New Hampshire Secretary of State's
Election Division

New Hampshire Absentee Ballot Application

For candidates running for Federal Offices, try Vote Smart

Check out FactCheck.org - a "Snopes" version for politics!

Puzzled about how the Electoral College works? The National Archives and Records Administration has built a site to explain this little-understood feature of the U.S. electoral system.

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Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.
--George Jean Nathan (1882-1958)


Study for your United States Citizenship using Learning Express - available from within the library or from home with passwords provided by the library.


American Rhetoric - Political speeches, and more.


Congressmen, Senators, and Governors - e-mail, phone and fax numbers.

Cost of Living calculator

Directory of Political Parties  From Presidential general elections of 1860-2004 to current candidates for presidential primaries, this site has links to lots of political material!

FactCheck - How do you know if political ads are honest and accurate? This site tries to monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. politicians.

League of Women Voters

United States Election Assistance Commission

New Hampshire Voting Districts

New Hampshire Voting Information

Vote Smart for information about the candidates, redistricting, issues, and more.

Democratic Party Online

is the official web site for the Democratic Party.

Republican Party Online

is the official web of the Republican Party.

Libertarian Party

is the official web site of the Libertarian Party.

Reform Party

is the official web site of the Reform Party.

United Nations

is the homepage of the United Nations.

Vote411.org - Information about voting options, election dates, candidates, polling places, registration deadlines, and more.

Political Graveyard  - U.S. Political biography and where politicians are buried

Presidential Commercials from 1952 to 2008.

Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century- Access to the digitized collections from the 12 Presidential Libraries

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