Nesmith Library Board Trustee Minutes


January 14, 2003



Present: Mary Lee Underhill, Chair, Shirley Beaulieu, Vice Chair, Holly Eddy, Treasurer, J. Gross, Vice Treasurer, Rich Koeck, Secretary, Pat Skinner, member, John Barrett, Director, Marija Sanderling, Assistant Director. Dr. Murray Levin was excused.  Guests were Sharon Scannell and Willie Day.


Mary Lee called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.


Minutes:  The December 10, 2002 minutes were amended to show that the motion that passed regarding the Health/Medical policy was made by Pat Skinner, and that the sentence following “Town Warrant” should be replaced with

MOTION: was made by J Gross and seconded

That the Board supports the CIP plan for a 2003 needs analysis with $10,000 from the Nesmith Library Trust fund as a warrant article on the 2003 ballot.

The minutes were accepted as amended.




Chair:  Mary Lee read the proposed Warrant Article 10 for the withdrawal of $10,000 from the Cash Reserve Fund.  There was a discussion regarding the current wording, which could be construed to mean that the Board is asking the Town to raise funds, and the proper name of the trust account.  Dave Sullivan will ask the Town Counsel to review the wording, and Shirley will find out the correct name of the account.


Treasurer's Report:  The Town Manifest was not available because the books have not officially been closed for the year 2002.


Director's Report: The Director reported on initiatives for some new programs. In response to a request for a writer's workshop, Norman Abelson will present a program on how to write your memoirs. There will also be a program on travel presented by a local resident, Bob Pliskin.  John reported that the Strawberry Festival would take place on June 7, 2003, that the Youth Advisory Board is excellent and has initiated new activities and outreach programs, and that the format for job descriptions has been revised.  There was a brief discussion on maintenance regarding snow and ice.


Library statistics for December show that 8,469 items were circulated, there were 7,438 registered patrons, 5,382 people visited the library, 161 used the Internet, and volunteers logged 51.8 hours.



Policy on Accepting Gifts:

MOTION: was made by Holly Eddy and seconded 

That the recommendation to insert an explanation of RSA 202-A:4-c and

4-d after “Money and Real Property” in the present policy be accepted as


The motion passed unanimously.


Toastmasters: Rich reported that there was nothing new regarding Toast-masters, and it was agreed that the subject be tabled to a meeting in the future.




Candidates for the new Board:

The Chair announced that there would be two open positions on the Board to fill in the March elections.


2003 Calendar:

MOTION: was made by Pat Skinner and seconded

That the March meeting be held on March 18, 2003, the third Tuesday rather than the second Tuesday which is election day, so that the newly installed members will be in attendance

The motion passed unanimously.




The next Trustee meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 11, 2003.


The Director encouraged, Youth Services Librarian, Beth Strauss, to submit an application to the Public Library Association's Highsmith Award to plan and implement the creative community program, the First Teacher's Project. This is a national competition.


The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Richard Koeck and Mary Lee Underhill


Draft subject to approval