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American Writers

This is the companion site for C-SPAN's American Writers special television series for 2001. Look for great timelines, teacher resources, biographical material, full-text material, and more.


Author Pseudonynms - What other names else does your favorite author use?


Blue Letter Bible - offers commentaries, study tools, Hebrew/Greek access, and more.

Book Repair - A nice site at Dartmouth College.

BookBrowser: guide for avid readers

Readers Advisory. This is a fun site for book-lovers! It includes an extensive collection of Reading Lists, with interesting links. Features include Series and Sequels in order, The Best of..., If You Like... Try..., Sleuths by Occupation, and Mysteries by Region. Also, Storytellers and Reviews, has Authors' Pseudonyms, and Readers' Resources includes Genre Fiction sites and Listservs for Readers. Excellent resource from two librarians.


Digital counterpart of the American Library Association's Booklist magazine. Annually reviews about 4,000 books for adults, 2,500 titles for children, 500 reference books and electronic reference tools, and 1,000 other audiovisual materials. Searchable. Includes feature articles and bibliographies. For librarians - it has a cumulative index not available in the print version.

Book Reporter

This site includes book reviews, lists of what your favorite author wants to read, helpful hints for book discussion groups, books that are being made into movies, and more.

Contemporary New Hampshire Authors of Books for Children from NEA:New England. This annotated list includes one of the Nesmith Library Librarians! 


EarlyWord - gives previews of what's coming out in the publishing world, books into movies, and much more; great for what's new in children's and young adults' materials.


Faithful Reader - Study guides, book reviews, and more.


Fantastic Fiction - Want to know where a book stands in a series?  This site will help. - helps you find an author you would enjoy based on your favorite author choices


ISBN Database - " project is a database of books in different languages providing on-line and remote research tools for individuals, librarians, scientists, etc."


LitLovers - A site "dedicated to books and book clubsóbecause both enrich our lives."  Find reviews, book discussion questions, and more.


Lexile Level - The Lexile Framework for Reading is for all those mystery-lovers!

New Hampshire Antiquarian Booksellers Association - Looking for rare or out-of-print books, or an appraisal on your


New York Times Book Review

Includes an archive of more than 50,000 reviews, book-related news pieces, and interviews back to 1980. In addition, the full-text of First Chapters of selected bestsellers and featured titles are available.


The Online Library of Liberty (OLL) -  "The aim of the OLL is to provide thousands of titles about individual liberty, limited constitutional government, and the free market, free of charge to the public, for educational purposes." Some titles are available on audio as well.

Preservation and Conservation of Materials - and excellent collection of materials and manuals from Cornell University. From preserving books in your home library to preserving old photographs, these documents offer practical advice and procedures.

Pulitzer Prize winners from 1917 to current.

Reader's Advisory - Of course we'd love to have you come in to the Library and ask us for assistance, but online, try NoveList (using your Nesmith Library card).


Reader's Circle - A source for book clubs to network


Quotations from many sources may help with your next speech or paper. This site offers "over 25,000 quotes online 

            from over 6,700 famous authors."


Science Fiction readers will enjoy this site.


Series - Here is a great site for finding the next book in a series.


Shakespeare!  These sites are certain to help with those English projects! 


  1. Absolute Shakespeare - Find Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, study guides, timelines, portraits and paintings, trivia, and more!
  2. Shakespeare for Students - Great information and suggested activities from the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Includes a Teacher's Guide.

Children's Writers and Illustrators - Are you an aspiring children's writer or illustrator? Here are some websites with information on manuscript submissions, workshops, and more:

    Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators (costs $85 to join with an annual renewal fee is $70)

    New England Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators lists the SCBWI-affiliated critique groups in NH as
well as announcements of upcoming events of interest to writers and illustrators.

Find a book to match your mood

Whichbook gives readers an enjoyable way to find books to match their mood. You can either choose types of characters, plots, or settings; or select from sliding scales of moods (happy/sad, optimistic/bleak, no sex/sex). This web application is run by Opening the Book Ltd. in the UK, which gives it an international flavor of choices....   

Write 4 Kids is another website to check out.

Young Adult Books in Series and Sequels - At last! A site to help you find out what's next in that  series by your favorite author!


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