Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Present: Mary Lee Underhill, Chairman; Pat Skinner, Corresponding Secretary; Chris Monterio, Treasurer; Joan Griffin, Vice-Chairman; Mark Branoff, Assistant Treasurer; Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary; Lisa Thornton, Member; Carl Heidenblad, Director; Diane Mayr and Lois Freeston, Assistant Directors.


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Mary Lee Underhill, Chairman, at 7:18 p.m.

Minutes: The minutes for the November 14 meeting were approved as amended (with further clarification of the copier agreement and a description of the calendar).

Correspondence: Mary Lee Underhill received a thank-you note from Wendy Keller thanking Carl and the Board of Trustees for the Dedication Ceremony in memory of Paul Keller, former trustee.



Financial:  Treasurer Chris Monterio reported that through the end of November, 92% of the year has elapsed and 87% of the budget has been spent.

Director:  Carl presented his monthly report for December 2006

Circulation:  November circulation was 14,341.  This is an 11% increase from the previous November! And total lending for the year through the end of November is 163,467, greater than last year’s TOTAL lending.

Registration: At the end of November we were showing 8675 registered cardholders; 646 new registrations since the beginning of the year.

Statistics: Statistics for November showed there were 5847 visits to the library, 544 internet users and 99.01 volunteer hours.  Collection size totaled 78,053 items.

Building and Property Maintenance:

      We are having a problem with an odor in the History Room. Town maintenance will be checking this out.

Committee Reports:

            Building Expansion Committee:  Dennis Mires met with the Committee and reviewed the detailed drawings. Many questions and comments were raised which Dennis and his firm will try to incorporate into revised plans in time for the next meeting scheduled on Wednesday, January 10th at 6:30 p.m.

F.L.O.W. Lisa Thornton reported that Christmas crafts programs have been very well attended.

Windham Endowment for Community Advancement—Wendy Keller has joined the recruitment committee--No further report until January.



Unfinished Business:

Murray Levin Memorial—More time is needed to work with the family—perhaps this could be in conjunction with naming opportunities for the proposed building expansion. Other options include a possible golf tournament or outing.






Library Holiday schedule for 2007—The proposed Schedule and Related Closings was circulated. For several years we have closed at noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but This closing has not been part of our policy.

MOTION: Mark Branoff moved that we adopt the Holiday Closing Schedule as circulated. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

MOTION: Pat Skinner moved that we direct Carl to bring an amendment to the Board at the January meeting to change Library policy to reflect the Wednesday before Thanksgiving closing at 12:00 noon. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

2007 Budget—The Budget committee has presented the numbers to the Selectmen. No questions were raised.

MOTION: Chris Monterio moved that the 2007 budget be accepted as proposed. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

March Elections—Prospective candidates running for Board positions will need to file with Joan Tuck between January 24th and February 2, 2007. This will mean retiring Board members would need to advise us of their intent at the next Board meeting.

Director’s Evaluation—due in January. We will ask Jena to circulate the draft form for all Board members to review.

Future Announcements—To increase publicity, Diane Mayr will send a list of announcements to the Recording Secretary to be published in the monthly minutes.



Next Trustees Meeting: Tuesday January 9th at 7:00 p.m.




ADJOURNED:  The meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm



Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary

Draft subject to approval