Nesmith Library Board Trustee Minutes


June 10, 2003



Present:  Mary Lee Underhill, Chair, Shirley Beaulieu, Vice Chair, Sharon Scannell, Treasurer, J. Gross, Assistant Treasurer, Pat Skinner, Secretary, Dr. Murray Levin, member, Willie Day, member, John Barrett, Director, and Marija Sanderling, Assistant Director. 


Mary Lee called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm and the Board welcomed Murray Levin back!


Minutes:  The May 13, 2003 minutes were accepted with two amendments:  1) the insertion of the titles Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Secretary after the names Sharon Scannell, J Gross, and Pat Skinner respectively; and 2) the motions approving funding for the HVAC system, the YA enhancement project, and the signage read “from the Building Principal Fund.  When that fund is exhausted, the balance shall be paid out of a non-lapsing account.”



NHLTA:  J Gross reported on the Patriot’s Act, the keynote speech and special session at this year’s conference. He explained the terms subpoena, search warrant, and FISA (Federal Information Security Act) as they pertain to accessing library files.

            Shirley Beaulieu reported on a session which defined relationships between trustees and the director and the librarians.  She shared handouts which will be reproduced for the Board and staff.


Director's Report: John reported that the ventilating system has been cleaned and the signage is completed.  He praised Mike Miloro on his award of Teacher of the Year.  He has received three responses to the job opening announcement.  The Board requested input and approval of the description and salary.


Library statistics for May show that 10,661 items were circulated, there were 7,738 registered patrons, 6,299 people visited the library, 194 used the Internet and there was a large increase in the number of hours volunteers contributed (142).


Needs Assessment Committee:

MOTION: was made by Pat Skinner and seconded

That the Needs Assessment Sub-committee be empowered to make the decision on selecting a consultant at their meeting on June 21.

The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting is open to the public and other Trustees in attendance may vote.


Financial Report:  Sharon Scannell reported that approximately 40% of the budget has been spent as 42% of the year has passed.  She asked that the budget committee meet to examine issues regarding the Board’s formal acceptance of gifts.

MOTION:  was made by Sharon and seconded

            That the budget committee be renamed the “Finance Committee.”

The motion passed unanimously.




Technology Plan for 2003-2005:  The plan has been sent to the TAC (Technical Advisory Committee).  It needs to receive input from TAC or the schools.

Updated Policies:  The ten updated policies are in each Trustee’s notebook and on disk.  The Personnel Policies will soon be added to the other nine policies on the Website.



Library Hours:  

MOTION:  was made by Pat Skinner and seconded

That the Library be closed at 6 pm on Wednesday, June 11 so the staff may attend the FLOW/Trustees Banquet at Searles Castle at 6:30 pm.

The motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: was made by J Gross and seconded

That the summer schedule start Saturday, June 21.  The Library will close at 8 pm on Mondays and 3 pm on Saturdays.  The normal schedule will resume on Tuesday, September 2.  

The motion passed unanimously.


Patriot Act:  Marija distributed copies of the procedures in place for response to the Patriot Act, and John was asked to draft a policy to respond to a possible serving of a warrant or a subpoena.


By-Laws:  There are two editions of the By-Laws, each having the same date, November 9, 1999.  Mary Lee distributed a handout which “merges” the two editions, high-lighting the discrepancies.  The Board will choose the proper wording in each instance, amend and approve the By-Laws at the August meeting.


Performance Appraisal:  The Board was given material to prepare for the annual evaluation of the Director in August.




The Needs Assessment Sub-Committee will meet to select a consultant on Saturday, June 21 at 9 am.


The next Trustee meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 7 pm.


MOTION: was made by Willie Day and seconded

That the Board enters a Non-public session to discuss personnel in accordance with RSA 91-A:3.

Mary Lee polled the Board:  Murray Levin, yes; Pat Skinner, yes; J Gross, yes; Shirley Beaulieu, yes; Sharon Scannell, yes; Willie Day, yes; Mary Lee Underhill, yes.


No action was taken.  The meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Lee Underhill

Draft subject to approval