April 21, 1998


PRESENT: Patricia Skinner, Chairman; Lucie Lachance, Assistant Chairman; Wendy Denneen, Treasurer; Debi Desrosiers, Assistant Treasurer; Kathy Ivey, Secretary; J. Gross, Member; Douglas McDonald, Member; Diane Mayr, Assistant Library Director.

EXCUSED: Marc Lankin, Library Director.


Pat Skinner called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Pat expressed gratitude on behalf of the Board to Diane Mayr for accepting the responsibility of Acting Director during this time of Marc Lankin's medical leave. Pat commended the library staff and volunteer George Denneen for their efforts during this adjustment period.


MINUTES: Upon motion by Lucie Lachance, second by J. Gross, the minutes of the March 16, 1998 meeting were approved.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Wendy Denneen reported that with 33% of the year passed 22.3% of the budget had been expended. Funds continue to arrive for the Joseph Fedorchuk memorial.


ACTING DIRECTOR'S REPORT: Diane Mayr reported that circulation for the first quarter of 1998 is up 23.5% over the first quarter of 1997. New patron registrations increased by 121 bringing the patron total to 6741.


Seven first grade classes are expected to visit the library during the last week of May and the first week of June. This Is the fifth year of the first grade visitation program. Registration for the summer reading program "Live Free and Read" begins June 22, 1998.


OLD BUSINESS: J. Gross reported that Internet access is now available. Staff E-mail is working with some final difficulties being worked out.


In anticipation of impending staff training, Pat Skinner agreed to speak with Telcon concerning equipment issues.


The Board discussed the need to immediately remove supplies from the electrical room. The need for appropriate storage space was discussed.


Upon motion by Wendy Denneen, second by Doug McDonald, the Board voted unanimously to authorize J. Gross to arrange for a table for equipment in the electrical room.


The Board discussed the lack of ventilation in the electrical room. Doug McDonald agreed to investigate this issue.


The Board discussed the need for a procedure notebook to include the heating and air conditioning system so that routine building maintenance can be performed.


Outdoor maintenance issues were referred to the Board of Selectmen.


Debi Desrosiers presented several new sketches from Steven Jones to be considered for the weathervane. The Board enthusiastically selected one for Debi to pursue.


Pat Skinner distributed a NH Library Trustees membership form for Board members to fill out.


The Collection Development Policy vote was tabled until the May meeting.


A list of unresolved building issues is being formulated.


Documentation is being prepared for presentation to the auditors.


NEW BUSINESS: Pat Skinner and Doug McDonald will meet with the library staff on April 29th at 8:30AM to discuss any issues of concern.


Upon motion by Doug McDonald, second by Lucie Lachance, the Board voted unanimously to close the library for staff training by Sirsi on Monday, May 4th from 9AM to 3PM; Tuesday, May 5th from 9AM to 2PM; Wednesday, May 6th from 9AM to 2PM; Thursday, May 7th from 9AM to 2PM; and Friday, May 8th from 9AM to 12PM. The library will be open on Monday, May 4th from 3PM to 9PM; Tuesday, May 5th from 2PM to 8PM, Wednesday, May 6th from 2PM to 8PM; Thursday, May 7th from 2PM to 8PM, and Friday, May 8th from 12PM to 5PM.


A substitute is being arranged to cover story hour so that Diane Mayr can attend the NHLA meeting on May 16, 1998.


Diane Mayr reported that applications are being, received for two part time positions. She will interview and preselect candidates for recommendation to the Board.


The Board is anticipating the submission of plans for an irrigation system from the Garden Club.


Pat Skinner read and circulated the Trustees invitation to the Troop 266 Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Jonathan Day to be held at the library.


Next Trustees meeting is Tuesday, May 19, 1998, at 7 PM.


Upon motion by Lucie Lachance, second by Kathy. Ivey, the Board went into nonpublic session to discuss personnel issues in -accordance with RSA 91 -A:3, 11 C & E. Pat Skinner polled each member: Wendy Denneen, yes; Debi Desrosiers, yes, Kathy Ivey, yes; J. Gross, yes; Lucie Lachance, yes; Douglas McDonald, yes, Pat Skinner, yes.


ACTION TAKEN: On issue one the Board voted to authorize Acting Director Diane Mayr to interview applicants for two new assistant Positions at a grade 7, step 1 to 3 pay scale, depending on experience.


On issue two no action was taken.


Meeting adjourned at 11:02 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Jena Day, Recording Secretary