March 13, 2002


PRESENT:  J Gross, Chairman;  Holly Eddy, Treasurer;  Shirley Beaulieu, Vice-Treasurer;  Mary Lee Underhill, Secretary;  Rich Koeck, Member; Pat Skinner, Member;  John Barrett, Director.

EXCUSED:  Murray Levin, Vice-Chairman.


J Gross called the meeting to order at 7:07PM.


MINUTES:  The minutes of the February 12, 2002 meeting were approved as



CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:  J Gross lead a discussion concerning volunteer  recognition.  J invited trustees and patrons to attend an Internet  workshop that he and Reference Librarian Lois Freeston will present at  the library on April 3rd at 7PM.  J informed the Board that the library  will be receiving a $200 a month credit for Internet sharing to town  departments.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Holly Eddy reported that with 16.7% of the year  passed that 15.3% of the budget had been expended.  John Barrett  reported that after meeting with David Sullivan he will be requesting  year-to-date monthly budget reports the week prior to the monthly Board  meeting for incorporation into the meeting.  The Treasurer’s report was placed on file.


DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  John Barrett reported that 10,479 items were in circulation in February.  There are 6,694 registered patrons. Volunteers logged 107 hours in February bringing the year-to-date total to 246 volunteer hours.  The entryway counter showed that 5,455 patrons visited the library during February.  There were 99 Internet uses in  February.


John reported that the F.L.O.W. Board had requested a “wish list” of  items that they will endeavor to supply to the library in the coming  months.  John and staff enjoyed preparing their list for presentation to  F.L.O.W..


Pat Skinner reported that the library had been awarded a Library  Services & Technology Act grant in the amount of $1300 for expanding the  foreign language section of the collection.  John thanked Assistant  Director Marija Sanderling for her preparation of the application which  she titled “How do you say cheese in Chinese?”.


John reminded trustees and patrons to call the library to sign-up for an  evening with author Carol Fronduto to be held at the library on March  25th at 7PM.


OLD BUSINESS:  Rich Koeck and Mary Lee Underhill led discussion on  issues from the Board Long Range Planning Committee seeking Board  input. The Board thanked the committee members for their service and  continuing efforts on the committee.


The Board discussed several capital improvement issues including the  entranceway sign and a humidifier.


The Board discussed several maintenance issues including lighting and  carpet cleaning.


MOTION:  Upon motion by Pat Skinner, second by Mary Lee Underhill, the  Board voted to adopt the Collection Development Policy as amended.


The Board agreed to accept as a second reading the Public Internet  Access & Appropriate Use Policy.


NEW  BUSINESS:  J Gross read a thank you note from F.L.O.W. for Board  support of the Children’s Room Enhancement Project which was completed in December.


MOTION:  Upon motion by Pat Skinner, second by Holly Eddy, the Board  voted to elect Mary Lee Underhill to serve as Board Chairman.


MOTION:  Upon motion by Pat Skinner, second by Mary Lee Underhill, the  Board voted to elect Shirley Beaulieu to serve as Board Vice-Chairman.


MOTION:  Upon motion by Pat Skinner, second by Shirley Beaulieu, the  Board voted to elect Holly Eddy to serve as Board Treasurer.


MOTION: Upon motion by Mary Lee Underhill, second by Pat Skinner, the  Board voted to elect J Gross to serve as Board Vice-Treasurer.


MOTION:  Upon motion by Mary Lee Underhill, second by Shirley Beaulieu,  the Board voted to elect Rich Koeck to serve as Board Secretary.


The Board Personnel Committee agreed to set a time to meet as soon as  possible for all members.


MOTION:  Upon motion by Mary Lee Underhill, second by Shirley Beaulieu,  the Board voted to enter nonpublic session to discuss personnel issues  in accordance with RSA 91-A:3.  J Gross polled the Board:  Holly Eddy,  yes;  Mary Lee Underhill, yes;  Shirley Beaulieu, yes;  Pat Skinner,  yes;  Rich Koeck, yes;  J Gross, yes.


No action was taken in nonpublic session.


The next Trustees meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2002 at 7PM  at the Nesmith Library.


The meeting adjourned at 10:30Pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Jena Day


Recording Secretary