Tuesday, October 10, 2006



Present: Joan Griffin, Vice-Chairman, Chris Monterio, Treasurer, Mark Branoff, Assistant Treasurer, Pat Skinner, Corresponding Secretary, Lisa Thornton, Member, Carl Heidenblad, Director, Diane Mayr and Lois Freeston, Assistant Directors, Mary Lee Underhill, Chairman and Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary were excused.


Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Joan Griffin at 7:07 PM


Minutes:         The minutes for the September 12th meeting were approved.



Financial: Treasurer, Chris Monterio reported that through the end of September 

                  75% of the year has elapsed and 70% of the budget has been spent.

Director:  Carl presented his monthly report for September.

·        Circulation: September circulation was 13, 213.  This is a slight increase from the previous September.

·        Registration: At the end of September we were showing 8574 registered card holders, 502 new registrations since the beginning of the year.

·        Statistics: Statistics for the month of September showed there were 5,643 visits to the library, 541 internet users and 106.89 volunteered hours.  The collection size is 77,421 items.

Building and Property Maintenance:

·        The concrete steps leading to the front entrance of the library have deteriorated further.  Carl has contacted four firms to see what the price would be for replacing the steps with either concrete or granite.

·        A  U.S. Mailbox has been installed for library use.

·        Moss on the bricks has begun to occur again, looking for ways to prevent this problem.

Other Issues:

·        The shelving for the children’s area was incorrect upon arrival and was reordered in September. The new shelving has not yet been received.

·        Office Photocopier. Information from Conway Office Supply is coming and will be discussed at our next meeting.

·        Dumpster request for October through May was supported by the Trustees.


Committee Reports:

·        Building Expansion Committee report was given by Carl Heidenblad.  He explained they met with Dennis Mires, the architect, on October 6 to start the feasibility part of the process which included meeting with the Library staff... The next meeting will include HVAC and structural people on Tuesday, October 17th.

·        FLOW will be meeting tomorrow evening Wednesday, October 11, 2006

·        Windham Endowment for Community Advancement.  Carl and Joan gave an overview of the reception held at Searles School on Thursday evening October 5th.



·        New copier: We do not have the complete figures in order to make a decision as to the length of the lease for the copier.

·        Repair or replace the front steps: We are waiting for all the estimates to come in to make the decision.  The Trustees will vote on the project next month.

·        Calendar sales:  New Hampshire’s 2007 Living Legacy Calendar will go on sale next week at the library   This calendar features New Hampshire Libraries, including our own Nesmith Library..   The price is $5.00 per calendar.



·        Dumpster – October through June.  The Trustees voiced their support of hiring a dumpster for the purpose of cleaning out the attic of the library.

·        Microfilming Windham Independent:  The library currently has up to the year of 1989 on microfilm.  Carl would like to continue the process for historical preservation of Windham’s history. The requested funds will be used to start the process of filling in the missing years. The board will also investigate other sources, e.g., grants for completing the work   Lisa Thornton made a motion to use $4000. from the “non lapsing one account” for microfilming the Windham Independent from 1990 on.. The motion was seconded and the Trustees voted unanimously in favor of the motion.



·        Trustees Meeting:         Tuesday, November 14th at 7 pm


ADJOURNED:    The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm



Respectfully submitted,

Joan Griffin, Vice Chairman

Draft subject to approval