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Marty Kelley!


Sponsored by F.L.O.W., the Friends of the Library of Windham

Author of....

Fall Is Not Easy by Marty Kelley: Book Cover         The Rules by Marty Kelley: Book Cover       Cover Image

and more!



FLOW Board Member Angela Moynihan introduced Marty Kelley.  

Marty immediately had his audience enthralled.

When asked, all the children admitted they have to follow lots of rules!

Marty drew a "illustration" of one of the children!

Selling and autographing books followed his entertaining presentation.


 Marty’s easy going, fun personality and fantastic sense of humor kept everyone entertained and laughing throughout the presentation.


Mr. Kelley’s presentation included discussion about the process of writing and illustrating a children’s book, a fun behind the scenes look at how his books developed and changed over time, and drawing demonstrations of the actual artwork used in his books.


Marty Kelley has published 7 books to date and is very popular among school age children.

He describes himself as an “author, illustrator, and recovering second grade teacher”. Marty’s book titles include Fall Is Not Easy (1998), The Rules (2000), Summer Stinks (2001), Winter Woes (2004), Twelve Terrible Things (2008), Spring Goes Squish (2009), and The Messiest Desk (2009).


 Anyone who sees and hears Marty Kelley speak will become an immediate fan!  One teacher from Center Woods School in Weare, NH writes:  “I’ve been teaching for 27 years and that was the best presentation I’ve ever seen”.  A librarian in Peterborough, NH adds:  “It’s hard to tell which I enjoyed more: watching his presentation or watching the kids watching his presentation.  Rare is the visit during which students are genuinely belly laughing. Thank you so much for entertaining, educating, and inspiring us”.

Special thanks to F.L.O.W., the Friends of the Library of Windham, for making this program possible.  We would not be able to offer this type of top quality programming without F.L.O.W.’s continued support!


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updated 11/02/09