Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Present:  TRUSTEES--Mark Branoff, Norman Boutillette, Carolyn Webber, Mary Lee Underhill,  Patricia Barstow DIRECTORS--Carl Heidenblad, Lois Freeston, Diane Mayr

Excused:  Anne Marie O’Neil.



Since the Board was without a chairman (given the terms for Chris Monterio and Joan Griffin expired) Mary Lee made the MOTION

                   THAT Mark Branoff  serve as Chairman pro tempore  for the     meeting.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.



Mark meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Patricia Barstow was introduced as a newly-elected Trustee.  Patricia was elected to both the two-year and the three-year terms.  She gave the Board a copy of her letter to the  Selectmen in which she informed them of her choice to decline the two-year term and accept the three-year term.  Norman and Mary Lee were re-elected for three-year terms.


MINUTES:  The minutes were accepted  with the following amendment on page two:

          That Norman Boutilette’s name be added to those who were polled to both ENTER and EXIT the non-public session.



          FINANCE:  Mark reported that   24% of the budget was spent at the end of the fist quarter (25% of the year).


          DIRECTOR:  Carl reported that:

          Technology:  The Follett Software automated upgrade was completed

          and the staff are being trained on the changes.

          Carl made a power-point presentation explaining the new Webpage and its convenient access for the patrons.  The catalog includes Destiny Quest which gives information on availability, content and author notes including the “TOP 10 BOOKS”,”RESOURCE LISTS”, and “NEW ARRIVALS”.  Patrons can check their own accounts:  books borrowed, date due, etc. and renew or hold items.

          There was discussion regarding an information sheet to assist users and the possibility of a demonstration at the Strawberry Festival.

          Building:  Carl displayed a proposed layout for the space allocation for the 16 staff who work in the technical area.  He is planning to “free up” the Director’s Office.

          Statistics:  Circulation for the first quarter of 2010 was almost 3% higher than last year.  Total registrations are fewer due to the removal of accounts that have expired or have been inactive. The Internet  continues to have heavy usage.
In March 17,502 items were loaned; 843 used the Internet; there were 6,781 visitors (488 on Sundays).

          The “Big Read” The NH Library Program recommending the reading and discussion of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRG was not well attended, but interest and loans were high!




          ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR 2010-2011

          There was consensus that  nominations be made for a full slate of officers and one ballot be cast by the secretary.

          Nominations were made and seconded for the following:\

                   Chairman                      Mark Branoff

                   Vice-chairman               Carolyn Webber

                   Treasurer                      Norman Boutillette

                   Assistant Treasurer      Mary Lee Underhill

                   Secretary                       Patricia Barstow

                   Corresponding sec’y     Anne-Marie O’Neil

                                                           (pending her acceptance)


          The Secretary cast one ballot.  All members agreed to the slate.

          The PERSONNEL COMMITTEE will consist of

          Carolyn Webber, Patricia Barstow and Mary Lee Underhill.


          The FINANCE COMMITTEE  will consist of Norman Boutillette,

          Mary Lee, and Carl.


          TRUSTEE VACANCY:  There is still a 2-year vacancy on the Board.

          The members discussed possible candidates and will invite any to the next meeting.


          NEW POLICY:   The staff realized the need for a policy to guide the borrowing of Library equipment.  A proposed policy was distributed which includes an agreement form  for the borrower.  A vote for adoption of this Equipment borrowing Policy will be made next month.


          OTHER:    There was discussion about  the ANNUAL APPRECIATION DINNER FOR STAFF as well as a social for the out-going trustees.  Discussion will continue in May.



          The Volunteer Appreciation will be held Thursday, April 14 from 2 to 4 p.m.

          The NHLTA Conference will be at the Sheraton in Portsmouth on May 3rd from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

          Next Trustee Meeting:  Tuesday, May 11 at 7 p.m.

          Strawberry Festival, Saturday, June 5.


          The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Lee Underhill

Draft subject to approval