“The Firebird Tradition in Russian Folk Art: A Hands-on Workshop”


    Traditional Russian artist and storyteller, Marina Forbes,  presented her Firebird Workshop at the Nesmith Library in December.  Marina is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, with more than 20 years of experience as an artist, performer, teacher and preserver of Russian folk traditions. 






    The Firebird is a magical winged "bird of light" that appears as a thematic element in many Russian legends and fairy tales.  Capturing and imprisoning its magical power is the theme of numerous Russian folk legends. This unique cultural program, designed for children 5 and older, combined storytelling, traditional Russian music, and the painting of authentic Russian bird-whistles, and introduced children to the magic and mystery of this important Russian folk image. Children learned the story of the Firebird and why she is such an important feature of so many Russian folktales. Everyone left the workshop with an authentic piece of Russian folk art on wood.



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updated 12/13/07