Nesmith Library Board Trustee Minutes


May 11, 2004


Present:  Shirley Beaulieu, Chair, Joan Griffin, Vice-Chair, Chris Monterio, Assistant Treasurer, Mary Lee Underhill, Recording Secretary, Pat Skinner, Correspondence Secretary, Lorraine Bain, Member, and Carl Heidenblad, Director.  Sharon Scannell notified Shirley that she would be late.


Shirley called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.


Minutes:  The minutes of the April 13 meeting were accepted as written.


MOTION:  was made my Pat Skinner and seconded

That the sentence: “The non-resident fee of $50 is for one card per family.” be inserted in the Policy on Borrowing Privileges, section II. D.

The motion passed unanimously.




Director:  Carl submitted his report prior to the meeting and explained some of the issues it contained.

1.         The pressure from the well pump needs to be increased as it is only sufficient for daily needs. 

2.         An exterminator is needed to cleanse an area in the children’s room of termites.

3.         Sharon and he have discussed the Endowment project and will discuss it further with F.L.O.W.

4.         The Assistant Director/ IT position needs further study.  There are several options being considered and the time frame for filling the position is not until July.

5.         Plans for an exterior drive-up book drop are being studied in terms of quality, safety, and convenience for both patrons and staff.

In the month of April 11,597 items were circulated, there were 8,346 registered patrons, 6,688 people visited the library, 308 used the Internet and volunteers contributed more than 138 hours.


Financial:  Sharon Scannell arrived at 7:30 and reported on the year-to-date budget:  in the first third (33%) of the calendar year less then 25% of the budget has been spent.


COMMITTEES:  Needs Assessment Committee:  Carl said he has given Marjorie Judd the information she requested, and her final report is almost complete.



Landscaping:  There was discussion about need to maintain the flower bed in the front on the library.


Summer Hours: 

MOTION:  Was made by Pat Skinner and seconded

That the summer schedule starts on Saturday June 19:  the Library will close at 8 pm on Mondays and 3 pm on Saturdays.  The normal schedule will resume on Tuesday, September 7, BUT the library will continue to close at 8 pm for the academic year.

The motion passed unanimously.


F.L.O.W. Banquet:

MOTION: was made by Mary Lee and seconded

That the Library closes at 6 pm on Tuesday, June 8, so the staff may attend the Annual F.L.O.W. Banquet at the Village Square in Hampstead.

The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: was made by Sharon Scannell and seconded

That the June meeting of the Board of Trustees be moved to June 15 at 7 pm so that the Trustees may attend the Annual F.L.O.W. Banquet.

The motion passed unanimously.


Other:  In response to a request from Carl

MOTION:  was made by Mary Lee and seconded

That the Board authorizes expenditure of up to $3,300 from the Cap III account for the purchase of additional shelving and work stations for the paperback and video areas.

The motion passed unanimously.



The next meeting of the Board will be on Tuesday, June 15 at 7 pm.

The NHLTA Conference will be held on Saturday, May 15, Concord 9 am to 3 pm.

A presentation on Opportunities for Loans, Grants, and Scholarships for women continuing their education will be given in the Library on Tuesday May 18 at 7:30 by the Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.) Chapter J.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Lee Underhill, Recording Secretary

Draft subject to approval