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The Nesmith Library has had a dedicated group of "puzzle-makers" for many years. We thought that it was about time to show off some of their creations, representing many relaxing hours!  Check back for more additions as they are completed.  Please stop by and enjoy "working" on them!

"Pride of the Plains" (1000 pieces)

"Oriental Elegance" (500 pieces)

Longwood, Nanchez, TN (500 pieces)

Culinary Classics (550 pieces)

Barn in Winter (504 pieces)

Poppy Cat (1000 pieces)

Dream Castle (1000 pieces)

Balloon Reflections (1000 pieces)

Old Faithful (1000 pieces)

Flowers of the Garden (1000 pieces)

Lazio, Roma, Italy (1000 pieces)

Patriot's Day (1000 pieces)

Martha's Vineyard (1000 pieces)

Charles Wysocki's Americana

4th of July Parade (1000 pieces)

Summer Rhapsody (1000 pieces)

Agneatha and the Persian Cats (over 1000 pieces)

Love Each Day ~ Aimez Chaque Jour (1000 pieces)

Culinary Classics (550 pieces)

Victoria's Point (550 pieces)

Toys from the Attic (1000 pieces)

Lumaha'i Beach

Kauai, Hawaii (1000 pieces)

Encore! (504 pieces)

Bistrot Restaurant (550 pieces)

Pittock Mansion, Portland, OR  (1000 pieces)

Mt. Kearsage, NH (1000 pieces)

Rainy Afternoon (1000 pieces)

Williamsburg, VA (1000 pieces)

Aargau Canton, Switzerland (500 pieces)

Helping Homeless Goldens  (550 pieces)

Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue

"Beyond the Bridge" (1000 pieces)

Rebecca Barker's Quiltscapes (1000 pieces)

Anna and Ted (500 pieces)

Fawn (1000 Pieces)



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updated 01/08/14