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1.       The form below must be completed and submitted to the library director. You may either print this form and complete it, or you may complete and submit it online.

2.       The library director will ask the appropriate section head to appoint a review committee. The committee will make its recommendation to the library director after it has reviewed the request. The library director will contact you with the result. If the petitioner wishes to pursue a formal request, the director will arrange for the request to be added to the agenda at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees. At that meeting the Board of Trustees will consider the request. The petitioner is free to attend the Board meeting, which is open to the public.

3.       A representative member of the Board of Trustees will contact the petitioner with a determination.  The Nesmith Library Board of Trustees will have final say on any request for the removal of materials from the Library.

4.       The material in question will remain on the shelf until a decision is made.

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1.  Have you read or viewed the entire work?  Yes        No   

  If not, what parts?


2.   To what in the material do you object?  Please be specific: cite pages or sections.


            3.  What good or valuable features do you find in the material?


            4.  What do you feel might be the result of reading or viewing this material?


            5.  Have you read any reviews of this material?     Yes        No   

                If yes, please specify :

            6.  What would you like the library to do about this material?



7.  Can you recommend other material that would convey as valuable a picture and/or perspective of the subject treated?  Please specify:



We thank you for your concern and interest.


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