Postcards of Windham

The Arthur Wheat Postcard Collection

    Over the course of its history, the Nesmith Library has received several interesting gifts of importance to the community of Windham. The Arthur Wheat Postcard Collection is a perfect example, providing an illustrated history of Windham and many of the town’s landmarks.

    The collection came to the library in the early 1980’s. We would be pleased to learn more about Mr. Wheat. We understand that he was a summer resident on Cobbett’s Pond for many years, and that he had a longstanding interest in the history of the area. (If you can provide us with more information, please be sure to contact the library at 603-432-7154.)

    Thanks to the efforts of Windham resident Sylvie Brikiatis, this project was completed to fulfill the requirements for a graduate course for her Masters in Library and Information Science at Southern Connecticut State University.




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updated 04/22/10