Nesmith Library Board of Trustees



August 13, 2002


PRESENT:Mary Lee Underhill, Chair; Shirley Beaulieu, Vice-Chair; Holly Eddy, Treasurer; J Gross, Vice-Treasurer; Rich Koeck, Secretary; Murray Levin, Member;

John Barrett, Director; Marija Sanderling, Assistant Director/IT.

EXCUSED: Pat Skinner, Member.

GUESTS: Ed Miner and Jeff Schwotzer


Mary Lee Underhill called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


MINUTES: The minutes of the June 18, 2002 were accepted as corrected to reflect the Friday summer closing time as 5pm.


Ed Miner and Jeff Schwotzer, representatives of Toastmasters International, made a presentation and responded to Board questions about the organization.


J Gross requested reconsideration of the June 18, 2002 minutes.The June 18, 2002 minutes were placed under review until numerous issues questioned by J Gross could be addressed.


TREASURERíS REPORT:Holly Eddy reported that with 58.3% of the year passed that 61% of the budget had been expended.The Board directed John Barrett to schedule a meeting between Dana Call, the Boardís budget subcommittee, himself, and Jena Day as soon as possible.Mary Lee Underhill will schedule a meeting between the Board and the Selectmen at the Selectmenís earliest convenience.The Treasurerís report was not placed on file pending resolution of several issues questioned by J Gross.


DIRECTORíS REPORT: John Barrett read the Fire Department report generated from their June inspection of the library facility.John will follow up with the Fire Department on issues of concern.


John reported that intern Joanne Oulette had completed her extensive volunteer project to organize the libraryís historical records and local history materials.The Board expressed its thanks to Joanne for her outstanding effort.


MOTION: Upon motion by Holly Eddy, second by Murray Levin, the Board voted to approve an expenditure of $1800 from the professional development line item for the purpose of enrolling Reference Librarian Lois Freeston in a year long series of courses to enhance the library Website, plan and present computer programs to the public, and perfect her own professional skills.Holly Eddy, Murray Levin, Rich Koeck, Shirley Beaulieu, and Mary Lee Underhill voted yes.J Gross voted no.




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John Barrett reported that there are 7,121 registered patrons.†† The collection numbers 56,934 items.The entryway counter showed that 8,238 people visited the library during July.13,976 items were in circulation in July.There were 176 Internet uses in July, an increase of 144.4% over last July.†† Multipurpose room reservations for library functions were 18 in July bringing the year-to-date usage number to 163 for library functions.

Multipurpose room reservations for non-library functions were 5 in July bringing the year-to-date usage number to 35 for non-library functions.433 children attended programs in the library during July. 10 adults attended programs at the library during July.Volunteers logged 64.65 hours for the month of July.


The Directorís report was placed on file.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: On behalf of the Board Long-Range Planning subcommittee, Mary Lee Underhill read from a compilation of responses from the spring 2002 library survey of town residents.John Barrett invited the subcommittee members to attend a meeting with a Salem Observer reporter on Thursday morning at the library.


Mary Lee Underhill reported that the Board Personnel Committee had not met and requested that they meet to create a draft of a professional development policy.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS:John Barrett reported that he had been in contact with Bob Vachon regarding unexpended bond monies.The Board reviewed their list of qualifying projects to be undertaken with these funds.


John reported that the library is not able to take advantage of the E-rate telecommuni-cations discount since Choice One said that our telecommunication services could not be unbundled to separate out voice service.The E-rate is applicable to voice service, local and long distance, since the Board voted not to filter library Internet access.John reported that a lower court declared CIPA unconstitutional but this does not remove NCIPA as a requirement for public libraries participating in the E-rate program.The federal government will appeal this ruling before the Supreme Court.Discussion of the E-rate discount was unresolved as J Gross expressed a disconnect between Board expectations and what has been implemented by the library Director.


Mary Lee Underhill requested that Board members read the existing Multipurpose Room Policy, policy changes suggested by John Barrett in his June Directorís report, and copies of policies from several area libraries that Marija Sanderling had supplied. Mary Lee requested that Board members email their input to John Barrett and be prepared to discuss the policy at the September meeting.


John sited RSA numbers to support gift and donation procedures that were discussed at the recent NHLTA conference.The library is in compliance with the sited RSAs.




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John announced that library books may be reviewed by Andrea Caldwell on the local cable station.


John shared information on GMILC that shares one library automation system.John reported that several area libraries are considering joining the consortium.John will continue to explore the idea.


MOTION:Upon motion by Holly Eddy, second by Rich Koeck, the Board voted to enter Non-Public Session to discuss personnel in accordance with RSA 91-A:3.Mary Lee Underhill polled the Board: Murray Levin, yes; Rich Koeck, yes; Holly Eddy, yes;†††††††

J Gross, yes; Shirley Beaulieu, yes; Mary Lee Underhill, yes.


The actions taken in Non-Public Session were sealed.


The next regular Trustees meeting will be held at the Nesmith Library on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 7pm.


The meeting adjourned at 11pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Jena Day, Recording Secretary

Draft, subject to approval