Trustees

Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Present:  Trustees – Peter Peter Tousignant( Chairman), Mark Branoff (Assistant Treasurer), Karen Marcil (Treasurer), Patricia Barstow (Vice Chairperson), Tara Picciano (Recording Secretary), Anne-Marie O’Neil, Cathy Robertson-Souter (Corresponding Secretary)

Director – Carl Heidenblad

Assistant Directors – Diane Mayr, Lois Freeston,

Youth Services Librarian-- Sylvie Brikiatis

F.L.O.W. – Mai Wong (Children’s Programs)


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm. Chairman Peter Tousignant read the Mission Statement. The minutes from the April 9 meeting were accepted as written.


Introductions were made around the table.

Reports and Housekeeping:


            Treasurer’s Report:  Our budget is on track.  Mrs. Cathy Robertson-Souter asked a question regarding the expenditures in terms of percentages (percentage of line item annual budget spent versus percentage of year elapsed). A budget clarification from Mrs. Karen Marcil and Mr. Carl Heidenblad was given.  Mrs. Patricia Barstow asked a question regarding percentages that are in their 70s?  Mr. Heidenblad clarified the expenditures were regarding switchover to a new computer system, mostly hardware, new boards etc.. and also payments due for magazine and periodical subscriptions.  It was also noted that maintenance expenditures were below budget.  As shown in the updated bottom section of the monthly financial report, as of 12/31/12 the library remains in compliance with RSA 32:7


Director’s Report:

·    Carl introduced Sylvie Brikiatis the Youth Services Librarian who will be doing a presentation about what she does for the library.

·    ($159,371.00) Will be ready to have an extensive CIP discussion/rough draft at the next meeting or email if it can be expedited. Would like to add a contingency fee/factor of 10% to 2 items are that are petroleum based. It is ready to be presented to the Selectmen and Carl would like to present it with a Trustee.

·    The library is digitizing and fully indexing the Windham Independent. The years 1969-1989 have been sent out for digitizing.

·    28th May Concert at Library, The Honey Dew Drops 7pm.


F.L.O.W. Report:

·    Volunteers can sign up online to work at the Strawberry Festival. Go to


·    Looking into having/planning a Halloween party the weekend before 10/31/13 at the Library


·    F.L.O.W. held a very successful fundraising event at the library in March consisting of a family entertainment day and a book fair.  As a result, the stock of used books was appropriately depleted and F.L.O.W. is replenishing that stock for the Strawberry Festival book sale. F.L.O.W. very much appreciates being able to presort donations in the small study room on the main floor, so that unsellable items do not have to be carried upstairs and then directly back down for disposal.

·    The May/June Book Sale preview will take place at library and then will be moved to high school for the day of the Strawberry Festival. This was a very successful strategy last year.

·    F.L.O.W. presented two very successful adult programs recently, featuring performers Nanette Perotte and Paul Carroll. A floral arranging workshop with Dianne Howes will be coming up next. Presenters fees have gone up a bit from last year but, so far, F.L.O.W. remains committed to offering programs for free to the public.


Youth Services Librarian Presentation by Sylvie Brikiatis:

Sylvie’s primary focus has been engaging teenagers to use the library by developing relationships with the Windham Middle School and High School through the Media Specialists.  She actively promotes what is going on at the Library. Sylvie was a part of the selection committee for the Windham School District Summer Reading Program and helped create the list, coordinating with Nesmith Library resources to make sure there would also be enough copies made available. 

She is currently trying to get a WHS summer reading group here at the library for July and August. Sylvie will also be speaking directly to students at the schools to promote the services and resources available to them over the summer including her time and expertise. In addition to that she is also working with Special Education teachers to create a book club. She created the current TEEN ZONE website and maintains the popular/most liked lists for boys and girls. She maintains a Social Media presence through Facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. She also is able to reach out to WHS students through their Service programs.  The Teen Video Challenge sponsored by the Collaborative Summer Learning Program in conjunction with the library service program produced a Windham High School Student Winner. There are more ideas springing from her wealth of energetic ideas including a library club, tag group, crafts, fall programming, reading café, various art contests, STEM programming,  home school resources and hopefully in the fall sign up teachers for library cards and college planning for parents!



Chairman Peter Tousignant made a suggestion about measuring the effectiveness of the programs Sylvie Brikiatis keeps applications and monthly participation records.


Correspondence: No Correspondence


Unfinished Business: The Formation of Committees are as follows:


            Endowment: Patricia Chair, Mark, Tara


            Personnel Committee:  elected~ Karen, Patricia, Anne Marie were presented as a Slate vote by Peter, carried by a unanimous vote.


Marketing Committee:  Tara Chair, Cathy, Peter .


            Technology Committee:  Ann-Marie Chair, Peter, Cathy, Lois, Sylvie, Diane Mayr,


Stawberry  Festival

Schedule and responsibilities :

5  Trustees and Carl are at the grilling station from 2-4 pm. Please wear your shirts and communicate by email if you have questions. Additionally one or two trustees will be needed to assist at the library staff table.



Mark would like the Strategic Plan to be current.

Patricia would like to go ahead with the Strategic Plan review as originally scheduled for the June Meeting.

Tara will get together with Cathy regarding her Board duties and responsibilities.


Anne-Marie made the motion to approve the second Tues of every month fully.

The Meeting schedule for the year was approved unanimously.



Reminder: NHLTA Conference: Monday, May 20, 2013, 8 am to 3:30 pm.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:17pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Tara Picciano

Draft subject to approval