April 9, 2002


PRESENT: Mary Lee Underhill, Chairman; Shirley Beaulieu, Vice-Chairman; Holly Eddy, Treasurer;  J Gross, Vice-Treasurer; Rich Koeck, Secretary; Pat Skinner, Member; John Barrett,  Director; Marija Sandeling, Assistant Director/IT.

ABSENT: Murray Levin, Member.


Mary Lee Underhill called the meeting to order at 7:06PM.


The Board meeting agenda was accepted as presented by Mary Lee.


MINUTES: The minutes of the March 13, 2002 meeting were approved as corrected to

reflect a grant amount of $1500 for expanding the foreign language section of the

library collection.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Holly Eddy reported that with 25% of the year passed that 22.6% of the budget had been expended. The Treasurer's report was placed on file.


DIRECTOR'S REPORT: John Barrett reported that 10,851 items were in circulation in March.  There are 6,764 registered patrons. Volunteers logged 116.5 hours in March bringing  the year-to-date total to 362.75 hours. The entryway counter showed that 6,870 patrons visited the library during March. There were 48 internet uses in March.


John reported that he continues to address several ongoing maintenance issues both inside

and outside the building.


John led a discussion concerning the addition of another circulation scanner to improve service in the children's room.


John reported that the inventory of the library collection is almost complete.


John reported that he is in contact with the engraver for the driveway entrance sign.

J Gross will follow-up with Boy Scout Troop 266 concerning a clean up project around the area.


John reported on his attendance at a safety meeting with F.L.O.W. to discuss preparations

for the June 1st Strawberry Festival. Rich Koeck reminded the Board that F.L.O.W. will be looking for clean up volunteers.


John led a discussion concerning the deterioration of the library front door area.

John has requested contractor proposals for the project.


Rich Koeck led a discussion to finalize a survey prepared by the Long Range Planning

Committee. Upon motion by Holly Eddy, second by J Gross, the Board voted to accept the survey as amended. The Long Range Planning Committee expects to mail the survey to residents during the week of April 29th.


OLD BUSINESS: The Board discussed additional changes to the Public Internet Access

and Appropriate Use Policy. The Board will vote on the final draft at the May meeting.


NEW BUSINESS: Shirley Beaulieu and Mary Lee Underhill reported that numerous

seniors have expressed interest in participating in a daytime book discussion group. Shirley will be speaking with staff in anticipation of organizing such a group.


John presented suggested changes to the library Mission Statement. Mary Lee turned the

meeting over to Shirley Beaulieu, Vice-Chairman, so that she could participate in the

discussion. Upon motion by Holly Eddy, second by J Gross, the Board voted to include the suggestion in the Personnel Policy.


Upon motion by Holly Eddy, second by Shirley Beaulieu, the Board voted to accept the

changes to the Borrowing Privileges Policy as suggested by John.


The Board discussed changes to the Multipurpose Meeting Room Policy suggested by John and requested that John and Marija provide additional information prior to the Board considering the changes.


Mary Lee reviewed each Board committee to ascertain if members wished to continue to

serve as previously appointed. Shirley Beaulieu, Holly Eddy, J Gross, and John Barrett will serve on the Budget committee. Rich Koeck, Murray Levin, Mary Lee Underhill, and John Barrett will serve on the Long Range Planning committee. Shirley Beaulieu, Holly Eddy, Pat Skinner, and John Barrett will serve on the Personnel committee. The Technology committee was retired.


Mary Lee urged all interested Trustees to complete their NHLTA Annual Spring Conference registration forms and return them to Jena as soon as possible.


Upon motion by Pat Skinner, second by J Gross, the board voted to nominate Murray Levin for the Trustee of the Year Award presented by the N .H. Library Trustees Association.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mary Lee reminded the Board that F.L.O.W. is presenting a

program for other friends groups on April 19th at the library.


Mary Lee invited the Board to attend the library volunteer appreciation celebration on April 23rd at the library from 2Pm to 4PM.


Mary Lee read an invitation for an open house commemorating the 90th anniversary of the  Windham Woman's Club to be held on May 5th from 1PM to4PM at Searles School.


Pat Skinner is organizing a meet the candidates event to be held at the library.


Mary Lee announced that she will be speaking at a program at Searles School on June 2nd.  


The next Trustees meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 7PM at the Nesmith



The meeting adjourned at 9:50PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Jena Day


Recording secretary