Nesmith Library Board of Trustees

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Present:  Trustees Mark Branoff (Chairman), Carolyn Webber (Vice-Chairman), Norman Boutillette (Treasurer), Mary Lee Underhill (Assistant Treasurer), Patricia Barstow (Recording Secretary), Karen Marcil (Corresponding Secretary), Peter Tousignant

Director Carl Heidenblad

Assistant Directors Diane Mayr

Guests Stacey Bruzzese, owner of Final Details Marketing and Design

Excused:  Assistant Directors Lois Freeston


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Stacey Bruzzuse spoke with the Trustees until 8:02 pm; the regular Board meeting began at that time.


Minutes:  The minutes from the October 11, 2011 meeting were accepted as written.


Correspondence: Thank you notes have been sent to FLOW and Sally D’Angelo for the roles they played in bringing about the office renovation.



            Treasurer’s Report:  Spending is on track with 79% of the budget spent as 83.33% of the year has elapsed.


Director’s Report: Carl referred Trustees to his written report for circulation statistics. He reports that the library is receiving applications for the open Young Adult Librarian and Sunday Associate positions.


FLOW filled all of their open positions at their last meeting. Pam Skwiot is the new president; Michelle Stith and Laura Bellavia will chair the Strawberry Festival.


 GMILCS Report:  The GMILCS project is progressing quite well even though the transition is fairly demanding on the staff. Staff members have performed all of their normal tasks plus a lot of extra work, and have done it all really well. They have been marvelous about jumping in to help. Diane and Terrie, both very strong technologically, attended a GMILCS technology-focused meeting on October 26. The Nesmith Library’s profile has been established in the Polaris system and the system now awaits input of bibliographic and customer data. The transition is on track despite the 1.5 days missed because of the storm.


The next target date in the transition process is November 14. This is when the training server will be available to us. Carl would like to conduct intensive staff training on November 18, December 2, and December 9 and would like the library to remain closed until 12:30 pm on those days to enable the staff to focus on training.


A motion was made by Mary Lee Underhill and was seconded that the library open at 12:30 pm on November 18, December 2, and December 9 to allow for staff training on GMILCS on those mornings. The motion passed unanimously.


Carl is very comfortable with our target GMILCS debut date in January and seeks the assistance of the Board in planning the announcement of this new library service. He would also like to investigate having Stacey Bruzzese of Final Details Marketing and Design assist with advertising.


A motion was made by Peter Tousignant and was seconded that the library explore engaging Final Details Marketing and Design to develop a marketing plan for the launch of GMILCS. The motion passed unanimously.


Carl will ask Marilyn Borgendale of GMILCS to start billing us now for start-up costs and to bill us quarterly for eight quarters.


Strategic Planning Committee Report:  The approved minutes of the September 26, 2011 Strategic Planning Committee were presented to the Board.


Before the next Strategic Planning Committee meeting, committee members are to review the goals and objectives that we have written. They also need to read the article “Transforming Our Image Through Words That Work” by Valerie Gross, CEO, Howard County Library System, Maryland. This article was distributed to Board members by Diane Mayr. Diane, Terrie, and Lois attended a workshop entitled “Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand,” which was conducted by Ms. Gross at this fall’s NH Library Association Meeting.


Unfinished Business:


Inter-Library Loan Van:

Mark presented to the Board the letter he mailed to Michael York, NH State Librarian, in favor of continuing the ILL van service to the fullest extent possible. The ILL van service will never be restored to what it originally was since the NH State Library has had to eliminate staff positions, including some van drivers, due to budgetary restrictions.


New Business:


Marketing the Nesmith Library:

Stacey Bruzzese, owner of Final Details Marketing and Design, who works with small business owners and non-profit and civic organizations, discussed promotional strategies with the Trustees.



Trustees’ Meeting: The next regular Trustees’ meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 beginning at 7:00 pm.


Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: The next meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee will take place on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:08 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Barstow

Draft subject to approval