Tuesday, March 4, 2008



Present:  Joan Griffin, Chairman; Mary Lee Underhill, Vice-Chairman; Mark Branoff, Assistant Treasurer; Chris Monterio, Treasurer; J. Gross; Pat Skinner, Corresponding Secretary; Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary; Carl Heidenblad, Director; Lois Freeston, Assistant Director; Diane Mayr, Assistant Director.


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Joan Griffin, Chairman, at 7:10 p.m.

Minutes: The minutes of the January 8, 2008 meeting were approved.


Correspondence: None


Financial—There is no report from the Town YTD as of yet. We closed out the 2007 year at 98% of  the budget.

 Director’s-- Carl presented his monthly report for January 2008.


·        Circulation-- As of the end of January 15,555 items had been loaned, a slight increase from the previous January.  I am always pleased to see a month where we lend more than 15,000 items.  January 2008 was a brisk month and as of 2-26-08 we had lent about 13,700 items, so it looks possible that circulation will meet that 15,000 item mark in February.  In 2007, we had 6 months with 15,000 items or greater circulation.  In 2006 and 2005 we had only 3 months that exceeded 15,000 items, and only one in 2004.   Additionally, both September and November 2007 exceeded 14,500 circulations. 

·        Registration--    There were 40 new registrations in January.

·        Internet uses--  651 uses in January. 

·        People Counter--  6374 visits were counted in January, an increase of 14% from the previous January.

·        Sunday usage--   January 2008 was very similar to January 2007—389 patrons.

·        Statistics—For January our collection size totaled 80171; Volunteer hours were 79.4.


Building and property maintenance. 


·     Shelving--Ordered from Tucker Library interiors.  We will add two pieces of shelving within the children’s library.  Tuckers quote includes OPAC stands.  The quote also includes slat wall display end panels for the adult area.  Children’s shelves would cost $3588.  OPAC stands would cost $1378.  End panels for the adult section would cost $5621.  F.L.O.W. will assist us with this.


·        Office reorganization –With the interior book drop removed, we have an opportunity to re-do the technical services “bullpen” area.  I would like to see if we could consult with a designer or space consultant to improve this area.

·        Food for Fines—Carl requested that the Board adopt this popular effort between the dates of March 10-March 22nd  2008. Mary Lee Underhill moved that we adopt Carl’s recommendation. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.


Unfinished Business

·        Election of Trustees—Since the March ballot was printed showing an opening for our three-year term it is recommended that Anne Marie O’Neal be written in for that slot. We will circulate a bulletin asking voters to write her in.

·        Articles for the monthly Windham Independent—Wendy Keller is heading up this marketing effort. She is looking for Trustees, Staff, F.L.O.W. members and patrons to submit material. Specific articles we discussed were “ Where we are on the Library Expansion”, “Financial Research at Nesmith”, “ Why our Collection is Unique”, “How New Books and Media are Chosen”, “A Refresher of Our On-Line Data Bases”. She will send a specific note to all interested contributors—the articles are greatly appreciated.

·        Volunteer Policy—Carl presented the revised policy. The Board will receive a copy of the original plan and the revision via U.S. mail so that we can vote at the March meeting.


New Business

·     Windham Endowment—Joan welcomed Diane Carpenter, Sharon Scannell and Travis Blais to provide  a time-line  of the endowment since its formation, an update on their current capital campaign and how the Board can work with the Endowment on a future capital campaign including the Library Expansion.

·     Library Expansion—We discussed the status of our building expansion  project. We are looking forward to a completion date of 2011 and it is our intent to place this item as a warrant on the town ballot in 2009.  Chris Monterio and Carl Heidenblad agreed to revise our timeline to reflect these dates. In addition we are still in need of a Chairman for this committee.

·     Non-Public Session:  A motion was made by Pat Skinner that the trustees move to a non-public session under RSA 91-A:3. The motion was seconded. Joan Griffin polled the trustees—all were in favor. A motion was made by Wendy Keller to exit the non-public session. Joan Griffin polled the trustees—all were in favor.



·  Trustees’ Meeting—Tuesday, March 18th at 7 p.m.

·  Reception for Pat Skinner, Saturday March 9th at 2:00 p.m. The public has been invited to attend.


ADJOURNED:  The meeting adjourned at 10:05 pm



Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary

Draft Subject to Approval