Nesmith Library Board of Trustees

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Present:  Trustees Mark Branoff (Chairman), Norman Boutillette (Treasurer), Patricia Barstow (Recording Secretary), Karen Marcil (Corresponding Secretary)

Director – Carl Heidenblad

Assistant Directors Lois Freeston, Diane Mayr

FLOW – Robin Krane – Book Fair Coordinator

Others: Tara Picciano – Candidate for Library Trustee

Excused:  Trustees – Carolyn Webber (Vice-Chairman), Peter Tousignant, Mary Lee Underhill (Assistant Treasurer)


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm. The minutes from the January 10, 2012 meeting were accepted as written.


Correspondence: There was no new correspondence this month.



            Treasurer’s Report:  Most line items on the treasurer’s report will show zeros until March because the library has no budget until after the town election. Spending, however, is on schedule. The end of year report for 2011 was presented and spending for the year was at 95% of the operating budget.


Director’s Report: The 13,857 items lent in January was lower than in the previous year but being closed for an extra day this year would account for several hundred items. There was a spurt in new registrations with 60 new cards being issued in January, and we had more Sunday visits in January than in January 2011.


GMILCS Report: 

FLOW Report: Robin Krane presented a flyer for the upcoming Book Fair and Mini-golf Tournament. There was a slow start to book donations last fall but heavy advertising has filled the storage area. FLOW is now focused on the Book Fairs (March and June) and Strawberry Festival. The FLOW banquet will be held on March 9th and guests, in addition to enjoying a catered meal, will be able to play mini-golf. After sorting donated books for two years, Robin decided to jump in as Chair of the Book Fair this year and reports that it’s a lot of fun getting people to read, especially kids. She says that, with the exception of two people, the FLOW Board is entirely new this year; they have a lot of energy and are having a lot of fun.


Robin asked how FLOW could help promote GMILCS and Carl would like to see some promotion at the mini-golf stations in March.


This year the Book Fair will be held at the library throughout the week and will be moved to the high school for Saturday. This will make it even more important to emphasize the connection between the library and the Strawberry Festival. The Strategic Planning Committee and FLOW representatives should brainstorm about the library’s presence at the festival.


Unfinished Business:

Marketing Nesmith Library:

No new reports.


Energy Audit:

Patricia updated the Board on the status of the energy audit. Neelima Gogumalla of the Local Energy Committee is negotiating a price for audits of four town buildings, including the library, and still hopes to have the library’s audit performed in February.


Neelima mentioned noticing a solar wall at Sanborn High School which she learned will replace the entire heating system for the 220K sq ft building. She thinks this could be a possibility for the library, among other town facilities in Windham. Further information on this solar wall can be found at


New Business:

Strategic Planning Committee Report:  Since their December 7 meeting, Strategic Planning Committee members have sent out the Strategic Plan for internal review by staff members and our marketing liaison; have assimilated all of those comments into the plan; and have been working together via email to finalize the plan. The plan was presented to the full Board this evening for discussion and approval.


Norman laid the groundwork for his two proposed motions by bringing up a few important points about the Strategic Plan. He emphasized that the plan is designed to be an instrument that will evolve with the library and that the evaluation instrument included within it will ensure this. He stressed the need to start this evaluation process this June and feels it would really help if someone on the Board were assigned to record relevant information at every meeting (to keep us from forgetting things and keep us conscious of what this is about). Furthermore, this will make the evaluation go much more smoothly and quickly in June. Discussion of who this person should be can be continued next month after people have given it thought.


A motion was made by Norman and was seconded that we accept the Strategic Plan for the Nesmith Library as presented by the Strategic Planning Committee. The motion passed unanimously.


A motion was made by Norman and was seconded that we assign a Board member who is charged with filling out the Evidence of Progress and Steps 2, 3, and 4 of the Strategic Plan Evaluation Process (as presented in Appendix A of the Strategic Plan) as they occur and/or as they are reported upon at regular Board meetings. The motion passed unanimously.


Non-Public Session:

A motion was made to enter non-public session to discuss the Sunday Associate position. Voting was as follows:


Karen Marcil – yes

Norman Boutillette – yes

Mark Branoff – yes

Patricia Barstow – yes


The Trustees voted to hire Sarah Williams as a Sunday Associate at pay grade 9, step 1.

A motion was made to exit non-public session. Voting was as follows:


Karen Marcil – yes

Norman Boutillette – yes

Mark Branoff – yes

Patricia Barstow – yes



Trustees’ Meeting: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 7:00 pm. Note that this meeting will occur on the third Tuesday of the month due to town elections on the second Tuesday.

Technology Day/Night: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 2:00 p.m. and 6:30 pm, Nesmith Library. Several items will be covered, including the GMILCS catalog and some of its features, our web page, e-books, and new things happening in the e-book world.

F.L.O.W. Banquet:  Friday, March 9, 2012, 6:30 p.m., Nesmith Library.

F.L.O.W. Indoor Mini-golf and Winter Book Fair:  Saturday, March 10, 2012, Nesmith Library

Town Election: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm, Windham High School.

2012 NHLTA Annual Spring Conference: Bedford, NH, Monday, May 21, 2012.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Barstow

Draft subject to approval