July 7, 1998


PRESENT: Patricia Skinner, Chairman; Lucie Lachance, Vice Chairman; Debi Desrosiers, Assistant Treasurer; Kathy Ivey, Secretary; J Gross, Member; Douglas McDonald, Member; Diane Mayr, Acting Director

EXCUSED: Wendy Denneen, Treasurer



Mrs. Skinner called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.She introduced Mr. Ken Longo and welcomed his comments regarding automation procedures and needs for the library.Mr. Longo agreed to volunteer his services and share his experience in the field of library automation.The Board gratefully accepted his willingness to help.


Discussion continued regarding the SIRSI automation system and the current level of response we are getting from SIRSI.†† Upon motion by Lucie Lachance, seconded by D. McDonald, the Board agreed to have Atty. Campbell review the SIRSI contract and the correspondence between the Nesmith Library and Sirsi to determine if contract obligations are being

met.Mr. Campbellís consultation fee is not to exceed $500.00.


Upon motion by D. McDonald, seconded by D. Desrosiers, the Board accepted the minutes of June 9, 1998.


TREASURERíS REPORT: D. Desrosiers reviewed current balances in all accounts including Capital Reserve Funds and CIP.Currently, we have spend 42% of the yearly budget.


D. Mayr will check into the need for bonding for the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.


DIRECTORíS REPORT: D. Mayr reported that there is a 47% increase in circulation during the Jan-June 1998 period when compared to the same period in 1997.


Follett Software Company demonstrated their automation system on 7/1/98 and presented a quote for their product.J Gross and several staff members attended.


Building concerns include the need for a septic alarm, continuing difficulty with the air conditioning system and dim lighting of the circulation desk.Specs will be checked for the septic system, On Time Electric will be called to come in for a second quote on lighting to match what is already installed.


Upon motion by D. McDonald, seconded by J Gross, the Board voted unanimously to seek Atty. Campbellís advice in dealing with Dennis Mires, Architect, Kelly Construction and CAC regarding continuing HVAC problems.


Upon motion by D. McDonald, seconded by D. Desrosiers, the Board authorized D. Mayr to order Academy Style Computer Counter from Tucker at a cost of $2180.00.


Upon motion by D. McDonald, seconded by D. Desrosiers, the Board authorized D. Mayr to order alarm button for the front desk at a cost of $175.00.


D. Desrosiers stated that the two artisans she contacted regarding the latest design for the weathervane disagreed regarding its workability. She will contact Mr. Jones to request a design that is shorter and broader.


L. Lachance will revise the following policies and have copies available for all members to review:Teacher Card Policy, Corporate Card Policy, Bulletin Board Policy, Collection Development Policy.


P.Skinner read Marc Lankinís letter of resignation to the Board.Upon motion by D. McDonald, seconded by D. Desrosiers, the Board accepted Mr. Lankinís resignation with regret and appreciation for his service to the community of Windham.


Upon motion by J Gross, seconded by D. McDonald, the Board established that the position of Childrenís Assistant will be compensated at Grade 7.


The Board agreed to place ads for the position of Library Director in the following publications:N.Y. Times, Boston Globe, ALA, NELA, and NH State Library Jobsearch.P. Skinner will check the deadline requirements and fees to place an ad in the Library Journal.


Next meeting is scheduled for 7/21/98 at 7 p.m.The Board will also meet on August 11, 1998 at 7p.m.


Upon motion by L. Lachance, seconded by J Gross, meeting adjourned at 11:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Lucie Lachance

Vice Chairman