Canada - Statistics on the land, the people, the economy, consumer price index, etc., with tables, charts, photos and more. Canadian biographies are available here.

CIA World Factbook 2009 The library used to carry a print copy of this title, but this site is periodically updated throughout the year, and presents the same information.

Civil War information - The goal of Charles W. Canney Camp (Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War) of Rochester, NH, is to promote and preserve the memory of the Civil War Veteran and to remember all those who help keep this country free.  They are willing to help with Civil War research.

Cost of Living calculator

Countries and Regions  Full-text and updated periodically, the U.S. State Department Background Notes on geographic entities and international organizations is now online. Organized by region and country or international organization, there's a lot more information here than the basic statistical and geographic information located in almanacs. History, government and political conditions are discussed, as well as the economy, foreign relations and basic travel information. Also listed are principal U.S. officials and consulate officers.

Country Reports - Country information from around the world on over 260 countries. You must subscribe to get in-depth information, but there is a lot of basic material available for free on each country.

Culture-Quest World Tour Page (IPL) - This resource for children from the Youth Division of the Internet Public Library takes you on a tour of the Web (by continent) that discovers the holidays, games, recipes, art and museums, folklore and legends of several of the world's cultures. Some information is current and some is not, but much of it might be useful for "international unit" assignments.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online - covers 8000 biographies of people who died between 1000 and 1930.

Distance Calculator - This Google site gives site-to-site mileage "as the crow flies."

History 2000 on the BBC site, is a great resource. Find facial reconstructions based on prehistoric human remains, as well as articles on modern history, on the Romans, Hitler, Machiavelli, and more, and games and quizzes for fun.

Holidays - Search for holidays by date, country, or religion, and find a wealth of information, including the country's official web site.

Holocaust Encyclopedia - makes some of the material available in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., accessible online.  It relates history to current events, i.e., genocides in Rwanda and Darfur, plus information about all the groups persecuted by the Nazis.

Immigration Statistics - is an online version of The Yearbook of Immigration Statistics.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Bicentennial commemoration! This site has been archived by a volunteer.

Life in Elizabethan England - This site offers some often-sought information.

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Biography, chronology of his life, speeches, etc.

Maps, Maps, Maps Find just about any map, from historical to current.

More Maps! Beautiful collection with high resolution.

Nationmaster - Facts, statistics, information useful for geography or history assignments.

Nations of the World - This site provides links to countries' constitutions, legislative, executive, and judicial bodies, the World Factbook, Country Studies, and Human Rights Reports.

Open Vault - Online access to historical content produced by WGBH. "The ever-expanding site contains video excerpts, searchable transcripts, a select number of complete interviews for purchase, and resource management tools."

POW/MIA Databases and Documents - maintained by the Library of Congress, this database contains more that 143,000 records to reports that users can request from the Library of Congress.


Today in History is a great site not only for historical events that happened on this day in history, but also for archived material. In the Archives one can search for people and events.

Translation to/from a dozen languages is a bit rough, but immediate. Another site to try is Free Translation.  Google offers yet another site and even includes Pig Latin!

World History:HyperHistory offers people, history (major civilizations over time), events, and maps, timelines, and topics from the Ancient World and 20th century.

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